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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2017
This is a great game. The tracks are superbly drawn and Monaco is an accurate representation, It's not just a 'Throw-the-Dice-and-Move' game, you have to hold back or too much damage to the car can eliminate you from the race. I like the 6 dice which represent each gear and a black dice for starting the race and to show any damage to your car. There are also a set of dashboards for you to keep track of which gear you are in and also the amount of damage to your car. Up to 10 can play or if there are up to 5 players, you can use the second car and race as a team. There are 2 instruction books - one for beginners and one for advanced. The board is double sided, with Monaco on one side and a street circuit on the reverse. You get 10 formula one cars and 10 touring cars. The game really gets interesting the more cars there are in the race. You can also buy expansion tracks to give the game more variety. I like this game very much and would recommend it to anyone into board games.
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on 5 January 2010
We've been telling you about it recently - F1 is making a comeback in stores: Formula Dé is dead, long live Formula D! Get ready to push your engine to its limit, to hug the curves in the tight corners, but also to keep up with your opponents to take advantage of the air flow and pass them to win... Taking risks and planning ahead are two qualities you'll need as a pilot if you want to stand on the highest step of the podium!

Formula D is also the excitement of illegal racing in the streets of big cities - anything goes: custom cars, nitro acceleration, drifting in the curves, dirty tricks... The game mechanics stay the same, but use specific rules, cars and tracks.

You will also discover, in this new edition of Formula D, elements unseen up to now, such as painted race cars, dashboards, pilot profiles, and tracks... Very soon we'll unveil the new, high-tech elements which have been created in our ultra-secret lab.


*Formula Dé

Compatible with the old tracks/expansions of Formula Dé
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on 29 June 2012
This is pretty good. You get a good quality double-sided board, so you can race the Monaco Grand-prix or a fictional 'Street Race' location. You get 20 dinky little plastic cars - a bit fiddly for the fat-fingered perhaps. You get a set of custom dice, and good quality cardboard and plastic-moulding cockpits for managing gear changes and the wear to your vehicle.
You get simple rules and advanced rules - entirely separate, so you don't get them confused.
The rules are very well laid out, and easy to follow. I was successfully playing the basic game with my 10 yo daughter within 15 mins of opening the box.
Game play for the basic game is very straightforward. Advanced rules are a little more ornate, and make for a more cautious race since cars are less able to absorb damage / wear. I haven't tried some of the optional rules yet - weather, pit-stops, choice of tires, custom car builds; I like the fact that there are a number of different ways of playing the game.
A single-lap race will take 30-90 mins depending on number of players. Up to 10 can play.
I've played with 3,4 and 6 players so far - good in all cases. An excellent warm-up game for convinced board-game geeks and an excellent FUN game for less obsessive gamers too.
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on 21 February 2011
I'll keep this brief as I really need to get back to playing this amazing game.

The game basically replicated driving your cars round a track by cleverly utilising multiple die to represent your gearbox (die 1 to 6) and random elements such as damage, weather (yes weather!) etc.

It appears a complicated idea but it's actually very simple. You move up and down the gears but if you're in too high a gear coming into a sharp corner (they're graded depending how sharp they are) you can damage your tyres, spin, or even worse; crash out and end the game. 1st gear is a dice with only 1 & 2 on it - so you can only move 2 squares at max. Once you're up to dice 6 you move between 21 and 30! so as you can image - when the minimum you'll move is 21 spaces it's pretty nerve wracking to throw the higher dice and see if you'll make the corner.

That gives the strategy of being a slower but safer driver or going hell-for-leather and keeping your fingers crossed.

All in all it's a great game but also a quite amazing testament to how clever some people are to even think an idea like this up! And make it work!
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on 20 December 2009
We've all done it, those of us of a certain age, watched the Grand Prix at Monaco, and complaining that it's just not as good as it used to be, just a procession from beginning to end. Formula D is how GP racing should be. Anyone can win, no matter where you start on the grid, anyone can come through from behind with a little luck and good planning to zoom past the pack out of Lows corner.
The best thing is this is such a simple game, simple rules and the simple fun of trying to force your mates to spin off the road.
For those more used to video games of the GTA variety there's a street racer version too, and you can play both versions on either of the two road maps on the double sided board.
All the fun and cheaper than buying Brawn GP
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on 29 May 2014
To put things into context, I'm not even really a big fan of racing in general and I know next-to-nothing about Formula 1. Yet this game has become the crown jewel in my board game collection and gets out on the table more than anything else I own.

This is because Formula D is so versatile.

Scaling from 2-10 players, it caters for pretty much any audience. You can also alter the amount of cars/laps so that you can customise how long each game will take. It's incredibly easy to teach to people, regardless of their experience with board games - Yet you can add enough extra rules (weather, tyres, pit-stops etc.) to make the game more complex for the hardcores. And in every situation the game is just pure FUN.

I was worried before I played it that the gameplay mechanic of rolling dice to advance spaces sounded a little boring. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough depth for me to become immersed in the experience but luckily I was wrong. Every turn presents a puzzle, trying to make sure you stop effectively in the corners whilst travelling as fast as possible. You have to weigh up the consequences of playing it safe and letting people get in front of you, or pushing your luck and potentially damaging your car. You also have to weave in between the other racers, take the best lines through the corners and occasionally just hope you get a little bit lucky.

No, it's not a game chocked full of complicated strategy and endless choices - but there's enough - which means that ultimately your success or failure feels like a result of your own choices, rather than purely chance. Yes, I have had games where every dice roll has gone against me.. in fact the last game I played both of my cars were destroyed because people kept bashing into me and I managed to roll a 1 on a 20 sided die SIX TIMES IN A ROW - but to be honest, everyone including myself found this hilarious. It's a game that's satisfying to win, but rarely that frustrating to lose.

The game has some great moments too. Dramatic overtakes on the final corner, cars pushing too hard and falling to bits, slipstreaming on the straights. I don't think I've ever played a game of Formula D where the race has been boring. This is increased if you play with the "street" rules, where you all have individual cars and play on a track full of bizarre hazards. All of the components are great, from the gear sticks to the dice to the dual-sided board and 20 different cars.. it's a product that screams quality in every regard. My only complaint, a small nitpick, is the size of the box. It's pretty big and has a very useful insert that separates the components - but it's not the best use of box space. I would have preferred if they had either made the whole box smaller overall, or made the insert smaller so that you could fit one of the expansion tracks into the base box.

Overall I think this is a great game that is versatile, engaging and always enjoyable. Anyone will like this, even people who don't have an interest in racing. I highly recommend putting a copy in your collection.
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on 12 April 2014
This game is great fun - it's mainly about balancing risk in the next turn versus reward on this turn (that's how your gearing affects you) and the two boards give plenty of opportunities for changes of fortune between players. It's still a dice game, though, so it's possible that one player can steam ahead on pure luck from high rolls on the straights so it's not for people who don't like an element of chance. The flip side to this is that too many high rolls can really hamstring you as well and it makes for some really gratifying moments among the players.

The only downside for me is that it can take a long time to get back around to your turn - there's nothing to occupy you while you go through the other (up to) nine players so it can be an extremely long game and get a little dull at times. It's great for between four and six people with an hour or so to kill.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 February 2015
I really wanted to love this game but I feel it falls short of expectations.

The game is good value in terms of what you get: the double-sided board is absolutely huge and comes in two pieces. Then you get a set of twenty tiny model cars which are fantastic. Each player (up to 10!) gets a control panel consisting of a plastic tray in which a cardboard insert is placed. This insert records the player's health (by the way plastic 'bolt' pegs) and the current gear (by way of a plastic gear stick). For each gear is a corresponding coloured die and this is the highlight of this game: the dice are really nice quality, chunky and very enticing, especially due to the novelty factor of having dice with so many sides.

Unfortunately the game is very easily boring: each player's turn consists of (optionally changing gear) and then rolling the die corresponding to the gear they are in. Points of (car) health are lost for changing more than one gear, for overshooting the corners or 'crashing' into another player. The only real strategy in the game is to carefully manage the sacrifice of this health when taking the corners and changing gears. Gameplay usually consists of changing gear, throwing a die, moving the car the corresponding number of spaces and then waiting, bored, whilst the other players take their turns. There is nothing engaging about watching the other players take their turns and nothing much to plan for your own turn during this period of inactivity (save for whether to change gear) as everything depends upon the dice thrown.

I think, in retrospect, I should have bought Jamaica to scratch that racing game itch.
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on 29 April 2016
This is a great game but can be a bit slow with the advanced rules but i add a few advanced rules with the beginners rules and a 3 lap race becomes quicker than a 2 lap advaned race.
10 F1 cars racing around Monaco, 5 of us using 2 cars each meaning we can control a team (Shame the cars are not painted into formula one cars like Red Bull,Farrari, Mercedes etc i have seen some cars on the Formula D Board game geek site and they are done so well they almost look real especially when the cars are about the size of a pound coin)
Its not just throwing a dice and moving your car forward, you do have 7 dice and 6 of the dice represents the gears and how fast you go depending on the amount you throw on which dice you choose.
Anyway if you like Formula one and a good board game i recommend you buy this and if you want more tracks you get an extra 12 tracks which can be bought in 6 expansion pack giving you two tracks each...
Ive had a go at painting the cars myself and id give myself 7/10 but the gamegeek cars are well worth a look they are stunning which they painted themselves with really thin brushes and a powerful magnified glass i expect as mine on a stand was only £12.00 plus you gotta have steady fingers when painting which i dont have haha.
Its well worth 4-5 stars this board game i just hope that more tracks become available for the UK editions like Spa ,Montreal and Silverstone etc
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on 7 January 2011
Good Game ,rules not too difficult. Haven't moved onto the more complicated board yet but the basic is fun. The cars are small and a bit fiddly. A good family game for older children.
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