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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2015
I've a few reviews for this product before purchasing it and I was quite excited but it has a design flaw.
I'm a CAD technician so I usually sit in front of a computer all day using AutoCAD. The mouse feels nice, the weight is a bit too much and it fits nice in my hand but there is a huge problem with it... it's clicking the middle button (wheel) and especially double clicking the wheel. I use it for zoom extent, basically zooming out to see the entire image and this is a pain!
In order to press the button you have to squeeze both the index finger and thumb. For double clicking is even worse because you have to do that twice wile not moving the mouse at all or else it won't take the command. Personally I find it very hard to work with!
I had no pain problems before using this mouse but because of the middle mouse problems now I really do so watch out!
If you do use the scroll button and you don't have pain problems DON'T BUY THIS!!!
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I’d never tried a vertical mouse before. I was getting wristache, I wasn’t sure why, so I impulse-bought one of these mice, and I’m really happy with it- but I don’t use it all the time. It takes a lot of getting used to a vertical mouse, and despite having had this one for a few weeks now, I still haven’t quite got the knack of it- so if I want to do something smoothly, I switch back to my normal mouse.

This is a well-made mouse, and surprisingly good considering the price. It’s got a soft feel to the plastic, and there’s more-or-less adequate space left for your little finger to go. It’s lacking a DPI button, which I have rather gotten used to having on my other mouse because it makes it easy to switch between different sensitivity options- that would’ve been nice here. And the red light that lights up is possibly not the most stylish thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s OK. It certainly looks like a bit of an oddity on the desk.

If I could change one thing about this mouse, it would be the word ‘ANKER’ in bold type on the bottom. Firstly I don’t like excessively obvious branding, but secondly I keep wondering how long it will be before somebody in my office uses some Tipp-Ex to add an extra ‘W’ to the beginning of it.

If you’ve got wristache and you’re worried it might be from too much mouse action, give this a try.
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on 12 June 2013
I admit, 'life changing' is a strong term. However, I compete in two sports, Powerlifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that require your arms to be in great condition. I started working 9-5 in an office and began getting AWFUL pains in my mouse clicking arm. It would keep me awake at night, and more importantly, stopped me being able to compete.

I looked for some solutions and saw a review for a vertical mouse. This particular mouse was expensive, so I decided to try a 'cheaper' one first. At just £11.99, the Anker fits into this category, but as a product it's anything but cheap. Beautifully designed, it looks like a piece of NASA technology sat on your desk. The rubberised texture is very pleasing to the touch, while the action on the buttons and jog wheel are near perfect. It also took no getting used to, which I was a little apprehensive about.

Here is the biggest thing though, the mouse is extremely comfortable to use, and since buying it a month ago I've had NO ARM PAIN WHATSOEVER. I mean, how can something for less than £12 work that kind of wonders?

Seriously, if you're suffering from RSI for any reason and spend a lot of time at the computer, you'd be crazy not to give this a try.

Thank you Anker.
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on 25 January 2013
I've had a few different "Vertical" mice before, many are quite expensive but lack either sensitivity, back/forward buttons, require software or a plethora of other problems.

Not so with the Anker mouse. Rather than being an entirely vertical 90 degrees, its more of a 45 degree grasp. This is fantastic if it's your first time using one of these types of mouse. The angle is just right, allowing you to move and adjust to it quite quickly. Within 2-3 days I was using it as quickly and efficiently as a plain old mouse.

Additionally, if you suffer from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), as I occasionally do, this will have you right-as-rain in no time. After weeks of use I've had no pains.

Hardware-wise, the mouse works on all sorts of OSes that I use, from older Windows 2000 machines to newer Windows 8 and even my server and laptop (Solaris & Ubuntu). All work just fine without any special drivers or other software.

The sensor is surprisingly good, I bring the mouse with me to various locations with various working surfaces. Many optical sensors, even above the 1000DPI of the Anker mouse, have problems with some surfaces causing them to loose accuracy. However, that's not something I've experienced on the Anker mouse - fantastic.

The only downside to the mouse that I could find were the main left/right buttons, which are quite loud and "clicky". The Back and forward buttons are also positioned on the lower side of the mouse under the thumb. This can be a bit tricky to reach - If I could redesign the mouse I'd have them just above the thumb. These are really tiny problems though and not something you're likely to be concerned about.

Overall, for the price and comparison to other similar mice I've used in the past, I highly rate this mouse. It's certainly worth the money if it's your first foray into vertical-mouse-territory.
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Purchased as a replacement for a cheap and very nasty conventional mouse supplied with a new Asus PC. This Anker mouse is the first vertical mouse I have used. It fits the hand neatly, with the buttons all falling naturally under fingers or thumb. All five buttons have a light, positive action except for the scroll wheel button, which requires a firmer press: the scroll wheel itself operates smoothly, with just enough of click to feel without impeding. The mouse has been given a matte treatment that mimics something of the feel of very smooth rubber - much more pleasant than the usual plastic, and grippy without being sticky.

On my Windows 10 PC it was true plug-and-play, and the learning curve was almost non-existent: the only thing I had to remember was that the mouse is taller than a conventional mouse, and so you need to learn to lift your hand over it. It takes up no more space on the desktop. The ergonomic effects claimed seem to be real: my arm immediately felt more relaxed all the way up to the shoulder, and I've been using it ever since. If you find that you suffer from wrist or shoulder pain from protracted mouse use, this may be a better solution, and for little more than you would pay for a decent wrist rest.

Only time will tell if it is reliable, but at this price I would be prepared to replace it annually. I'm a convert.
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on 1 February 2016
Excellent introduction into the world of vertical mice. Stopped my hand pain dead (I use one all day at work). I've set it super sensitive so that I barely need to move my hand/wrist to operate it. Was only £10, will be upgrading to a model with a hand rest on it shortly (£70+).
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on 30 January 2015
Fits very comfortably in the hand at the requisite 45 degree angle (90 degrees is actually wrong - look at the angle your hands naturally form when you hold them out, nice and relaxed, in front of you). Very smooth cursor movement, switchable between 1000 and 1600 dpi via an easily accessible thumb switch - makes it easy to do fine work in between sweeping movements. The blue light on the body is a very classy touch. Button action is positive but light enough to be useable. It works better on a mouse mat than on my writing pad, but that's a habit I've been meaning to break for too long now. Ten quid very well spent.

Edit: two months on and I notice that the cable is wearing where it enters the protective sleeve and is likely to break completely far too soon. This mouse only gets two hours of use two nights a week whilst I'm staying in a hotel so this is unpleasantly surprising. Dropped two stars on the principle that a brilliant, non-functional mouse is going to be indistinguishable from a non-functional POS mouse.

Further Edit: having used this exclusively on my personal laptop, I recently had cause to use it on my work laptop and I notice that the cursor movement is far less smooth than I believed, comparing it with the mouse I usually use there and also comparing my work laptop when used on my personal laptop. This is annoying and I'm surprised it hasn't managed to infuriate me on my personal laptop, given the nature of my work on that. I'm sure it will now, though ... The cable is still intact but the two-star drop remains owing to the cursor jitteriness.
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on 19 January 2015
I purchased this to aid with a lot of mouse work during my working day. I have to say the price really is amazing for a product like this.

First, housing quality. The mouse is finished in high quality matt plastic. It feels nice in the hand. It glides very well on the desk.
The blue LED looks nice, but it a bit of a gimmick of course. Still it tells you if it's plugged in and the PC recognises it. It looks to be worth much more than the price paid.

It came in a very nice box. The lead is plenty long enough for the average desk. Installed straight away, no driver issues on Windows 7.

The buttons: All of the buttons have a nice solid click to them. They are all placed well around the mouse. The one exception is the scroll wheel button. This is very stiff on my model, probably too stiff for me to use efficiently which is a shame. The scroll up and down is perfect, its just the pressing down of the scroll wheel button is the issue.

I also had an issue with the mouse desk contacts, one or two of them were not even so there was a slight rock to the mouse when on a perfectly flat surface. I think I have sorted this by un-sticking two of the friction pads and slicking them back lightly. This has evened up the levels so the mouse now sits perfectly square on the desk.

The mouse is also fairly big as mentioned in other reviews. I've got fairly big hands and it still feels quite large and unwieldy at times. For me it could do with being a bit smaller to feel more comparable to regular mice.

I don't find an issue with the position or the way you hold it. No problem with the way your little finger rests on the table.
Trying to use it as close to a regular mouse is key I think.

Anker support appear to be pretty amazing going by their answers to the reviews and also prompting me to write a review on the purchased product.

*A colleague also purchased the wireless version of this mouse. He is very happy with the mouse too. He doesn't have the always on LED light on that model which might be worthy of note. It only illuminates during certain button presses. Perhaps for battery saving reasons.*

I like the DPI button. I would prefer an additional setting, so you could have a middle ground and a setting either side of that.

Overall, the mouse does it's job well. Very well for the price in fact. It tilts your wrist to a much better angle. Saying this I do find myself returning to the regular shaped mouse and switching between the two 'when the mood feels'.

At this price, you can afford to do that. Happy customer.
review image review image
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2012
As a sometime RSI sufferer with a frozen shoulder, I needed to find a mouse to give my arm rest. So far this is working well, it's easy to use and comfortable. It may take a little practice to get the level of accuracy of a normal mouse, but sure that will come in time.
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on 15 September 2015
It's not really any more difficult to use than a normal mouse after a short while but is much more comfortable. It seems to have helped with my thumb tendonitis although I cant really explain the reasons behind this - perhaps I was overusing my thumb with a normal mouse

It is quite a bit heavier than a normal mouse but then its much bigger too. Also watch out for knocking it off your desk when moving from the keyboard due to the extra height!

My only comment would be that the wire to connect it to the computer could be longer - mine is JUST about long enough but very little to spare. I suppose you could use a USB extension cable is needed
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