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on 2 April 2017
First time I'm ever writing any sort of review, this is going to be slightly simplified, but based on 3 years of experience with the amazing August EP650.

The build quality in these is solid given the price in mind, despite being plastic they feel well made. However, the build quality is also the only thing from not giving the full 5 stars. I've bought this pair twice, and both times after exactly 18 months of use the headband snapped from the middle. Given the fact these only have a 1 year warranty, it's a bit annoying. If the headband had some metal in between the plastic casing and the thick padding, it would be perfect.

The sound quality in these cans is absolutely amazing, no matter what device you use. I can't completely say how they sound flat, as I always have my equalizers adjusted for my liking, which is bass emphasized. These headphones are perfect for that. I'm currently on an iPhone SE, but a hint for all Android users, download Rocket Player from the Play Store, put the EQ on Dance and/or up the bass, you can get these bounce in your ears, which is especially enjoyable when you're drunk and cant blast music from the speakers. Bass heavy or not, the mids and lows are also tremendous, and with these headphones I've several times heard nuances in songs I hadn't before. By adjusting the EQ of their selected device, I know with a 100% certainty that everyone can get the sound of these to their liking.

Battery life is also adequate, especially the first time buying these when great BT headphones with relatively small price were hard to find, These days though, there are products offering far more stellar battery life, but for the whole package that the August EP650 bring, the ~10 hours is completely fair.

The comfort is bar none, I'm wearing glasses unless I'm sleeping or in the shower, and these haven't gotten uncomfortable once. Even with Wayfarer style glasses and a cap, it takes more than two hours to get uncomfortable.

To end, I'll say I love these headphones. Apart from the issue of "dubious" build quality of same defect after the same amount of time, I have no real negatives to say, only small niggles. I am extremely annoyed about the fact that Daffodil UK doesn't send their used/B-stock headphones to my home country of Finland, as I'm completely broke and as such couldn't afford the actual listing price. Thus, I had to go for a competitor's product, which was a mistake as a glass-wearer, so I might end up returning them. Will come back for a third pair once I have more money, unless I find something that has a better price to quality ratio. Which is doubtful.

Added paragraph which I forgot to mention: The controls are so convenient and so easy to use, these can be used with thick gloves on, which is good in Finland. Anyone moaning about the controls being too plasticky and such should keep in mind that these headphones are far cheaper than other competitors where the forward/previous are paired behind the volume button, which is idiotic. Charging time is completely average, and the possibility of usage with the supplied AUX cord is a great convenience. Finally to end, these are the best purchase I ever made, so good I bought them twice.

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on 9 June 2017
I've been using these for the best part of a year now - plenty of time to give an honest review.

These are absolutely brilliant! Comfortable, great sound and no connectivity issues whatsoever on iOS products.

Battery life is exceptional and long lasting. Charge time is acceptable considering you don't have to charge them every day (subject to how you use them obviously)

Build quality is second to none. After 12 months they are still as good as new (I do like to look after things though). I bought the hard protective case for them too.

The buttons are easy to operate with positive clicks on each press.

On the odd occasion the low charge indicator sounds and you're in the middle of watching/listening to something, swapping to the audio lead is easy with no difference in sound quality. You will lose the options of using the buttons on the headset though.

All in all, I could rave about these all day. If and when these give up, I will have no hesitation in replacing them with the same (or newer version) all over again.
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on 28 July 2017
When it comes to sound I’m a self-confessed snob who tends to spend a lot on getting good sound. So this purchase was very much at odds with what I normally buy. I wanted phones for my iPod when I’m out and about. I have been using Bose in-ear phones that look great and are so comfortable they can be worn all day without even ‘feeling’ them. However they have one major problem – no bass. I have pair of B&W Bluetooth phones but they’re too expensive for out and about and as on-ear phones they get uncomfortable after a while. So I bought these cheapy August phones after a bit of research.

On the downside the sound is not wonderful. They have the bass I wanted but it is a bit over-powerful and boomy. This rather swamps the treble and mid-range. It’s all a bit processed too in sound quality. However, by going into the iPod’s equaliser and activating the treble boost a very significant improvement was made. A big consideration is cost. If I’m measuring these against phones far more expensive then they come out badly. But for £42 the sound is really good: rather amazing really. Consider also that really good sound is impossible with the heavily compressed AAC or MP3 sound on an iPod / Pad / Phone etc. So a big thumbs up.

In terms of appearance and use, these have started off very well indeed. They are beautifully designed and look far more expensive that they are. The matt finish is great but past experience suggests that these might show marks and not be that durable. In terms of comfort they are excellent and can be worn for significant periods. The Bluetooth facility is excellent and much easier than my other Bluetooth phones. There are no connection problems on the go. They come with an optional wire. I’ve only briefly used this and the sound was louder I thought. Charging is very easy. The manual is the only thing that looks cheap. It would have been helpful if the instruction to charge for at least six hours before first use had not been tucked away towards the back of the manual.

So in terms of what you get for £42 these have got to be five stars at the moment. (At the time of writing these are now even cheaper!)
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on 19 July 2017
I love these headphones. They are very comfortable and plush. They completely cover the ears so they don't feel like they are getting squashed. There is no creaky noise from the frame unlike the FutureSoundLab 360 (which creak like hell). It connected well to my Google Pixel and Nexus 7 tablet and works really well. I'm not an audiophile but I'm happy with the sound quality. The controls are reasonably easy to use, the main power on/off button has a dimple so it's easy to feel but the other buttons are hard to find on their own because they have no way to tell. I usually find the desired button by feeling for the power on/off dimple and then using that as a point of reference. A minor annoyance but nothing I have to use often. Battery seems to last several hours although I often charge it way before it runs out. Call quality is reasonably good as well and the other party hasn't complained. Great thing about these headphones is that they also work with Whatsapp voice calling too which didn't seem to work with previous headphones (although that may have been due to whatsapp).

Overall, completely happy with these headphones
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on 10 December 2016
Lightweight and easy to setup with a long battery life. Even if your device doesn't have bluetooth the supplied cable works straight into any 3.5mm standard socket. I bought these solely for gaming and yes they work perfectly for music from devices either via bluetooth or with the audio supplied cable. It even has a standard mini USB socket for charging the built in rechargeable battery from any powered USB port, if you have any old mobile chargers for sony/samsung/iphone lying around these will charge this, so will any computer USB port.

The sound is amazing and crisp, worked flawlessly with my iPhone, some say the bass is a little too much, but I have no issues it sounds just fine!
Even without the 5.1 surround sound gaming is still awesome when you set your in-game mode to surround sound, everything is great on the battlefield!

Anyway I wanted to connect these unconventionally to a console for gaming and since the PS4 software upgrade the bluetooth is a little flakey on the headsets mic, so I managed a workaround at very little cost I bought a "Control Talk Cable Replacement For Solo HD Studio MIC Audio Beats Monster Dr Dre" at around £4.99 from a popular auction site, this not only gives fantastic sound but also has a built in mic too!!! Not ideally bluetooth/wireless but you do not need to power the headset, your controller does all that.

For complete wireless experience I am awaiting for a bluetooth/wireless alternative to arrive and will update my review accordingly if that also works. This is a "Bluetooth Dongle Wireless Adapter for PS4 PlayStation Gaming Headset" it has a small USB adapter that plugs into the PS4 allowing you to use the August EP650 (plus any other bluetooth headset) it has a small wireless mic that plugs right into the controller to give you that all important extra chat feature.
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on 25 September 2016
Seriously cannot fault these ! Bought as a gift for my partner and I use them too and I love them ! They fit so comfortably and the padding around the ears fits snuggly and without causing any pressure that hurts your ears.

The sound quality is the best we've ever heard ! Sometimes, when we forget they're plugged in(we have a habbit of leaving them connected to the PC via a usb cable) sound still plays through them and they are way better than out speakers !

These headphones look great and have a stylish design, their sound quality is the best I've heard, and are better than our old pc speakers, and they are so comfy to wear.

The setup can be a little fiddly to get it to connect to bluetooth at first, but once paired they are great.
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on 22 June 2017
This the best headphone, I have ever purchased at this price range.
Build Quality: I have purchased the black headphone with some touch of chrome, which increase it physical aesthetic. The padding is soft and very comfortable to the ears, and it produces some of the most satisfying sound when adjusting. While most part is the product are plastics it does not feel cheap, as for it durability only time will tell I have been using this product for 24 hours.

Battery: I have charged the headphone for about 2h30 when I unboxed it, after 5 hours of continuous usage. It is showing 90% on my iPhone. So far so good, I hope it last for about 72 hours before I charge it.

Movie/Youtube watching: I have not seen any out sync when watching movie on my laptop. However, I did notice on one particular video on youtube it was out of sync. I think, it was just Youtube or my internet dropped out for a bit. I had to disconnect then reconnect to fix the problem since then I have not seen any out of sync video on or offline.

Sound Quality: I am in love with the quality of sound, the product produces clean and clear sound. The High, mid and bass are well balanced, which allow for an enjoyment of your music/movie.

Over all this is a very good headphone easy to use, I will definitely recommend. I wish it had a bit more bass that's just preference and I have also noticed that it does bleed sound a bit more than I will like. In a very quiet room a person next to you will be able to hear music coming from your headphone even at 50% volume. For the price and sound quality, I am more than happy for this purchase 5 stars.
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on 28 May 2017
Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - August EP650. The August EP650 clearly surpass my older Phillips. The bass is of supreme quality and the sound is crisp and clear. Therefore, for £37 I think I got myself a bargain.
I only need to turn my phone to volume 1 for a magnificent uniqueness of my favourite music tracks. This I think come about because the ears muff totally covet your ears, which help cut out any outside noise.

My only complaint is that I like my headphones a bit tight and this one is a bit loose. However, please don't let this put you off because the Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - August EP650 is a fantastic buy.
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on 22 October 2016
Style 9/10
Comfort 10/10
Sound quality 9/10
Price 11/10
Value for money 11/10

I guess on the flip side the up / down buttons you know from memory rather than touch, and the blue flashing light looks like something from Tokyo.

These have amazing bass, are so comfortable, fit well, look premium and don't slide off my head.

The surround sound is like wearing a VR headset.

I'm buying 3 more for my family for Christmas.

Purchase with the £10 case and fast delivery total costs were £56 for everything.

Feels like this is worth £100 - £150
I used to have beats etc load of rubbish.

Buy these and you will be laughing.
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on 13 June 2017
These headphones especially for the price I found are fantastic. Very comfy and great sound quality.

Although I gave a 5 star I have found one small annoyance with them and that's the flashing light surrounding the on/off button. Especially at night when I listen to audio books in bed and the lights are of you constantly are a flash of blue light in the corner of your eye which and iv very annoying for the person trying to sleep next too you, I'm told
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