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on 5 April 2018
I bought two of these. One for my husband for inbetween shaving days or weekends mainly. It gave his face a rest from wet shaving and just took off anything more than a stubble. I bought the second for my 13 year old son who didn't need to shave as such but had odd bits growing on on bits of his fave and chin. I persuaded him that if he used this it would all thicken and grow properly; it has sort of and he's still using it 5 years later. You just charge it up then you can unplug and it's ready to use when you are.
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on 5 September 2014
ah the joys of never having to shave again :)
works really well, although the battery on mine died after 6months, so I've sent it back to Babyliss for repair (has a 3year warranty), so hopefully it will last at least another three years after I get it back!

my only niggle is I wish it would stay on the last setting you had it on when you switch it back on, always defaulting to the shortest setting is annoying, plus it doesn't make sense, if anything it should default back to the longest setting, at least that way you don't get a nasty surprise once you start trimming and get something far shorter than you expected... as my brother did, when he thought it was on 4.0, when it had in fact reset back to 0.4, he only realised half an eyebrow later! although it make me laugh... hence 4 stars!
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on 1 October 2015
I've been using this trimmer happily for just over a year and was happy with it. A few days ago as I was shaving my beard it suddenly started to rattle very loudly. I mean so loudly it hurt my ears if I brought it up to my cheek. The noise wasn't the worst part though if I tried to us it, it either wouldn't shave or pulled some hairs out. On closer inspection the head no longer closes properly and there is a white moving part exposed that slides from side to side at a very high no of cycles per second. This is what is making the noise.

I'm waiting to hear back from the seller regarding a replacement or refund.
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on 20 February 2012
I owned one of the original i-Stubble trimmers from BaByliss and it was excellent. Saved me from clean shaving and allowed me to keep my stubble shadow.

Roll on 3 years and the rechargeable battery only last a few minutes so time for a new one. It's actually quite annoying that this happened and because it was only mains chargeable and couldn't be used whilst charging, it was pretty much end of life.

The new model is much more contoured and has less settings in terms of mm height of stubble. The previous one could go up as high as 15mm but no need for that so they've abandoned that madness in this latest model.

The top comb just flips over the top to access the bare blades for sides or extreme beard shaving and the floating head is nice and soft on your skin. This model starts at 4mm in height and I think it gives a really nice and even shave.

What's great about this is that it comes with a shaving point charger (and a 2 pin to three pin wall socket adapter!) that allows you to charge it in the bathroom...even better, it allows you to use it while charging.

One (minor) downside is that it doesn't come with a travelbag/case but apart from that it's great. It's also almost £60 in a famous high street pharmacy shop so a complete bargain on Amazon.
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on 3 February 2014
I bought this because I have this eccentric theory (but true imo) that if you have a real close shave, it accelerates your receding hairline just a tad. This certainly happened both times I took to wet shaving for a fortnight; normally I use an electric shaver. Wet shaving, my hair sort of leapt up a bit, and I required a new hairstyle! I went back to an electric pronto. However, many shavers do boast about shaving as close as a razor, so instead I thought this stubble thing would work, just put it on a low setting of 0.4mm.

But it never really feels like I've had a shave, not even a not-close one. You are never left with, say, 3pm shadow. It may be okay for those who want stubble, but even then it never feels like you've really gone to town on it, but rather like using a manual powered rotary lawnmower to go over the garden.
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on 25 September 2011
This is a superb product and it's tempting to never shave in the normal way again. Having a short stubble growth suits me but I find it's a very fine line between not shaving for a few days and having a scruffy beard. Then there's the discomfort of shaving off stubble growth and starting again. With this I can keep the optimum length indefinitely, and tidy up little bits here and there to give a groomed look. It's worth experimenting with settings a little at first to find the best ones to suit. I trim my stubble a little shorter under the chin than everywhere else (0.8mm as opposed to 2mm) as with it being in shadow it seems darker than the rest, and trimming this part shorter seems to give a better look. It also stops my beard catching in scarves etc which is a nuisance.

The lengths are very easy to select with the trimmer, with no additional combs and attachments to change (very handy for my purposes with using more than one cutting length). I suspect this might ultimately be its weak point, as the plastic combs are quite flimsy and the motorised settings may be too clever for their own good: it's just more technical things to go wrong.

The battery life seems fine, and the trimmer is very lightweight and quiet in operation (much quieter than all the electric shavers I've used in the past). The best thing of all is that the cutting surface never comes into contact with the skin so it's 100% comfortable to use and never any shaving irritation. When I do decide to shave completely with a conventional razor a trim with the 0.4mm setting makes shaving much more comfortable having removed most of the growth. I also find trimming with this much quicker than a conventional shave, perhaps because trimming stubble is less of an exact science. It's important to brush out the trimmer head after every use as the nooks and crannies can easily get clogged with hear. It's a shame it can't be rinsed under a tap like some shavers can.

It's a superb product though, highly recommended for anyone who wants the stubble look or suffers irritation from shaving.
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on 24 October 2015
I've owned a number of these from the first to the latest version (all slightly different).
The best was the very first (as the original head design allowed for the most cutting).
And the last, only because of it's last position memory.
They are generally unreliable and easy to damage the head mechanism.
When working they are pretty good but I really can't recommend them.
Especially at this price.
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on 19 July 2012
Had this for over a year now, so thought I would write a quick review.

I bought this item to replace the previous version I bought a couple of years before.
While basically the same item, this one is a massive improvment. Mainly because the battery holds its charge and doesnt need to be plugged to use it.

The device itself is easy to clean, with the provided brush, although its not water proof so you can rince it under a tap like some shavers. I use it on its lowest setting to get a very short stubble not a totally clean shave. If that is what you are after then this is not the product for you.

You can adust the depth of the cutter to go quite deep, but even on the max setting it will eave you with a fairly short beard, its not for those who what to look like Gandalf or a member of ZZ top.

It can be tricky to use to shave under the nose, but I just flip of the saftey guard to get a really close shave.

Being a trimmer device, it doesnt really catch or hold to the hair thats cut off, so it can make the sink very messy.
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on 4 May 2014
I bought this as my previous beard trimmer wasn't trimming evenly. That isn't a problem with the i-stubble which features a wide curved guard over the blades.

The length of trim is adjustable without having to change any attachments. It can be adjusted with the up and down buttons from 0.4mm up to 5mm. The increments are 0.2mm up to 2mm then 0.5mm thereafter. You can also flip back the guard to remove hair entirely. This also allows you to remove and clean the blade.

The i-stubble is easy to operate with only three buttons: on, up, and down. It turns itself off automatically. The LCD display shows the current length setting and the amount of charge remaining.

Cons: it seems to take a long time to charge. I usually leave it overnight, but this fill the room with blue light as the screen turns on during charging. I have to shut it in a cupboard so I can sleep.
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on 13 December 2014
Really happy with this product. I've been usuing for several months with no problems. I tend to use the shortest level on a daily basis (0.4mm) and this gives a nice even finish. I have very sensitive skin so have always struggled with wet shaving etc. and these clippers travel smoothly across my skin with no irritation or negative reaction.
Although the guard can be rotated to expose blades for sideburr trimming, I wouldn't rely on this for a sharp finish if that's what you like - but adequate for day to day use.
Only negative is the lack of a carry case - hence 4 start. The trimmer itself is 5 star.
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