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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 2005
This really is a superb product, I have the creative lab Zen Nomad Extra also and I can't believe how easy the ipod menu system is. The photo's look great and scroll through really quickly. I have over 13 gigs of Photo's and about the same in music and the system runs really well.
I agree about the photo software, it really should be supplied! However, most people use windows XP these days and the photo capabilities are excellent so you won't have to use any additional software, just get the supplied iTUNES to synch with your My Pictures in windows and away you go.
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on 4 April 2005
Buying an Ipod Photo 60 is like buying a top of the range Mercedes that has only three wheels. The music side of the Ipod is fantastic but when it comes to the photo side the software for the Photo operation is missing. The result of this is that I spent the best part of my Sunday trying to operate the photo area only to discover in conversation with the Ipod support team that the software is not included in the package - this applies to all PC users that do not operate a Mac computer - which is the vast majority.
When will these manufacturers get off their high horse and realise that the customer is first and that they must supply the right kit.
The instructions both online and in the booklet are not in the least bit clear on this and I now have to go and buy a photo software package from Adobe for $99.99. Not happy.
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on 21 June 2006
At first glance,this 60gig monster(In colour),seems like the perfect mp3 player. beautiful, classy, easy to use and HUGE. However, this all become rather redundant when the damn thing overheats after a couple of months.

And dont rely on the warrenty for that either; I know several people who [used to] own this model and while most spluttered to death within a year, mine happily bumbled along for a year and a week, then gave up the ghost and left me with nothing but and an extraordinaly expensive lump of metal and the horrible feeling that Id been had.
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on 9 March 2005
Great new price for a fabulous product - but check out what's missing from the box! No dock, no Firewire cable, no Av cable! To buy these separately costs MUCH more than the price reduction. If you don't need these items then I guess its OK but who doesn't want to view the photos on a TV?!?
Buy with caution and decide what you need to make the magnificent iPod Photo work for you.
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on 27 September 2005
There IS a problem formatting the iPod on a windows computer, if you have a home network with mapped drives! The iPod sets itself up on the first available local drive letter, BUT it doesn't take into account letters already assigned to mapped drives on your network. This results in 2 drives using the same letter, which is the cause of all the problems. When installing on a local network, make sure you unmap any network drives first & you'll be fine. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars, rather than 5, is that something like this should have been in the FAQ on the apple iPod website.
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on 4 September 2005
I let the MP3 market develop a bit before taking the plunge. Looked around at the different players and other PC software such as MusicMatch etc. Bit wary of the 'trendy' Apple image and price tag.
Decided on the Ipod and went for the big 60GB. My opinion is simple:
iTunes is easy as had been using it before getting the iPod. Its a good idea to download this and start importing your CDs into it so you can get going with iPod really quickly.
Once the iPod was charged, plugged in and away! Downloaded 4283 songs into it which took a while.
Lots of reviews mention the need for Adobe software to transfer photos - This is not true. Your photos will synchronise automically using iTunes if you store them in your 'My Pictures' folder (on XP anyway).
Good points: Its justifiably the most popular MP3 player ever. iTunes has changed the music world forever.
Bad Points: Bit stingy on the extras (IE: you get none). Comes with plug, cable, earphones and CD. iPod dock comes in handy (£30) and a case wouldn't have killed them for a £300 player.
That said, I absolutely love this device!!!!!!
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on 6 August 2006
I've had this item just over a year now, and I can't be more disappointed. The one that was shipped to me didn't play songs all the way through before proceeding to the next one, my next model had a bad hard-drive and would SOMETIMES work, and the next replacement I got had a warped screen right out of the box and just failed again, not even mounting into the iPod Restorer. Spend your money on something else.
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on 14 July 2005
Can't add any more to the previous reviews here except that;
I previously had a 4th generation 40GB click wheel ipod and wanted to upgrade to the ipod photo. I knew that there was no docking station included, no problem I thought as I already had one.
Well to put it mildly, trying to get the ipod photo into the docking station is more than a little worrying. You seriously question whether you are going to damage either products as the fit is extremely tight.
Apple have been very tight as to the extras included, therein lies my only disappointmnet concerning this product.
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on 30 September 2005
I had the same problems reformating the iPod 60 GB for Windows as described by a user above. However, I eventually got it to work, which is when the really big disappointment came. I uploaded a technically perfect recording of a very transparent and delicate piece of classical music (Josquin Dezpres L'homme armee masses, Tallis Scholars) to see what the iPod 60GB can do. They claim that it produces 'near CD quality'. However, what I got is 'nowhere near CD quality'. There is a background haze and the iPod cannot deal properly with high notes - not even close. This was with the supplied Apple earphones. I switched to my own (Sony) earphones which produced a noticeably better sound, but the overall result is still very disappointing. I am sure the iPod 60GB is a great device for all forms of pop music, but I guess fans of classical music will need to wait a little longer until the technology has matured a bit more. I for one, will try to return the piece.
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on 10 June 2008
I bought this after deciding that i wanted to up grade from my mini disk. I had heard how great MP3 players were for working out with as they could store a real mixture of music.

DONT USE THIS THOUGH!!!!! it is (i have been told) that this this is the last ipod apple made before they went totally digital. In other words there is still a small moving part within here. SO if you work out for anything longer than say 15mins - especially with an activity like running, then this part starts to shift about and eventually it freezes. After time, this part (within mine) must be totally loose as now it is so sporadic on if it is going to work or not. Ive lost count the times ive had the sad faced ipod logo come up!

I would go for a nano or another make if you are after something to work out with. Even with 4G you can still store hundreds of songs so the capacity is not something that should affect your enjoyment of the workout at all. I have the 8G nano now and am more than happy with it (until the internal battery runs out on that!!!).
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