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on 27 February 2015
 A great budget lavalier microphone - sound is nice and rounded and will suit most novice/entry level users. I recorded the audio for the review with the mic into a Zoom H1 recorder - I then tweaked the audio in Adobe Audition (just to boost the volume slightly). I am really pleased with the results. I have been using a borrowed Sony mic that cost over £300 and to be honest, the Audio Technica faired pretty well (prob because I'm not very technically gifted).

My only issue with this mic is the extra long cable. If you are planning on recording your audio straight into the mic port on your camera, then this would enable you to get some distance away, but for me I find it a pain to store/untangle, and as I am putting the recorder in my pocket, the cable has to trail down my leg and on to the floor. Other than that, a cracking little mic!
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on 17 September 2016
 This excellent lavalier microphone from Audio Technica, the ATR3350, can pick up sound really well. It comes with a 6 meter cable so you shouldn't need to worry about distance from the camera. (If you need any longer than 6 meters you probably need to invest in wireless microphones) on the end of the cable is the standard 3.5mm jack. I use this microphone plugged directly into a DSLR camera, but you can plug it into a field recorder also. I occasionally use a Zoom H2N and the ATR3350 mic plugs directly into that.

My only minor criticisms are;
1) The mic won't work without a LR44 / AG13 battery. You can buy these from most pound shops (Or Amazon)
2) It is too easy to leave the microphone on, when not in use, which will drain the battery. (A little led would have been a good addition to this mic)
3) The 6 meter cable can get in the way (I wrap the excess cable around the tripod head)
4) The wind guard is a bit weak (You might want to put this mic under clothes to avoid wind)
...these points fall by the wayside if you are careful and take care of the mic. (Besides it's very cheap to replace)

I have used some much dearer microphones from Rode / Smartmyk / Sony / Nikon in a price vs quality test this mic would win hands down.
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on 24 July 2015
I don't know what everyone is crying about.

Here's my lowdown:

The cable is about 16 miles long. Yes, it's thin, but it's supposed to be discreet.
The only plastic bit is on the clip. If I refrain from wrestling whilst wearing it, it should be okay.
It's a condenser so it needs a battery.It comes with a battery.
Condensers are good, especially if you're a man with a droney voice like mine. They pick up that 16-20KHz that many dynamic microphones can't.
It's omni-directional, which means it picks up sound from all directions. So, if you want your voice and only your voice on the recording, do it somewhere quiet.

I am pleased with my purchase, and so should you.
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on 14 November 2015
This is an excellent value lapel mic and I was pleasantly surprised by the very good audio quality. It is supplied with around 20' of cable so you don't even need to buy an extension cable! I am using the microphone to record on-line video reviews and it is ideal. The tonal range produces a very natural sounding voice and the output level matches well with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera. The noise floor is also very good and the small amount of additional hiss can only be detected when using closed cup headphones. Some reviewers have criticised the clip and the lack of an ON led but the clip on my model appears to be very sound. However, the clip needs to be mounted by sliding the clip up the cable rather than trying to push it over the microphone body - that would be too much of a stretch. I agree that a power LED would be handy but would also shorten the battery life so I'm happy with no indicator. The LR44 batteries are so cheap (25p each) that I just keep a few in the bag and if I'm recording something particularly important, I put a fresh battery in at the beginning. Overall, the ATR-3350 provides excellent performance at a price some 5x less than its rivals.
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on 4 September 2017
Good for the price but ultimately if you pay a bit more there are other higher-quality options out there. Suitable for novices and beginners however but I found the audio-quality to be quite noisy like a lot of lower-end microphones. Easy to fix with a bit of post-processing knowhow (lots of youtube videos online can help you out!) so its not the end of the world. For the price though, it really is a solid microphone that plugs straight into the camera allowing to record the speaker up close so produces a clear voice quality once the file has gone through some de-noising.
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on 11 January 2015
This microphone is of very good quality for the price. I bought this to use with my Canon Vixia HF100 and it proved to be of a lot better sound quality than that of my camcorders built in mic. You are more than welcome to checkout the sound test I have done for this mic at http://youtu.be/_zL1gWz89EI.

You kind of get what you pay for and 3 stars is probably about right. The on/off switch has no light to tell you it is on or off. Although this is minor it does help when recording as it is quite easy to forget to switch it on which can be very annoying. Remembering to switch it off also helps save batteries.

Since using this a number of months now I do find the length of cable quite annoying. The last time I was able to use it some of the excess cable unravelled and dropped to the floor and was subsequently stood on by the wearer which put strain on the cable at the switch and there is now a broken connection. I have now ended up with a wireless mic which has eliminated the above grief. Quite a bit more expensive though.
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on 5 June 2016
The sound quality of this mic is pretty good for the money paid, but for those wanting a more professional clear sound then you may want to look elsewhere. The mic requires a battery which is included and this is a bit fiddly to fit into the tiny slot with a spring in the way. The cable is extra long and although this doesn't bother me, I would have preferred it if this cable could have been supplied as an extension. But these are all minor quibbles. The sounds quality is good for the money and with the right set up, you should be able to get some good results with this.
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on 16 August 2017
volume level is far too low... you have to raise the gain so high you get too much noise and feedback from speakers...mic has to be so close to your mouth which limits where it can be positioned...
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on 22 February 2016
This Mic sounds very clear and is good value. Low noise and comparable to more expensive microphones of a similar ilk.
Your best bet is to get an XLR adapter and plug it in to a handheld recorder to optimise the sound.
The Long cable is a good thing for me, though I gather for some it's a pain.

The one thing I would like to see would be a simple battery gauge - maybe a green to orange- to-red LED? As such, monitoring while recording is a must.

Tip : Use a simple glasses hard case to store in your bag, and possible a cable tidy.

For £20 there doesn't appear to be a better option for this kind of mic.
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on 28 January 2015
-Really long battery life
-Great to plug directly into DSLRs
-Long wire, can move great lengths away from recording device

-Long wire, easily tangled and easy messes
-After a few months the wire started to get a bit 'dodgy' and it was hit and miss as to whether sound was actually inputting
-The small bud atop the microphone is easily dislodged and lost, not as easy as you'd expect to replace

Although this microphone has given me some months of real great use for a great price, I'm not sure I could go back, I've bought two so far and think investing in a Rode would be my best option.
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