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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2010
I was sceptical about this film to begin with, but after watching it I was definitely impressed. There were parts which seemed a little quirky and almost out-of-place but as the Astroboy manga was quirky in places this didn't detract from the film. A heartwarming story (if altered a bit for the movie adaption) that will appeal to an audience of all ages.

A deep story told in a light-hearted fashion with comedy throughout. The characters are endearing and the story is well-paced. Very 'rewatchable' and a great buy :D
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on 5 June 2010
A real nice proper kids film. Ice age 3, cars, wall-e etc they are all great films but they are really films for adults with their grown up sentiments, innuendo and clever "in" jokes. This is the first animated film I have seen in a while that is aimed squarely at kids. The whole story is told from Astroboy's naive innocent, idealistic point of view which, as he keeps getting knocked, lets the film have an emotional impact that the above mentioned films lack. The Astroboy character is flawlessly realised and I really appreciate that the CG animation does not compromise original visual concept by adding excessive detail or effects. The look is clean and simple like a high end hand drawn cartoon. The surround sound effects and LFE are top notch and there is a very catchy main theme. My kids love it, especially the girl 5 who keeps asking for it. (and also want to have rocket boots like Astroboy ,,,,,who doesn't!!!) I have sat through it twice now without complaint. (well actually first time round I thought that nick cage was a bad choice for voice acting because his voice is so distinctive that it is hard to associate it to anything else but nick cage's face. But second viewing I didn't have a problem with it at all so I think it was just a psychological thing.
anyway great film. I hope there is a sequel.
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on 1 June 2010
I can't believe this is the first review of astroboy, it seems to have been forgotten about in the tidal wave of other animated and family movies released this year and I'm not sure why as my two boys and I loved it .
As a family we buy alot of Dvds, family ones in particular so I have seen the great ones and the terrible ones and this is definitely up there near the top.
The film starts off by introducing us to a floating chunk of the earth called Metro City just above the earths surface which has now become a scrap yard for broken robots and other junk .
In Metro city, Scientist Dr Tenma creates the robot Astroboy to replace his lost son Toby but the robot boy has a much bigger calling.
I don't want to give the whole story away as I watched it not really knowing what it was about so I'll leave it there but I will say, the animation and story are great and it's been a big hit with my boys who are aged 6 and 7.
There are quite a few extra's on the Dvd too, including four short documentary's and two extra scenes. (not deleted scenes)
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on 12 May 2013
Not the plot you expect from a childrens film... essentially the boy of a scientist dies (yes, dies) and the scientist remakes him as a AI type clone with memories and 'look' the same. He soon rejects him with the "boy/robot" confused as to why...
Somehow this cross between the Incredibles, Meet The Robinsons and AI manages not to be depressing and kids just enjoy the occasional bouts of humour, Astroboys coolness and the numerous action scenes....
My boy (an emotional and sensitive boy with no capacity for scare!) enjoyed the film and focused on its fun. Hired as a bargain bin DVD from blockbuster then bought for £3 on Amazon on his insistance.
There are better films but this has a good cast, some strong animations, some good one liners "I'm the fridge", and is suitable distraction fare....
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on 11 April 2011
Straight from the off let me tell you that I have no investment in the concept of `Astroboy'. I'm vaguely aware that it is a classic Anime, but my lack of knowledge means that the new CGI version of the film could be as sliced, diced and bastardised as only a Hollywood filmmaker could dream of achieving. With its Day-Glo colour palette and kid friendly look, I thought `Astroboy' was going to be another also-ran from the animated churn factory. However, the feel of the film is anything but kid friendly and instead this movie is average not for being too similar to other films, but for being too different.

`Astroboy' follows the early life of android Astro who was formed in the image of Dr Tenma's dead child. The first part of the film portrays the death of said child and is not easy viewing, although you don't actually see anything. The film has a lot in common with Spielberg's `AI' and is about grief and abandonment. These concepts actually feature more often in animation than you would think, but here they are very dark. There are moments of lightness in the film with some characters included just for comedic value, the Robot fighting for freedom being one. However, the vast majority of the film has a tone that is not in keeping with the brightness of the animation.

Proving a challenging watch is not a criticism in its own right as I believe the best kid's movies have a dark edge (Time Bandits), but here the tone is flat, as well as dark. Nicholas Cage is catatonic at the best of times, but as Dr Tenma he sounds like they have reanimated his corpse for one day of voice recording. The same could be said of Bill Nighy and Freddie Highmore. It is only the likes of Matt Lucas who bring energy to the voice work. The lack of passion in the acting means that the film feels incredibly drab at times, which is a shame as the animation, especially on BluRay, looks fantastic. With its dark tones and interesting ideas `Astroboy' is a curious watch that will be enjoyable for adults looking for something a little odd, but not for the core audience of children.
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on 25 March 2014
We didn't expect much from this DVD when we borrowed it from the mobile library, but my daughter has watched it on a loop since then, and has asked us to buy it - and at £3, it's hardly going to break the bank! It has some very funny and touching moments, and the cast is very good.
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on 18 June 2011
I have to say I had my doubts about this film, especially because it wasn't done by a company I know well like Pixar or Dreamworks but I have to say it was really good!
I don't really know the story of Astro Boy but after looking at the special features included I realised how faithful they tried to keep to the storyline.
One of my rules is if an animated film makes you laugh or cry then it's good and there are definitely moments that crack you up and moments that make you reach for a tissue.
I don't think it reaches the standards that Dreamworks and Pixar are setting but it's definitely up there close to them. Some people seem to think the actors aren't up to scratch but I disagree. Everyone plays their part well and most of them have done animated films before so they know what to expect. At the end of the day a children's film is meant to keep them entertained. I'm 18 and I was entertained!

Don't hesitate to buy it, every penny is worth it!
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on 10 February 2015
This animated film reminds me of the film A.I where a scientist recreates an artificial life form based on the appearance of his dead son. However Astro Boy is also equipped with various technology and weapons as he needs to save his city in the sky and the people of Earth from a ruthless General hell bent on war. Full of laughs and heroics this will keep children and adults entertained.
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on 2 January 2012
Excellent Movie for children and adults. Based on the original "1950's. Post WW2" Japanese Comic Book series by "Ozamu Tezuka" One of the greatest "Anime"/"Manga" artists of the last century.?
This adapted/updated version suffers in my opinion. from an "Over clinical"/"PC" rewrite of the story of Astro Boy for western audiences.?
Otherwise overall still a great movie.?
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on 6 June 2016
After watching this film at my college's film club, I decided to purchase this to add into my Osamu Tezuka collection. For those who don't know, Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese manga artist who came up with the original story about Astro Boy, which is much darker than this adaption of the story.

Ever since I've read Astro Boy after watching this film, it has become one of my favourite manga and anime of all time.
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