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on 6 September 2017
Bought at around £230 with Prime, delivered next day no problems.

Box came through, packed very well no damage whatsoever on first view, in the package there was the screen with back of stand attached, the base for the stand, a power cable for both UK (three prong) & EU (two prong), an aux cable & a DVI connector, as well as a quick start guide, safety information, a VIP member notice & a CD with software installation & manual, each of which was individually packaged. I dislike the glossy finish as it does attract fingerprints extremely easily but they're easy to clean off so it's not exactly a problem.

All of this you can see in the photos, including the ports/cable holes on the back underside of the monitor.

Fitting the base of the stand to the leg requires no tools at all & is very easy to do as you just twist with the hook provided and it sits right in, the monitor easily turns from horizontal to vertical but bare in mind you do have to tilt the screen upwards a tiny bit before doing it as it'll hit the base even at the highest level but, that should be common sense.

As most people say the colour settings aren't great by default but it's very easy to change these, but I'll list my settings underneath;
Theater mode - 90 Brightness, 80 Contrast, 50 Saturation, Colour Temp User mode; Red 100 - Green 90 - Blue 89, Sharpness 40.

To get the full value of this monitor you will have to use the DisplayPort which unfortunately doesn't come with the monitor as HDMI caps the fps & there's no reason you should be using anything other than the DisplayPort with this monitor but a cable can be picked up on Amazon for under £5.

If everything goes well with this screen I will be buying another one in the future.
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on 9 October 2017
Great monitor, the refresh rate is an awesome experience if you're used to 60hz, and whenever I go back to 60hz the difference is the most notable. I've had a few issues with firmware and connectivity, every now and again it won't display anything and the only fix is to remove the power supply for 15-20 seconds until it completely powers down. The stand can get scratched very easily which can make your battlestation look a bit cheap, but the display itself has excellent colours and viewing angles, a great display overall. The inbuilt speaker is also pretty high quality.
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on 14 February 2017
The bottom of the screen looks to have much more back light than then top which makes everything look ligther on the bottom and darker on the top. If you use it horizontally that is not too bad but when you use it vertically it really sucks because you are always under the impresion that you have to move your head or the monitor to be able to see the right side (which was the top side before)...

Bright is crazy high, I use this monitor on a well illuminated room and I cant go above brightness 4 (from 0 to 100) because it will burn my eyes

144Hz are the best, will never go back to 60Hz but overall I wouldn't recommend it, or maybe mine is faulty im not sure.,

I can use it but... im not happy with it
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on 22 November 2016
Firstly wanted to go for MG248Q model, but since I have an Nvidia video card, didn't worth the extra money.I was worried about the glossy finish, but since I only touch it at the begging for settings, I had no problem after.
Now about performance, I didn't tested any IPS monitor to tell you my opinion about the difference, I went from 720p to 1080p so in my opinion looks very nice,colors are nice and with 144hz everything is very smooth.I didn't had any problems so far, no dead pixels.
So if you have a limited budget I definitely recommend you this.
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on 16 December 2016
Great product for gaming. The viewing angles from below are pretty poor. I occasionally use this to watch movies in bed and had to buy a separate mount to tilt it far enough down that the image wasn't being darkened as the default stand only tilts 5 degrees downwards. Very rarely has issues when waking your computer from sleep where it won't detect the monitor anymore if you're using displayport (I'd recommend using it). To fix just unplug all cables from the monitor for a minute then plug back in.
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on 8 January 2017
Loving this monitor. There is a tiny bit of bleeding at the top, but only when the top is very dark and it's only noticeable if you are actively looking for it. It is a perfect size for gaming, the colours look great and the high refresh rate makes twitch based gaming far eaiser. In super hexagon, i completed a level i have never done so before first try!
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on 2 September 2017
Love it, except that it doesnt come with the DP cable to run a 144Hz monitor, it comes with an HDMI which at max can run 60Hz lol. So make sure u buy one! Its so bright compared to my old one, but u can change that in its sub-menus. Also has anti-reflective surface, which my old monitor didnt. So this monitor isnt a "mirror" when sunlight is on it lol. Ive not noticed any tearing or similar when not running 144 fps, but it is recommended to have the fps to match the 144Hz refresh rate especially when playing fast moving games.
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on 12 January 2015
This monitor is the ideal size for my desk, and the adjustable height means I don't need to stick a box/household object underneath in order to keep the top at eye level.

The colours are decent, and there are decent guides online for the ideal setup (which is easily done via the decent menu options.)

144Hz is great, and I can now happily boost my games all the way up over 100FPS for butter smooth results.

Haven't tried the 3D yet, Probably won't bother since It needs expensive glasses and I already have a 3D tv for movies- and I imagine 3D could get tiresome in games.
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on 9 January 2016
If your looking for something purely for gaming then this is great, I know there's better monitors now with 2x or 4x the amount of pixels, but for 1080p this is great, haven't bothered upgrading to anything better yet, don't see the point atm, probably will this year when the new Pascal graphics cards get released though 😊
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on 9 February 2015
Great minitor you will need to buy a display port cable if you want to take advantage of the 144hz though it does come with a dual dvi. Game play is smooth, picture quality is superb and bright, their are about 4 screen settings movie, gaming, natural and scenery which are good, I made some consequential changes to scenery mode and it's easy enough andnot the hassle like many say. Only con is that the shinny finish marks easily, but it's the 144hz 1ms refresh that you spend your money on. Great value.
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