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on 6 September 2011
This mboard is a fantastic base for a medium spec, high value HTPC build. Combined with 4Gb memory, TV tuner (go for a Black Gold BG3630), Windows 7 64bit, blu-ray drive and case you can have a machine that rivals £600 plus prebuilts from Asrock, Dell etc for a sniff over £400. (Bear in mind if you are using it for Blu-ray, high-def audio (e.g. Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD-Master) you will have to feed the HDMI output into your amp- it will not output HD audio via optical/TOSlink. This is limited to standard def Dolby 5.1 etc.)

This is run constantly and is now being used as the primary TV source. It enters and comes up from standby faster than my TV switches on.

It'll do anything short of video editing and 'proper' gaming but is best suited to light home-office use or (as I've used it) a PC for the lounge and (highly functional) PVR and media hub using Windows Media Centre.
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on 28 September 2011
(Case specified has gone out of stock)

Motherboard fan is nearly silent, but the two DDR3 1333 slots only run single channel. 500MB ram is shared with the integrated graphics chip so 2GB installed RAM makes 1.5GB available to applications. PCIE slot is only 4x with no CPU overclocking options in the bios, but the EFI click Bios is really simple to use.

Full screen flash video is smooth and clear in windows 7 and Linux in SD and HD.

Windows requires the drivers to be installed for the wired network, and Linux will be prompted to install the graphics drivers on most Linux distributions. My testing has been all on the Kubuntu distro.

This type of machine is ideal for home file server of home theatre pc duties and can easily be used as a desktop replacement. My build has used a 2GB stick for a year which is fine for the server setup. For better response in daily work I find 4GB is better as it reduces page file/swap usage making the system feel faster as you've nearly used the 2GB of physical RAM after 8 internet tabs and a video which can happen when working (Linux).

For me this E350 is my second home work and internet machine that uses around 25 - 30 watts of power and runs Linux Kubuntu. My Phenom 2x4 965BE is faster for doing video editing, but it munches through around 180 watts and more when on full load and as most of my daily tasks only use 10 to 20% of the Phenom 2s grunt I find I use more electricity than doing the same things on the e350
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on 30 September 2012
I had to return my first motherboard because it arrived non functional. I note that Asrock do have an easy and streamlined way of taking returns, which is a good thing for the buyer. However, once I had fitted the second motherboard and loaded Windows 7 as well as all the drivers, I noted that the desktop clock apply button wasn't functioning and I couldn't set the time. This may not sound a big deal, but for the fact that unless I change the date and time every day, how can I keep regular date and time Word Records ETC, as well as surfing the net. (Search engines treat improper settings as a virus).

I have run numerous virus checks without finding anything however. I tried setting it with Supervisor settings as well as numerous other things including obviously changing the battery. It would be nice if I could contact the seller for advice, but there is not a "Contact" button for this seller and if you try to talk to the American parent org they tell you to go to your local vendor!

My guess is that I have another defective mother-board, but it would be nice to speak to someone to get a second opinion.
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on 23 June 2014
Got this to run my media centre with some other bits from amazon.

Its got all the power i need to run XBMC and have a true media centre experience. Hooked it up to my amp and it handles 7.1 DTS HD perfectly.

There are newer models out now but this does everything i need and more. USB 3 would be the only other added bonus.
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on 2 September 2013
I wanted this for an HTPC (my old mobo blew up). the stock fan is a bit noisy, however I have lowered the stock speed and it runs quieter without getting over hot.

Ideal board for an HTPC, running W7 and xbmc without a problem, videos are smooth to play. I have coupled it with an SSD and 2 x 2gig RAM.
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on 25 March 2014
Very disappointing. HDMI failed shortly after installation; screen went a 'grainy green' colour and then nothing. Original purchased for a HTPC but video performance prior to failure wasn't particularly good; struggled with HD content. Item returned for refund.
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on 19 January 2015
Used this to build a low power consumption NAS RAID server. As the motherboard comes with the CPU already installed, it is a very economical solution. The server has been running for a couple of months now without any issues. Very pleased with this motherboard.
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on 22 October 2013
Bought this as the heart of my 3rd HTPC in the hope of finally achieving pass-through of DTS-HD from XBMC. Success!
Not a very quiet CPU fan thought so I have ordered a Mini Kaze Ultra that I hope will do the trick.
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on 12 October 2013
Bought this for an HTPC, installed it in the case, powered up and it worked fine. Very neat little mini ITX mobo which is deservedly popular with HTPC builders
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on 29 March 2013
This motherboard is a master piece. It has any output port that you may ever need including HD VGA, DVI and HDMI. Its graphics resolution could go well beyound high definition and its fantastic graphics chip can handle virtually an resolution even well above True 1080 HD!!

It has a powerfull processer handling virtually any jobs. Has a fantastic BIOS that can be controlled with your mouse as though you are in Windows environment. You can also control the speeds of processor as well and two Chsis fan from the BIOS, setting them to automatic or manual control any fan individutally, for the speeds of 1 to 10. This allows you to make your PC totally silent.

THe HDMI carries the sound too so no messy speakers with no need for audio cables. Use it with a monitor that has speakers and wireless keyboard/mouse and you onlt two cables on your desk one for power and one for HDMI!!

I love this motherboard, I have built 0ver 100 PCs in all formay ranging from ATX to Mini ITX but this is my favourite one. IT also works virtually with all Windows operating systems - all drivers on the CD or go to their website for updates.

Do find this suitable HDMI board I had to return about 5 of the miniITX HDMI boards currently advertised on the web including here, as they all had some problems, either with HDMI or graphics drivers or other issues - this was the only one that worked properly with various operating systems.
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