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on 3 April 2017
Pretty unbeatable for their price. The clarity of the sound is exceptional. No accentuation of low-end frequencies like some other big name brands. What you hear is the "true" audio, which I believe is why these are particularly attractive to producers. Also, the sound stage is beyond praise... Many times I have been caught out by someone calling or yelling distantly "in-track" and I have mistaken it for someone yelling/crying/singing in real life. I'll leave the detailed audiophile review for those who are qualified and paid to write them save to say the sound is exquisitely balanced and delivered with jaw-tingling clarity.

Sure, they can little uncomfortable to wear if you are using them for hours at a time both around the ears and on top the head. I know ergonomics is often a significant factor to consider when one is in the market for new headphones. Whist this personally does not bother me, it is the reason I award them four instead in of five stars. Beyond that however, one would be hard pressed to fault these headphones and indeed their reputation proceeds them.

I believe this model has been replaced now by the "ath-m50x" line, which I have not tried.

Finally, I'll qualify this review by noting some of the artists whose production techniques would be widely considered to put any piece of audio gear through its paces, who sound particularly good through these headphones: Autechre, Boards of Canada, Biosphere, The Knife, DJ Shadow - All laden with effects which are accentuated by these headphones. Also, if you listen to a lot of classic rock then you are in for a treat with these. Tracks which particularly stand out are Fleetwod Mac's "The Chain", Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive", REM's "Turn You Inside Out" and Pink Floyd's "High Hopes"... In which the plucking of the acoustic guitar really sparkles.
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on 12 March 2017
Top notch audio quality
However, this is fairly large and bulky
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on 10 February 2014
Having read all the reviews I opted for M-50's and am very happy with my choice!
I use them for recording and mixing and have to wear them for a long time and they are very comfortable,
If you only have a small budget I would highly recommend these headphones.
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on 27 July 2013
I researched A LOT before I bought these headphones, I was willing to spend up to around 250. (I paid 150 for these). I had never owned a pair of decent headphones so I really wanted to find a good pair but I wanted the best for my money. I had tried the Beats Studios in a store but the leakage was so horrendous it was like wearing speakers on my head! My boyfriend had the beats solos which he then traded up for the Beats Pro Detox, I liked the sound of these but they were so heavy and uncomfortable they would kill your ears after an hour. After the hundreds of reviews/recommendations/articles I read about the best headphones for under 300-500 these came up every time. The price was also very reasonable considering my boyfriends beats are worth 500 and almost every review said Beats had nothing on them. I went ahead and bought them and I am so happy I did! I've compared them to the Beats Pro and wow what a difference, the Beats really have nothing on these, just overpowered bass which you quickly begin to loath after trying these! None of this muffled thumping in your ears, just music as its meant to be.

Delivery and Packaging: On time, well packaged.

Comfort: Very light and comfortable, can wear for long periods with no problems.

Mobility: Slightly large for travelling but they fold up and come with a lovely soft leather case.

Leakage: Only at high volume and not much.

Noise Cancellation: Medium/Good.

Build Quality: Very comfortable soft leather over ear cushions, same with the head band. Cups swivel and are very flexible and nimble, no worrying about bending or snapping. Thick coiled wire, great quality jack and wire at jack has a spring to stop wire bending/breaking. Also includes a 3.5mm to 6.5mm jack adapter.

Sound: I'm not an expert on this kind of thing, trebles mids lows etc so I'll just give my opinion briefly comparing Beats (I have tried all the Beats) I have had these around a week now and I'm loving the sound, in my opinion if you own Beats or have tried them and think they are good, save your money and get a set of these! They are fantastic. There is still a nice bass it's just not muffled and overpowered like the Beats. My boyfriend couldn't believe he had forked out 500 for his Beats Pros when he realised my 150 pair are ten times better! He is now going to sell his Beats and buy his own pair.

Don't waste your money on labels if you want sound quality!

I also tried out some Bose, Seinnheisers and AKGs in a store within the same price range (130-250) and preferred these.

Cons: The only cons are that the wire isn't detachable and they are a bit bulky and awkward for travelling but that isn't their purpose anyway so I wouldn't really count that.

Hopefully I've saved you some research time, feel free to do it anyway, you'll definitely come across these a lot in articles! Recommended by the Internet as the best headphones for their price and even the best under 500 by some. You won't regret buying these :)
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on 12 April 2017
Absolutely outstanding headphones! Bought these second hand over 4 years ago and they're still working perfectly with no problems. The most even and clear sound I've ever heard. I own KRK studio monitors and they can't get near the level of detail these provide.

If the day ever comes when mine break, I will definitely be replacing them with another pair!
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on 12 January 2016
Buying headphones can be a stressful process if you're new to it. So many models, all different kinds of conflicting advice from people and generally quite a big investment. I had all sorts of misgivings, but at the end of the day I figured that if you're using headphones for 6+ hours a day, make sure they're a good pair.

I bought my ATH-M50 back in in 2014, and still use them to this day. Some audiophiles might scoff, but these headphones are commonly recommended for a reason - they're a decent entry to high-end headphones. Once your brain gets accustom to the high-quality sounds you'll quickly notice which of your mp3 files are lower bitrate than the rest, and in time be unable to go back to lesser-quality headphones.

The good: The audio jack is robust (encased in metal and the flex reinforced by a spring), and the curled cord is a wonder for length. Seem strong after surviving many drops on the floor. Comfort is average, the speakers are adjustable and headband quite stretchy. If you don't adjust the speaker length properly you'll feel it after a while.

Beware: White is a risky colour choice due to dirt showing up. No one likes seeing yellowed inner-earpads. The earpads themselves are pleather and will crack from sweat-corrosion unless you care for them, costing this product a star. Genuine ATH replacement earpads are hard to come by in the UK.

Overall, very happy with this purchase. Just remember that the output quality of these headphones depends on the sound source and your own ears. Will update this review if I find anything else worth mentioning over time.
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on 23 June 2013
These Headphones are great and I do mean Great! I have a home recording studio and have used these headphones for everything. They are extremely good for mixing down a track, but also equally great for listening to music on your iphone/mp3 player. You will have to purchase some kind of headphone mini amp to really see what these things can do. If you are using them,
as a means to practice your guitar playing then your amp will drive these headphones perfectly. Equally great if your recording vocals, the headphones sit over your ears perfectly and leakage is minimal. I bought the white ones. They look so ****ing! cool, but be warned! White headphones can get dirty easily, therefore the Black Headphones will look newer over time.
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on 2 November 2014
I have never felt the need to write a review after buying a product from Amazon, but I felt these made the difference. If the previous 300+ positive reviews haven't already convinced you then I don't know what will. Anyway, I will try to make this one review both entertaining and useful.

Firstly, I'll start by mentioning that I producing music, and DJing for around 5 years now, so I spend a lot of my time monitoring/listening to music. I delegated a budget of around £100ish for some new monitors, as I originally wanted some desktop ones but I came across these headphones, and I thought I'd give them a shot. So, I'll get on with it:

Sound Quality:
I have to say, I have never been so surprised before. With these headphones, the whole sound is broadened, and you hear elements in the music which you have never heard before - so much so that you didn't even realise they existed. In terms of EQ, they are very flat, not in a bad way, but in a way which means that what you hear is what you get - no bass boosted tosh, no hiss on treble etc, what you hear is the music in it's purest and most natural form. This blows my previous Sennheiser headphones out of the water in terms of quality, in some songs you can hear the full mixture of all of the instruments, and truly enjoy the music playing itself rather than just the melody or vocals. They sound in no way 'channeled' or filtered whatsoever. 10/10 for that.

Comfort was a big problem for me with all previous headphones, hence my decision to search for desktop monitors before stumbling across these. Both my Sennheiser's sat awkwardly ON my ears rather than over them. Beat Pro's used to hurt the top of my head because they were so bulky and heavy, and in-ear headphones were always a no go from the start. These M50's are light, flexible, and practical. For a start they sit nicely over your ears rather than CLAMP onto your head, meaning you can wear them for hours without headaches or having to take 'breaks' and putting them round your neck for ten minutes. They also come with a nice long cable, with a coiled section that is about 30cm long so you never feel like you are attached to your chosen listening device like a dog on a lead. I am sat with them on now as I type, and they almost feel comforting having them sat there, even without music being played. 10/10 there too.

Build quality:
This is also excellent. They are made of a strong plastic, they feel solid and dont creak/wobble/flex in any way that would make you nervous, especially if you had just paid close to £100 on a pair of headphones. The reversible housing also makes them useful, especially if you were utilizing it whilst DJing etc (which I personally wouldn't do, not at a party or whatever anyway), and again they are reliable and haven't failed me yet. However, I can't argue their corner for endurance quite yet as I haven't had them long - although if the quality of the sound was anything to go by, it is probably fantastic.

Sound bleeding is minimal, took them off when I had them turned up reasonably loud and couldn't hear much, so I imagine for travelling and stuff publicly you wouldn't get too many dirty looks off of the people sat around you.
On the flipside; sound isolation isn't the best, although I've never really liked it, I've tried a few Bose headphones and stuff, and the idea of not being able to hear anything of the outside world has never really appealed to me (especially if the phone is ringing or whatever). But for those of you who do like it, voices are still clear, and I can hear the keys on my keyboard as I type etc still with the headphones on.
They also come with a nice metal jack and an adapter for those of you who make use of the 6.3 mm as well as the 3.5 mm headphone jacks, and a tidy little white pouch for you to keep them in.

I would 100000% recommend these, you'd be wasting money if you went for Beat's, and you'd be losing quality if you went to Sennheiser. If you want great sound quality at a reasonable price - look no further, the answer is here. These will not disappoint. Ever.
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on 2 October 2014
After being recommended these buy 3 different producers I know I took the plunge and invested in these. These really are amazing! Tight bass response and very flat frequency response. These are no skull candy or beats style headphones as they don't try to add bass to the sound. These are ideal for music production.

They are comfy even with extended sessions ( I even forgot I was wearing them at one point). The only criticism I can make is that they do not isolate external noise to the same extent as some other brands i.e. some of the higher end Sony models. However, I've not noticed any spill from them on any recordings I've done with them in the studio, even with sensitive microphones. It would be nice to have a detachable cable, but that's just my opinion. The newest model actually does, but at the time I bought these my budget wouldn't stretch that far.

They come supplied with a storage bag which is very handy, however, if your going to use these away from home, then it would be worthwhile investing in a more sturdy case.

Summary: Personally I love these and the fact you can buy these cheaper than the latest model makes them even more attractive. Well made, great frequency response, being that these are white, they are easier to spot in a dark studio or gig.
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on 6 June 2014
So I was looking for a pair of new headphones. I had some sennheiser cans for years, from when I did a Music Technology degree (over 10 years ago). They had seen better days and I had the money to get some flat-response studio headphones, as long as they weren't to far away from £100.

After only half hour of research online, it soon became apparent that the Audio Technica M50's were the obvious choice. Trying to find a review of them that isn't 5/5 is almost impossible, it seems.

The frequency response is 15 - 28,000 Hz, the build quality is excellent, the folding design and size adjustment features are exquisitely design and then there is the buttery bass. Mmmmmm.

I went for the white pair because they seemed to be cheaper, just because of their appearance. Not being one for strutting down the street with 'Toons' blaring in garishly sized headphone and knowing full well that they will never leave the studio, the color made now difference to me other than the money saved.

It would be hard to find a pair of headphone more suited to the job in hand so, I calmly decided that the £79.99 that would be swiftly disappearing from my account was money well spent.

Quick tip: Listen to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue through them. Majestic.
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