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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 26 July 2014
My daughters swim regularly (weekly, sometimes twice a week) in these Aqua sphere goggles and we rate them very highly. Yes the seal does go eventually but on average a pair lasts us a year - 18 months, during which time they've endured 2 weeks of heavy wear (daily) in chlorinated Spanish swimming pools and the salt water of the Mediterranean. I do try to rinse them afterwards but more often than not they're dropped into the depths of the swim bag until the next week. The enhanced vision is a real plus, as is the ease with which the wearer can adjust the strap themselves (aged 6 & 9) but my girls like these best because the tight seal doesn't stretch or pull the eye area, because these fit like a small mask they are much easier and more comfortable to wear.

We have tried the original Seal Kid and now these Seal Kid 2 - just picked these for the colour (a girly red when they arrived, slightly neon, pinkish red, not sure I'd pick for a boy) they are slightly bigger but both versions fit my 9 yr old well.

These always come with a sturdy plastic case, which is good as they do scratch if you're not careful.
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on 22 September 2015
Bought these for my 6 year old son, had a similar pair which we had bought while on holiday these were bought to replace them wanted a pair of goggles that went right round the eyes and surrounding area so that they fitted better. These are perfect! They don't leak and he is not constantly having to adjust his goggles as they suck to his face great for his swimming lessons.
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on 11 October 2009
My child has a small face and goggles usually let in water. These are great-good fit, no leakage. Highly recommended!
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I own the adult version of this and swear by them.

I have made a video review to help show the goggles' features.

* Fitting: I was taught the following when learning to scuba dive. To see if a mask (or pair of goggles) fits, place the goggles over your child's face *WITHOUT putting the strap over his/her head* and push with a very, very small amount of pressure. The goggles should stay stuck to your face without falling off due to air pressure alone. These stuck to my daughter's face for about 2 minutes without falling off - that's how good the seal is for her. If they fall off, they don't fit - they fall off because air is getting in, and if air gets in, water will get in.

As the box is hinged and (at least my one was) not sealed (as shown in my video), you can test them easily for fit and then return them if they don't fit.

If they fit using the above method but not when your son/daughter wears them then it's because he/she is inadvertently breaking the seal - normally either by trapping hair between the mask and face, or by having the strap too tight. A common misconception is that to get a good seal the strap should be tight - that actually makes it more likely to leak (and far less comfortable to wear, and it gives your son/daughter great 'goggle eyes').

Everyone's face is different so some people will find that these don't fit - I suggest that you use the above method to find a different pair that does.

* Reusable hinged case: They come in a reusable plastic box (as shown in my video). There are holes in the back to drain water & let air in - handy in case you forget to open the box to let them dry out, though I would always store them with the box open until they have dried. It is important to encourage your child to keep them in the box (other than when drying out) to stop the lenses getting scratched.

* Comparison with eyecup style goggles: This style of goggle beats the eyecup style hands down in my opinion. They give far better vision and a wider field of view because you've got more flat plastic in front of your eyes, and you're less prone to 'goggle eyes' (the red mark around your eyes when you remove them). More importantly, they are a lot safer if your son/daughter accidentally gets knocked in the face - in that respect I think that eyecup style goggles are positively dangerous as they are roughly the same shape as the eye. If your son/daughter has eyecup style goggles, I wouldn't hesitate to replace them with this style - any model and any brand, not just this one.

* Fogging: When new, they don't fog up for a while. My adult version took about 6 months before they started to fog up.

In my video, the backing card got in the way of putting the goggles back in the box, and opening and closing the box. If you look at my video review of the adult version of these goggles, you can see how easy it is to do those two things.
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on 15 May 2014
Having three children aged 13 downwards, I've got through many pairs of swimming goggles over the years. Most of them have been of the "twin-lens" design, with separate lens cups for each eye, and I've bought everything from top brands to cheap throwaways.
I've never found ANY pair of twin-lens goggles, no matter how expensive, which genuinely fitted and kept out water; all of them have ended up leaking and needing to be constantly emptied out. The tighter ones, although they usually keep water out somewhat more efficiently, have also been extremely uncomfortable, leaving painful marks on my children's faces and meaning that the children couldn't wear them for more than half an hour or so in any case.
This time round, I decided to spend a couple of pounds more in order to buy these different, "full-face" mask-style goggles, and I'm really delighted with them. They fit perfectly (on all three children, aged 13, 10 and 9, thanks to being highly adjustable) and they form a genuinely water-tight barrier with only slight pressure required to create a vacuum seal, making them comfortable to wear for long periods without leaving marks on the child's face OR leaking any water.
The goggles are well-built and durable, and the large, curved lenses (no squared-off edges as with traditional goggles) provide excellent all-round visibility.
The strap is highly adjustable and strong, and doesn't slip through the side adjusters, so the goggles retain their tight fit even after being worn for an hour or even longer without being re-adjusted.
Overall, I feel really pleased to have finally found a pair of goggles that actually does keep water out without needing to be so tight as to be painful (and leaking anyway!), as is usually the case with twin-lens designs, and the extra couple of pounds spent was well worthwhile.
Definitely a well-made, top quality item, which I would recommend to anyone looking for genuinely waterproof goggles which are comfortable and which can be adjusted to fit just about any child's size without losing functionality.
As a side-note, the colour is exactly as shown - a very bright, neon pink.
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on 26 May 2009
Fantastic, my little boy no longer has screwed up eyes and marks on his face after his swimming lesson.

Even he rates them and he is 4!!
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on 28 October 2014
Having spent a lot of money over the years trying to find suitable goggles for my now 3.5 and 5.5 year old children to no avail, I have eventually found these that work and fit perfectly! The strap length can be loosened/tightened easily to assist with putting them on. Only wish I'd found these years ago!
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on 20 May 2016
These goggles will either fit your child and you will be over the moon because they look great, or they will not and you will be giving them a single star. There is limited flexibility around the nose region where the seal is. No amount of tightening of the strap could make a seal to stop water getting in when my daughter tried these over multiple trips to the pool. If your child has a wide nose bridge I would avoid them and go for a style with a separate seal for each eye instead (we replaced these with a £3.99 Speedo pair that don't leak at all).
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on 30 March 2009
These goggles are much better than ordinary goggles. They have a bigger rim to the eye holes which mean they sit outside the rim of the eye socket rather than inside. They are much more comfortable and can be worn by adult ladies as well as children. The seal is brilliant and my daughter is now so confident under water that she has changed from someone who didn't like a splash of water on her face to someone who will volunteer to dive under the water to retrieve things from the bottom of the pool. They will change your life if you have a nervous swimmer.
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on 29 April 2016
I order two pairs, one each for my 6 and 8 year old sons. My boys used to have different ones (the types that 'seals' each eye separately) and the 6 year old refused to wear them! The Aqua Sphere Googles seals both eyes and are therefore more comfortable and both boys love wearing them. They say they fit nice, they stay in place and the vision is clear (and not tinted in a different colour) and they don't steam up. To tighten and release the straps is so easy the boys can do it themselves! So worth the money, they are perfect and my boys can't wait for their weekly swimming lessons!
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