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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 January 2009
I bought the triple phone pack from Argos. The phone is great! The other comments sum up the functionality: -

1) Good Points
50 number phone book
Clear & large display
Good choice of ring tones (style and quantity)
Intercom function
Can transfer phonebook from main handset to all other handsets
Hands free functionality
Large keys with a good solid feel
Simple to use and setup
Good control over volumes (ringer, msg playback and talking)
Can use more than one handset at the same time (multi-person conversation)

2) Bad Points
Phone book entries limited to 8 characters each

I bought this phone for my 83 year old Mum, it had to be simple to use, large clear display and keys and good sound levels. This phone scores highly on all these.

It looks good too, big improvement over previous BT phones. Its colours and shape look business like and work well with any colour scheme of a room. The phone feels solid with well designed large keys giving a nice feel. The operation of the phone and answer machine is simple and clear. adjusting the volume is easily done using the 2 buttons on the side of the handset, or on the front of the main base for the answer machine. Although the phone is large I would happily use it in my home - its a neat solid performer. I have only just got it so I cant comment on its ruggedness but it feels solidly made, more so than previous BT phones I have used.

Limiting the number of characters to 8 for each phonebook entry is a limitation but one that hasnt proved significant in my case. The display is large so hopefully the next model will make use of this and increase the number of characters.

The volume levels go from very soft to blowing my ear drums. The default was low and couldnt be heard by my Mum. I cranked it up to maximum and you could hear the talk from the phone across the room! I cannot imagine the maximum sound level for talking being insufficient for anyone without a hearing problem. My Mum uses it a couple of levels below maximum. I can only guess that anyone not hearing conversations loud enough should maybe check they dont have a faulty phone.

The phone has a classic style ring setting option which pleased my Mum; she doesnt like modern fancy chirps and beeps!

The intercom function is handy; instead of having to shout upstairs/downstairs to one of us my elderly Mum can pickup the phone, press the Intercom button, select the handset she wants to talk to using the 2 buttons on the side (handsets have default numbers but you can give them names instead) and press the dial button. Thats it. Very handy.

Reception is crystal clear.

The phone is slightly heavier than most but I dont see this being a problem at all. If it is you simply put the phone down and use the handsfree (press the dial button while talking). The handsfree volume does appear lower but was adequate in my case. Note that before use each handset requires charging for about 20hours; batteries are included.

This phone has the appearance and feel of being very well thought out and built. It is large and simple; attractively designed and styled; easy to use and clear reception. It is easily the best BT phone I have bought and ideal for my elderly Mum. The phonebook characters is a minor detraction from what is a great phone to use. I cant imagine ever needing to replace this phone unless it breaks.

The full user manual is freely downloaded from the BT website.
A tip for printing the manual if needed:
a. download and open the manual (in Adobe),
b. select full page view and size the window so that there is minimum space around the sides of the viewed page,
c. then select "Alt+Print Screen" keys; this copies the active window as an image.
d. Now paste the window into an application (e.g. Word or Powerpoint) and resize/orientate the image as required, can fit 2 pages of manual on single side of A4 easily.
e. repeat for each page of the manual and print out the manual from the chosen application.
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on 2 March 2009
Bought this telephone for my ageing parents, as their old analog hissing and crackling phone needing replacing. What a great buy! Buttons are large for their weakening eye sight. The phone is easy to use as is the answering machine. The design is apealling, all together a great phone for the elderly and the not so elderly. I can actually hear them with clarity now everytime i call them. In a nut shell, Clarity - Good, Looks - Good, Easy to use - Good, Big buttons - Oh Yes!
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on 8 June 2009
We binned our old sleek new style DECT phones in favour of these more traditional "chunky" handsets. Good value for money and work extremely well. Menus and programming are easy, easy to see numbers and display.
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on 9 May 2009
I purchased this item for my aged Mother-in-Law (92) because her old phone requires replacing. She has poor sight and frail hands. She is very impressed with it, it is so easy to use, especially the PHONEBOOK button which is the built in address book. once contacts have been loaded into the BT750, it is so easy to use, although the large keys are easy on the eye, she does not need to press the keys to dial out, just keep pressing the PHONEBOOK Button until the family name shows and press the Green Call button..Hey Presto..so so simple. Great quality sound, well built..We liked it so much that we have purchased one for ourselves, admitted we are not hard of hearing, or have poor eyesite, but this model BT750 with built in answerphone is such an easy to use phone and good looking too, it doesn't have to be only for the elderly. With up to date techno built in, this is one of the best handset phones BT have made. My Sister in Law is also purchasing one too, and like me is very fussy about what she buys, It's good enough for my Mother-in-Law, good enough for me, and good enough for my Sister-in-Law.
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on 29 August 2009
This set of three phones is excellent value and is very easy to use. It was purchased for my mother following a fall, allowing her to have a handset with her at all times anywhere in the house. She has loved it and after a few days of getting used to it, insists that it is the best thing she ever had. The handset is chunky but light and comfortable to hold. The buttons are large, clearly marked and easy to press. The answerphone is extremely easy to use. Excellent product and excellent value.
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on 14 April 2009
This telephone does all the things you really need in the home. It is EASY to install , it is EASY to use. Especially for those with physical limitations it has proved to be EASY to use. Not just big buttons, big screen ,big feel but EASY as well.
Only problem, but not for everybody, my senior relatives are not on the internet and so the full manual was not available.
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Most of the ones I've had are packed with features I don't use and, as a result, complicated menus that can make it hard to get to those features which I do use.

This phone sticks to the basics and therefore makes the features it does have easy and quick to get at and use.

Simple big buttons also make it very easy to use, even if you fingers are still slim and nimble.

Unless you need an advanced feature which this phone lacks, I'd very much recommend it.
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on 1 November 2009
I bought this for my Mum, as although by no means deaf, has the beginnings of some hearing problems as she is now into her 80's. This was ideal for her purposes. It was easy to set up - albeit I did this for her. The range of reception is good, and is also very clear. It has technology that helps anyone with hearing difficulties, and it definitely seems to work. My Mum has absolutely no problems, and has even seen her at the far end of her garden chatting away - something I would never have thought feasible for her! Good size buttons, and although quite large, do not take away from the overall good looking appearance of the handset.
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on 29 April 2017
excellent value for money
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on 28 July 2012
Great phone package.
done exactly what it says it will do, and does it well.
neat clean crisp perfromance and simple enough for my ageing parents to handle in and around their home.
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