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on 3 September 2016
Now first off I'd like to point out that I like Anker products, Anker products are quality & come with a good warranty.
Now on to the Anker S4 battery, Well I've brought 2 of these from Amazon, The first one was fantastic for around 6 months then started to loose charge quite quickly, The second one was never as good as the first battery started off & again started to drain quickly after 5 or 6 months.
It's worth keeping in mind though that these battery's are available at a good price now & still a better option than dodgy knock off supposed to be genuine Samsung Battery's.
Update!! How amazing are Anker, Emailed me straight away to replace the batteries free of charge! Top customer service! Thank you Anker ☺
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on 14 October 2017
When it comes to replace your mobile phone battery there are lots available but it's rather hit or miss if you get a good one. There are many out there that purport to be genuine but as I have found they can be useless. When I came across Anker batteries I was impressed with what I read and thought it would be a good idea to buy one. My battery arrived with a 56% charge so I simply installed it and heeding the instructions I charged the battery once it had dropped to 10 %. In everyday use this battery holds it's charge very well indeed in stark contrast to my previous one. I strongly recommend this battery.
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on 11 February 2016
I tested the battery as close to lab conditions as possible and compared it a genuine Samsung battery. The Samsung battery is about 1 1/2 years old. The GPS was on for both batteries. They were both used quite a lot on things like messenger and a game.

The Anker battery was obviously genuine, as you can see in the picture.

There are many sellers on here saying that their batteries are genuine, they aren't. Buy this one instead. The makers of the battery are so brazen as to put that the fake battery is made in China. Samsung batteries are not made in China, the cells are either produced in Japan and assembled in South Korea or the cells are made in South Korea and assembled South Korea.
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on 7 February 2016
WOW arrived very quickly..which surprised me!. The battery came nicely packaged and well presented. They feel nice quality and fit my phone perfectly..Haven't had time to rate how good they work as I've only just received them. I bought 2 batteries for my S4 mobile, one as a spare for back and rotation. I though the price is very good. I choose this brand instead of Samsung because there are so many fake Samsung batteries about it's now impossible to know if you're buying genuine ones. I've seen how popular the Anker brand has become over the last few years here on Amazon so that also persuaded me to try them over Samsung. I did also read that Samsung no longer make S4 batteries anyway.
So my first impressions are good. The first battery I tried was about 40% charged which is also what they advise is the best % to store them at.
Going by the other reviews I would without doubt say you can be sure to get a good product. There will always be a chance that you could get a bad battery but the overall percentage of bad reviews is quite low compared to good. Plus I've noticed Anker seem to have very good customer services, responding very quickly and exchanging faulty goods as quickly as possible.
Edit: used the batteries for a day and over one night now and I'm happy with the performance of the batteries. They certainly last a long time even if you are on the phone 24/7 like myself. I have 2 batteries that I use in rotation so I never get caught out with a flat battery.
Really pleased with them.

Just to note that the NFC chips are included and work on these batteries as they should!.
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on 29 April 2015
If like me your looking for an improvement in battery life for your galaxy s4 but don`t want a huge brick strapped to the back or have your s4 in a nice case but wish to keep the case because of the size of extended battery`s then this anker direct replacement will and does improve battery life ( fits 100% perfectly as well ) .No your not going to get an extra days battery life out of it but there is definitely an improvement over the stock samsung battery .Even though the Anker is rated the same 2600mah it still somehow performs better as with the samsung battery quite often i'd be down to about 20% maybe less at 8.00pm from 8.00am or even completely flat .The anker 2600mah battery gives me around 35% more juice than the stock battery did so you can easily get through a day on the anker without having to charge it up before bed time .All in all this battery from Anker does make an improvement of around 35% from the poor stock samsung battery .I will update this review as only been using it for a few days so it maybe get even better !Thank you.
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on 29 June 2015
This Battery is a TERRIBLE !!!!!! BEWARE !
I have used it on my GALAXY S4 and after a few months the battery started to increase in size... literally inflating and over heating, pushing the display of my S4 up ... causing the glue of the display to split and display to move away from body of my phone.
DO NOT BUY !!! Is Anker going to replace my phone because of the damage caused by their batteries ??? QUESTION !!
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on 30 October 2016
Fixed a dead or dying Samsung battery. Charged first time. Worked first time. Held the charge well. Was it slightly thick perhaps? The case back was perhaps a little tighter but still went on without compliant (Samsung S4). Of course... the real benefit of buying an Anker battery as others have said is that you know it is absolutely a self-declared replacement by a bona-fide company that specialises in phone batteries and has a reputation to protect. Try to buy what appears to be a "Samsung Original" and I feel you would be taking the greater risk. That is until some idiot spots their positive reputation and starts making knock off Anker batteries as well as knock off originals.
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on 12 June 2015
I bought this for my Galaxy S4 i9505 (which I've had for around 2 years now), as the original stock battery was draining far too quickly, overheating and my S4 would always turn off at around 50% and won't switch back on until I plugged the charger cable in to charge it.
I was looking for a replacement battery for my S4 but didn't want to pay for the price of an original battery from the Samsung website (2600mAh currently costs £21), and there was no guarantee that the "official" Samsung batteries on Amazon would actually be official. So I found the "Anker 2600mAh" battery and the price was higher than the apparently "official" Samsung batteries, but I thought I might as pay for a battery that is not claiming to be an official battery, but claiming to be a good replacement.
So I ordered this battery on a Saturday and the estimated date was for over a week from the purchase date. To my surprise, the battery was delivered only 2 days later on a Monday.
So I replaced my battery with the new one (it fit perfectly even though there were claims that the anker battery has a tight fit in the i9505 battery slot). The performance of the Anker battery is fantastic. Being an S4, it tends to heat up (like any phone), but now it's not even close to how much it used to overheat. Before even in idle state the phone would overheat, now it doesn't.
Like mentioned above, my phone just switch off at around 50% (even after a factory reset of the phone, which didn't fix the overheating either), and this replacement battery has fixed that. It has now been 5 days so far since testing it out, and I'm very pleased with this replacement battery. Also the Anker battery has NFC and 18 month warranty, that many other batteries do not have. It does exactly what it says on the tin.
Money well spent :)
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on 19 September 2017
My samsung feels like it has so much life in it again. my old battery was dying on me at sometime 30% battery so I felt was time for a new one.
This Anker battery is doing the job great. Had for 1 day and the results are noticeable in this short a time. My phone feels like it has so much more power. The battery is lasting a lot longer now than my old battery (was near 2 years old that one). I feel confident that this battery will serve me for a respectable period of time and the warranty they chuck in with the battery is reassuring too. I found the battery a little bit of a squeeze to put into the slot in the back but it did fit in eventually and not in a bad way too. I'm pleased with this purchase and would recommend this battery to anyone with a Samsung S4 phone.
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on 29 October 2017
Works well, the battery helped extend my battery life and also seems to have helped the performance of my phone as well?

Great price, does the job and its better than risking buying a fake unauthorised Samsung battery for cheaper. I wouldn't want to risk phone damage or a fire by buying a unauthorised battery. Anker previously has been great for customer service and products so this was a no-brainer for me.
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