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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2013
Something we never had, and i am glad.
Written by an ex squaddie, the story covers the hideous reality of world war three in an all too real scenario.
I won't ruin the story but the characters are people like you and I, who joined the forces for work and now find themselves at the sharp end, with real human feelings, failings and successes.
I was gutted when the book ended but also pleased when it was announced this is only book one in a trilogy.
Hurry up and release number two !
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on 27 May 2013
I would recommend Armageddon's Song - a terrific read by a great story teller, with very interesting characters. It's credible and frightening - the author's own experience makes it shine. Looking forward to the next part comingARMAGEDDON'S SONG 'Stand - To' out!
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on 16 November 2013
I enjoyed reading this story- it's quite gripping once you get into it. The plot is fairly intricate, with may characters featuring throughout. There is a fair amount of technical detail, and the action comes thick and fast.

The serious downside is the awful spelling, grammar, punctuation and just bad writing. This makes it a far less enjoyable read than it should/could be. With the services of a good copy editor, it would be an excellent book.
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on 30 December 2015
The story is adequate (just) if poorly written but my biggest complaint is that, while the book is filled with some great technical description of a vast array of "land" weapons and vehicles, the majority of the "air" and "sea" vehicles/weapons descriptions are horrendously wrong. In fact I'd say the writer didn't even do a basic "wiki" look-up for the ships/aircraft/weapons he was describing just to see how badly wrong he has been.

The mistakes became so jarring that, for the first time in years, I gave up on reading the book. My breaking point was after I read that a Sea Harrier FSR2 launched both an AIM-54 Phoenix (a F-14 only weapon) and an AIM-7 Sparrow (70's-80's US missile) both of which physically can't be fitted and aren't UK weapons. The RAF fair just as badly with Tornado GR4's launching AGM-88 HARMs (US Anti-Radiation missile) instead of the UK's ALARM, plus the RN now magically have a diesel electric Submarine, despite all of them being scraped nearly 10 years previously.

It's obvious the writer spent time in the Infantry as the "Land" aspects are well researched, if a little crudely written, but his huge failings in the research of the rest of the book are pretty poor and as such, I can't recommend this book.
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on 29 September 2013
I was attracted by the title first off and I was not dissappointed with the book. Although this is an alternative history it reads as if from the authors experience which I found a very interesting 'take' on an alternative history novel. It was good to get the story from the infantryman's viewpoint (nice to see the British Army get a storyline for a change) But it also shifts nicely to take in other theaters across the world, and the 'global view' and does not dawdle too long with the one viewpoint. I could not put this one down and immediately went on and purchased the 2nd novel to follow the story. Hooked!
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on 29 December 2016
This is the first in a five book series that covers a notional World War III. At the time of writing (December 2016) it is beginning to look, worryingly enough, like a more and more realistic prophecy with every passing day! The first volume very much lays out the chess pieces and sets up the board, but there's no lack of action. Andy writes a better action/techno-thriller than some traditionally published authors do. The book is global in scope, and we see the developing maelstrom from the perspective of the infantrymen in his foxhole or shell-scrape, all the way up to presidents and prime ministers, plus everything in between.

The pace is fast but not too fast, and by the time the book rattles to a close, you're more than ready to see where Farman is going to take things in book II. Thousands are already dead, mass devastation is at hand; fleets of warships clash above the seas and submarines beneath them, while squadrons of aircraft vie for supremacy in the skies. The novel shapes up into a broadly NATO vs Warsaw Pact showdown, those it isn't quite as simple as that. This is a real page-turner of a book, and the author should be proud of himself if it's his first novel.

As for the bad: this book would have gotten five stars if it weren't for the spelling and grammar, which can be atrocious in places. The novel desperately needs an editor. I gather that Mr. Farman is aware of this; it truly does detract from the book, as some of the typos, mis-spellings, and totally wrong word placements jolted me from the reading flow on more than one occasion. If you can tolerate that, then this book is very highly recommended indeed to fans of Tom Clancy, Harold Coyle, and similar authors. Well worth picking up!
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on 24 July 2013
I chose this book for several reason. one I read a very old draft about ten years ago and was disappointed that I couldn't read it all as I was hooked from the first paragraph.
Secondly I like the subject matter, in a nut shell world war three and lastly out of loyalty to an around good chap.
I'm not a great Novel reader only having read a hand full of Tom Clancy and Thomas Harris in the past. One things for sure Andy has a real knack. His style is fluid,fast paced and exciting.
The story is gripping telling the tale of rejuvenated Soviet lust for power coupled with a fragile alliance with China. The Novel keeps a good balance behind back story and fast paced battle action. There are many settings from white house situation rooms with high ranking officials to a Fox hole with two privates fighting a real time struggle for survival. All the characters are fully explained and rounded, if they don't have a part to play they don't have a page devoted to them.
Now I'm a Military geek of the highest order and I can say bar the one error in sukhoi engine manufacturer (sorry mate) the book is meticulously researched. Not in Clancy style of jargon for the sake of it but nicely explained for the not so geeky amongst us. The story as I said tells of the first week or so in an all out global race for power triggered by an audacious Soviet nuclear plan coupled with an alliance with China, presumably to split the spoils. The action is split between European and Pacific theatres but is easy to follow and charts not just one character but more the unfolding events. There are reoccurring characters that pop up all g the way that tie the different events
together .
Without giving away the story I was completely absorbed by it and will be looking forward to r ed adding the next instalment

Well done andy
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on 4 July 2013
Totally great piece of escapism, I don't really care if the battle scenes are accurate, that's not why I read fiction, if I wanted accuracy I would read history.
The author stated in his spiel that naval and air combat scenes are probably not as accurate as the infantry battle scenes, in my opinion it was all excellent, he paints really good pictures of the battles, and I enjoyed them very much.
I must admit I had a bit of a chuckle when he tried to describe Svetlanas stud as "down there", but it is a truly absorbing and well thought out piece of work.
Highly recommended if you don't take things too seriously after all it didn't actually happen, not yet, anyway.
The author doesn't seem to like politicians very much, this is quite obvious by the way he writes, I can't say I blame him too much.
It is all put together really well with good good guys and bad bad guys and it is nice to find that some of the good guys get killed sometimes, even the ones the reader has got attached to.
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on 15 June 2014
Such a joy to read, detailed and gripping. You can tell it was written by someone who has been there (and in Fat Boy Run!). Self published via Amazon and to be honest it shows, the print layout, cover graphics and cover text are not great quality but don't let that put you off. The material is great. Started reading this and bought the next ×2 straight away as I knew I'd want to carry on and not wait. As soon as vol 4/5 was available that was ordered too.
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on 15 July 2013
I've thoroughly enjoyed this book and smiled when the author somehow managed to get his beloved Guards using THAT rifle again. It's fairly well paced has a lot of interesting characters and shows a Global war instead of staying with just the european theatre. My only minor criticism would be that the author likes to get in a lot of politician bashing about how defence budgets have been slashed and the inferiority of some of the kit. Whilst I thought it was worth being raised the point ended up being laboured quite a few times, but then in the authors defence he does point this out in the preface. I've just finished book two and await the third eagerly.
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