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on 22 January 2017
I bought this device to transfer material on VHS and S-VHS tapes to MP4 files, using a Linux computer. No drivers are provided for Linux, but several of the chips used in EasyCAP devices have drivers built into the Linux kernel. The problem is that there is rarely any information given on the chip itself, so I took a bit of a chance with the August VGB100, which one reviewer had indicated worked with Linux. In the event, the chip identified itself as a Conexant CX23102, which is supported in Linux, via the cx231xx driver.

I tried to capture the video and audio with VLC and immediately ran into problems:
1. The S-video input gave only a monochrome picture although the composite video (somewhat lower quality) produced colour
2. The picture aspect ratio was roughly square instead of 4:3 and I could find no way to correct this
3. The resulting captured video was noisy (white flecks)

In fairness, the suppliers do not claim support for Linux, so running out of time, I resurrected an elderly Win XP machine and loaded up the drivers and the supplied software - ArcSoft ShowBiz. This was much more successful and did not suffer from any of the above 3 problems. However, despite the manual claiming that the video could be captured in several formats, dependent on the codecs installed, I could find no way of setting the format to anything other than MPEG-2. This plays OK on the likes of VLC, but is not the format I wanted and the file size is quite large at around 35-40MB per min. Transcoding to MP4 with ShowBiz is possible but with no control settings available it results in a file of double the size.

With no other options, I switched to capturing to AVI with VirtualDub, with a view to better quality conversion to MP4 (h.264 codec). This of course results in absolutely enormous AVI files - around 1.25GB per min. Yes I do mean gigabytes. Subsequent conversion to MP4 with HandBrake reduces this to a very manageable 11.5MB per min, or around 700MB per hour.

The supplier, Daffodil, did follow up my purchase with an unsolicited customer service email, which was appreciated, but when I asked questions about alternative capture formats in ShowBiz and about the quality of the audio, no response was forthcoming. As it turned out, with standard VHS, which is of relatively poor video quality anyway, there was nothing to be gained from capturing to AVI rather than to MPEG-2 on subsequent transcoding to MP4 via HandBrake. It remains to be seen whether this still applies with S-VHS tapes. The audio quality seems to be quite good just from listening tests, but I used HandBrake settings of 256-bit audio and a quality level of 20 for video.

I have since tried the device on a Win 10 computer although it is specified as compatible with Win XP to Win 8 on Amazon's site and Win XP to Win 7 on Daffodil's site, and I can confirm it works fine on Win 10, albeit with the same limitations.

In summary, this device works as specified and is good value for the little it costs. For VCRs with just a SCART output, a SCART adapter was provided in the box. I cannot give it 5 stars owing to the lack of technical information, the inaccurate statement in the manual concerning capture formats and the lack of response of the supplier to technical questions.
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on 30 April 2016
Unless I can find the answer as to why it won't work for me, I am unable to use this product. Nothing against the seller or carrier, all was fine. This could be a manufacturers fault or my own for getting something wrong somewhere.

When it arrived I was confused to find a mini disc. Fortunately the instructions tell you not to use the disc and to download the driver and the software from online instead which I did. I assume the disc is useless for me besides the serial key on it's case. I installed the driver and the software fine and proceeded to plug in the three cables into the USB and play through my Sharp VHS/DVD Player. Am I going wrong so far?

I opened up the software and attempted to capture, following the instructions about the inputs etc. However, nothing was coming through. Eventually we came to the conclusion that a S Video cable was also needed as the August VGB100 did not come with one but had a spare cable socket for one. A trip to B&Q later and I had an S Video cable and was trying to get a picture.

The next problem I had was the Video Standard. The VHS/DVD Player apparently uses PAL but the software asked for PAL_B, PAL_G, PAL_H, PAL_I, PAL_M and PAL_N. I tried all of them, alongside the other types in various combinations with the S Video cable or the 3 colour cables. Still nothing coming through except some static on PAL_M and N for the S Video cable or a blue screen for the 3 colour cables. Anyone know where it's all gone wrong?
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on 29 June 2017
Easy to use, but required a bit of fiddling about with settings to work. Still trying to find out how to get it to capture 60hz, if possible.

Should be noted that the included software would only allow me to capture with one video codec, although this may be different if you don't use the CD and search for updated drivers instead. Other options were available for capture from my built-in webcam, which it can also see.

There was some slight input lag but for me at least it was barely noticeable - I nearly didn't, anyhow, until I confirmed it by comparing the same game to being displayed on my TV. Ymmv, obviously. I noticed lag on the Gamecube but not the Dreamcast captures I did. Video seems sluggish during capture but playback presents no issue that I could see.

Also, the quality of the image via the software included was horrendous, although sound seems fine. Included in this review should be a comparison shot of an almost identical frame, with the included software on the left and an unrelated program on the right. These images were not altered and both programs were instructed to capture at native resolution, separate from one another (one running + capturing at a time, in other words - the included software can also be used for display only, handy if your TV kicks the bucket). As for why a difference in quality, likely due to mpg versus avi. The blur is due to being in motion; this looks natural during playback.

All in all, it's fine for getting started with YouTube, or just making fun videos and such, but you might want to invest in something fancier if you intend to do something like that as a business. Definitely absolutely fine for my uses, though, and I'd still recommend it.
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on 5 March 2017
A very neat device that has allowed me to put the contents of my old Canon Camcorder Analogue Video 8 Tapes on to my PC via USB. A bonus was the inclusion of Arcsoft Showbiz. This allows one to Capture, Edit and then Burn to CD/DVD. This is a simple program, but Ok for what I want.

A very useful device at a very reasonable price. Note it can also access VHS Tapes via your VHS Recorder with an included SCART Adapter.
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on 8 February 2017
Had to start looking for a solution to record programmes from my sky box as my 12 year old Sony DVD recorder gave up the ghost. I was amazed to find that it is not possible to buy a similar unit that could do the same job. Having read lots of forums and reviews I decided to start with the cheaper options, so ordered the AUGUST VGB100, which arrived promptly. Using extended AV cables I set it up on my home PC. The set up was easy and I recorded an hour long BBC programme from my planner. The result was fine and I can't recommend this little unit enough. if however you want your recordings in HD consider the Hauppauge HD Rocket.
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on 2 January 2017
Simple, easy to use, does the job
I bought this because I finally found some time to convert old VHS tapes into video format on my laptop.

I went on to their website to find the driver but apart from that I only needed to plug in using the supplied cables between the laptop and video player to get going.

I found some tips that helped for example using the scart attachment I needed to make sure the switch was set to out.

You can click on capture when your VHS video is running and either set a timed end or click stop when you have the clip you want. There is a timeline option so you can shorten the clip before processing to save it.

Not sure if it was my laptop or not but I found if I plugged other usb's in whilst I was using this vhs capture that my audio went off. I unplugged the extra usb and set the audio to the right setting then rebooted my laptop to get back to everything working again.

I saved in one video format that was ok but to get other video formats I used an open source VLCmedia player to do further conversions to different
formats once I had captured my files.
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on 14 February 2017
Great product - works fine with it's own software, Nero 17 & Corel Video Studio X9.

Installed on a Windows 7 64 bit easily and quickly & transfer of DV tapes seems reliable at DVD compatible bit rates 720 x 576 & 8k video bit rate.
Needed it as I found I was missing several Xmas day videos from my "archive" & then my old faithful USB stick failed.... Aarghh!

It comes with composite cables and a VHS to composite / audio & s-video adaptor.

An excellent product for the price (my old one that gave up cost twice as much when I bought it 10 years ago) & FAST delivery - arrived 2 days early from anticipated date.

Highly recommended
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on 29 January 2017
I needed to complete a small project for a friend and transfer footage from an old camcorder to my computer (Windows 10). This has helped to capture the footage no end. I'll be using it on other projects in the future.

The camcorder is a little old and only has the one audio output, so I had to use a phone lead I happen to have for taking one feed to two feeds. Without it the audio was only on the one track and I couldn't find how to resolve this in the video editing software I'm using.

The whole capture card fitted well. Do follow the instructions for installing it and ensure that you wire things up correctly. The colour coding is correct, but some people may not be familiar with it all.
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on 3 July 2017
I installed the drivers and the Showbiz software from the mini CD - on a Windows 8.1 machine.

Contrary to the instructions, I DID have to plug in the USB device for the driver install to work - otherwise it complained it couldn't find a device.

After installing and starting Showbiz (and connecting up my VHS player) , I clicked on the Capture panel and (with a VHS video running)

1. Choose USB2.0 Video Capture as the source

2. I chose Composite video option. From what I have read elsewhere, if your VHS player can support S-Video, you may get better results using this instead of Composite.

3. On the Audio dropdown I selected the USB 2.0 Video device

4. On the Device settings option, I selected the PAL-D option and clicked Apply

5. Click the capture button to start capturing the video.

The settings are saved, so the next time you come in to the Capture panel, all you have to do is click on the capture button.

With the above, I got reasonable results (considering the quality of the VHS tape).

All in all, satisfied with the product.
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on 6 June 2016
This worked perfectly. I was taking the HDMI output from a Virgin Tivo 500GB box, converting it to composite using "ESYNiC 1080P HDMI Digital Signal to AV Composite 3 RCA CVBS Video Audio Converter for Xbox Xbox360 Blu Ray SKY HD VHS VCR DVD DVR-Black Colour" (ESYNiC 1080P HDMI Digital Signal to AV Composite 3 RCA CVBS Video Audio Converter for Xbox Xbox360 Blu Ray SKY HD VHS VCR DVD DVR-Black Colour £14.95 on Amazon, and I only needed this because the Scart output on the TiVO box didn't seem to work) then feeding it into my PC, which is running Windows 10. Recorded it, in Widescreen on my PC then was able to edit it using my own software. There is editing software included but I preferred to use my own. All in all, for £30 (this item and the HDMI - Composite converter) I can now record in decent quality from my Tivo box (copyright allowing of course).
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