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on 22 February 2011
Not a bad entry in the Pacific War theatre, a nice change from these somewhat jingoistic US-orientated films. Along with Too Late The Hero this is a breath of fresh air in that genre.

A young Mel Gibson and Sam Neill feature in this story of Australian-New Zealand-British-Dutch commandos sent on a secret mission to a Japanese held island in the then Dutch East Indies.

The men are not to fall into enemy hands and early on we have an example of what they have to do to ensure this doesn't occur. Quite shocking, but it sets up the tension nicely. Gibson's character is inexperienced, leading the more battle hardened members on, despite some reservatiosn they have about his leadership abilities.

They pick up a native Chinese resistance fighter and his daughter falls for one of the commandos, who loses his focus in turn on what he has to achieve. The end of the film has a nice Wild Geese-esque twist.

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on 12 August 2010
For it's age, this has'nt aged too badly in terms of war action. Continuity is very good throughout, despite the odd jap falling to the ground with no blood. The silenced sub-machine guns are realistic and a great necessity in a Tactical Stealth Mission as portrayed in this film.
An early role for Mel Gibson and Sam Neil, both of whom show great charisma and conviction within their roles as part of a WW2 Special Forces Commando Team. The Z Force/Z men were THE specialised Team before the SAS came about, comprising of British and Australian Commandos.
My only gripe with the film is the love interest that develops mid way, which kind of takes the film into that slow, awkward, attention supressing, stage where you just want to see the action continue, it's that kind of war film. But an enjoyable film it is, and has become a cult classic which i can see is deserved in many ways, just like Mel Gibson's previous film at the time, Mad Max.
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on 25 January 2014
I do like this film alot but always felt something was missing so after watching the 25 minute interview on the dvd I come to realise why....
originally to be directed by phillip noyce (dead calm,patriot game,clear and present danger and the bone collector),but an argument occured and a new director tim burstall came in who was considered old school where phil noyce would have made the film more complex according to the interview ....
this film is still good with a great cast of mel gibson who had just made the first mad max film leads an elite team to locate a shot down plane which has a japanese official aboard and must be saved at all cost and also stars sam neil who starred in philip noyces dead calm .....also stars john phillip law of barberosa fame.....who is 2nd in command of the mission.
never a big hit probably due to change of directors but its now a cult film and I do watch it at least once a year and will upgrade it if it ever gets put on bluray ....
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on 16 June 2014
Good to see a film about how varied combatants in the far east could be, as a small unit lands in Japanese held territory for a mission with Australian-New Zealand-British-Dutch commandos. Lots of action in a reasonably well done war drama, with convincing kit and locations. Not top notch, but effective.
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on 13 November 2011
I remember watching this years ago and having recently watched the dire Danny Dire and Sean (has ) Been in Age of Heroes . Thought I would like to revisit it
and see if my recollections of it where as they once where?
This Ozzy offering is ok.
Its not an Odd Angry Shot or a Galipoli but its well put together and if you like a bit of action and a bit of Kung Fu thrown in. ...mmmm jurys out on that!
Then Attack Force Z is for you its probably more of a cult film as there's a young Mel Gibson in it and some actor who played the Angel in Barbarella.... who
I believe thought he was the main attraction ....sorry....70's hairstyle's 40's jungle....not on....!!

Initial release probably a good film but as time goes on, I call it a WSA genre (That's a Wet Saturday Afternoon) . Packet of Crisps and few beers...
Again right price brand but would not pay any more for it.
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on 5 October 2014
A tiny unit of Australian special forces are sent into Japanese occupied territory during WWII. Although their mission is on a needs to know basis, with the commanding officer the only one that really knows what's going on, they go in search of the survivors of an Allied aeroplane that has crash landed in the jungles of a pacific island.
There, they meet up with a village of Chinese resistance fighters, and team up against the approaching Japanese forces.

This has been on terrestrial tele a few times, back in the mid~late 80s, and I probably hadn't seen it since then.
Technically it achieves what it needs to and it's got plenty of tension and action. The leads (Gibson, John Phillip Law and Sam Niell the headliners) are interesting enough that you'll want to root for them, even though they clearly are a ruthless bunch of badasses... With the ending suitably futile and nihilistic for a mercenary/few stood against many jungle warfare movie.
It's a bit like watching a more violent, adult version of a 'Commando' comic.
Great fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Uk disc is a decent print with nothing in the way of extras to wow you.
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on 20 March 2013
Australia's Mel Gibson was very good in this movie but again, I've yet to see this actor in a bad film.
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on 7 December 2012
arrived on time given as a gift to a friend who was very pleased with it condition very good and he enjoyed watching film
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on 2 March 2013
faster delivery very good film got it for my dad for fathers day and we watched it together he and i enjoyed it
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on 14 February 2014
The story was based on a real event and as in real life they didn't all win and live happily ever after
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