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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 6 August 2016
One of the most unexpectedly twisted cult horrors of the 1970s. Great film and a great transfer.
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on 26 February 2015
Recieved DVD. The Baby. Came in excellent order. well packed And in time stated. An Excellent Film Which I enjoyed Watching it on my TV. With no problems at all. Excellent Well worth the money. Thank You. JR.
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on 26 September 2016
A classic d grade Hollywood shocker from the seventies .
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on 14 May 2016
This is a cult classic, that is a bit odd, slow at times, but stay with it. "Baby" is an adult male (David Mooney) being taken care of as a baby. He is "retarded" (they use the "R" word and have a powder blue dial up phone). Mrs. Gentry (Anjanette Comer) is the case worker who takes a special interest in baby to the dismay of his 2 sisters and mother (Ruth Roman).

While the film is odd, the entertainment value is quirky and soft by today's standards. It isn't until the end twist, I no way no how saw coming in spite of the sparse clues, that I came to appreciate the production. However, now that I know how it ends, the re-watch factor is low.

Guide: No f-word or nudity. Implied sex.
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on 16 August 2011
I saw The Baby at least 25 years ago shown late one night and I found it compelling in its shlock value lunacy.

The titular Baby is a man in his early 20s who looks adult but cannot walk or talk etc. He is cared for by his mother and 2 sisters, all of whom appear hostile and not a little bit odd to the social worker who is allocated the case. It is obvious that it is only the money that makes the family co-operate with social services at all.

There are a number of secrets in this family, and although the social worker never knows exactly what is going on she knows that The Baby would be better off with some extra help, or at least a change of scenery. There is also a lack of professional perspective which becomes clear at the end.

This film has all the markers for a 70s exploitation film - weird but sexually willing women (very Russ Meyer sans gigantic bosom) -the sisters are not generally working in tandem but have their individual quirks. The mother is suitably menacing and wields an iron fist over the family. There are scenes of violence, sexually 'inappropriate' behaviour, fantastic 70s clothing and a reasonably cringy party scene. Very early in the film the sister comes into the room where the social worker is talking to the mother, dressed to the nines like she is going out and proceeds to paint the fireplace!

The denouement is implausible, but this is appropriate for the genre. There is a happy ending....for some!!

The Baby is on a popular video sharing site and can be watched in 9 minute chunks in fairly good quality. I feel that it is unlikely to become available on R2.
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on 7 May 2014
This is a super bizarre twisted un-pc gem which is an example of early 70s exploitation films the like of which we will never see again.
The film revolves round the Wadsworth family, (the matriarch and two sisters) who are looking after a baby.
The thing is.........the baby is a fully grown man.
Naturally a social services employee is sent to investigate the strange goings on at the Wadsworth house.
This is a brilliant slow burner which builds up to one hell of a disturbing denouement.
One of the Wadsworth sisters is played ny Marianna Hill who was also in "Messiah of Evil" another glittering jewel of the early 70s.
I absolutely love this film and recommend it to fans of disturbing oddities.
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on 12 June 2010
the baby is a strange and disturbing film,i watched it in my early teens im now 29 and i have never forgotten it,and if you watch it you will see why! i recommend this film and it will stay with you long after you have watched it.
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