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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2012
Yes, I'm a fifty four year old grandad! Not the target market, not by a long shot! So, why did I buy this book? Well I am trying to write a book myself, one that IS aimed at the teen/young adult market. About a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the books website, (It was to do with a choice of song in my book, and for some obscure reason, I was Google imaging Angels!) and lingered on that website awhile. I thought, OK, this is aimed at that same market, maybe I should think about buying it, to get a feel for if I'm on the right track. So, I bought it.

I know it's a worn out cliche, and one that has never applied to me before, but I just could NOT stop reading it! I was reading in bed till after midnight, I started reading this morning when I got up, and have NOT stopped all day, till I finished it. NO book has ever held that sort of grip on me before, (Much to the amusement and chagrin of my wife!) and I used to read a lot when I was younger.

The cover picture is about the only thing I disagree with, the heroine is not hard and edgy like that at all, she is frightened and vunerable most of the time. Other than that, I can recomend it to anyone, of any age, who likes a tense, pacy novel.

I have now orderd the second book and pre-ordered the third! Guess I'm still a teen/young adult at heart!
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Willow has always been different from other girls her age, preferring to spend time fixing an engine rather than going to parties and worrying about clothes and make up. She has always had psychic abilities and gives readings to friends answering questions they have about their futures but when popular student Beth asks for a reading it will have a life changing effect on Willow. Through Beth Willow discovers that Angels exist, they may be beautiful to look at but it is obvious to Willow that they are not what we have always believed them to be. Looking into Beth's future she sees a life of pain and illness if she joins the Church of Angels and tries to warn her but will Beth accept her advice? Alex has been sent on a mission to destroy Willow but when he first sees her he finds that not all is as it should be. He decides to investigate further and discovers Willow's secret - something that even Willow is not aware of. For Willow nothing will ever be the same and she will need Alex's help to survive.

I was a bit worried about reading Angel by L.A. Weatherly as I don't seem to have a great track record when it comes to young adult angel books - I was disappointed with Hush, Hush and although I liked Fallen I didn't think the sequel Torment quite managed to live up to it. Now having read Angel I can honestly say I don't know what I was worried about - it was by far the best angel book I've read & I can't wait to get my hands on the next 2 books in the series!

Angel is written in a combination of first person (from Willow's point of view) and third person (from Alex's point of view). I found this was a really interesting way to tell the story and although it threw me a little at first once I got used to it I really liked the change in tone. It made it easier to keep track of who's view point we were following and I think it added something to the story.

I absolutely loved the twist on angel mythology which made it unlike any other book I've read. I'm very curious to see how things develop with the Church of Angels over the series especially after the ending of this book. I really liked Willow but it was Alex that completely captured me - move over everyone who came before, Alex is now my new inappropriate book crush! I really liked the fact that Alex wasn't the typical bad boy type character we have seen a lot of in YA books recently. Yes he was mysterious (particularly at the beginning of the book) but we actually get to find out quite a lot about his past which made a nice change. Neither Willow or Alex have led particularly easy childhoods albeit that their circumstances were entirely different. Willow grew up as the main carer for her Mother who is suffering from a mental illness while Alex grew up in the dessert amongst a camp of assassins and you can really see the effect their upbringings had on them both in their personalities.

The action is fast paced throughout most of the book and the story will suck you in and take you on a thrill ride as you travel across the US with Alex & Willow. The plot twists and turns taking you to unexpected places and I ended up staying awake until 6am just so I could finish reading it. There is a section towards the end of the book where the pace slows down and concentrates on the budding romance between the main characters. I loved that section of the story and thought L.A. Weatherly perfectly captured the magic of your first love - the awkwardness & embarrassment, the overwhelming strength of feelings and the amazement of that perfect first kiss that you've always dreamed of. This part of the book reminded me of the emotion in Shiver so I'm sure fans of that series will love it but I can understand that if you're not too keen on character driven romances you might find that part of the story a little on the slow side. Personally I loved the change of pace and was transported back in time to when I was a young teen with my first boyfriend. Not to worry if that isn't your kind of thing though - the action soon builds back up again and leads to an explosive finale!

There were a couple of things toward the end of the book that haven't been explained fully but I'm sure that will be resolved later on in the series. Although there is a cliffhanger at the end I think the book finished quite in a good place and although I'm keen to read the next installment I wasn't left screaming with frustration like you can be with some series. I'm sure any fans of young adult paranormal romance will enjoy Angel - I can't recommend it highly enough. It really was one of my favorite books of the year & definitely my favorite in the angel genre!
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This novel is such a shocker.

When blurb says L.A. Weatherly will reinvent angels in Angel, she not only reinvents it, but does so in such a stunning way. Her portrayal of angels as deceptive predators is disturbing, yet strangely fascinating. Without foregoing the beauty that lures humanity into admiring these celestial beings, the author twists our common perception of their majesty to reveal a very frightening creature. For that alone, Angel deserves a permanent space in everyone's shelves.

What I expected with Angel, is vastly different from what I have read. Even from the very beginning I was already caught unaware by this novel. It's far from predictable, and none of my guesses were actually even remotely near the plot. There were always surprises around every corner and each caught me by surprise. Throw away all your expectations are read this book. You will not regret it!

Angel is partly narrated by Willow, and partly by an omniscient narrator. The narrative style is as fresh as its plot, allowing glimpses into Willow's character without neglecting the crescendo of suspense created by events out of Willow's control. The perfect criss-crossing of these different perspectives builds the suspense with such intensity that I was slightly floored with the thrill. It was like reading a Dan Brown thriller - so very gripping. Combined with interesting characters and the unsettling angels, the suspense is a huge driving force in making Angel such stunning novel.

While the suspense remains a constant presence in the course of the plot, there is also adventure and romance intertwined strongly within the novel. Willow and Alex are two very different, very engaging characters. I found the character development to be more intrinsic than external, linking closely to the romance and plot as a whole. I couldn't get enough of the two!

Reading about their roadtrip is like partaking in it; I particular loved their experiences on the run as it is not only vividly described but also gives a sense of urgency to escape. The blossoming romance between the protagonists and the danger that constantly hovers above them (sometimes literally) gave me an adrenaline rush. It's a very, very good read. I'm pleased at how the novel did not focus entirely on Willow's and Alex's differences, but more on their acceptance of each other, and later their romance. It isn't at all sappy - and they don't fall in love in a blink of an eye either - but there were points where I could have done with less than what was written. At some parts of the book the narrative becomes overwhelming, but as I am reviewing an ARC, I did not worry too much. The finished copy would be more polished, so there really isn't much to complain about.

With a mythology as strong as Philip Pullman's and a suspense as well built as Dan Brown's, L.A. Weatherly's Angel is a dark and fresh new twist to the celestial beings we all know and love. It's a sin to miss a book this good!
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on 1 September 2014
I love books portraying Angels and could not resist this one either. Angel is completely different to other Angel books I have read. I loved the main characters and the way they interacted despite their differences.

I loved the way Alex supported Willow and all the twists and turns, which kept me turning the pages. I would recommend to YA readers of Paranormal romance. I can't wait to read the next part of this Trilogy.
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on 10 June 2015
On the strength of a well written adult review I tried this, and was disappointed. I could not get caught up enough to read to the end. I found the concept rather shallow, and the story is lightweight narration. However the writing flows steadily enough and I am sure that the teenage audience will soak up the fantasy and romance.
This is NOT recommended for adults who prefer a mature, layered structure and greater depth and weight. But then I thought that the Harry Potter books showed wonderful imagination and unremarkable writing skills, as well as hardly credible behaviour responses when people turned on Harry with bewildering lack of cause. There is a similar feeling in this book, so I gave up.
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on 14 March 2014
"Angel" is the first book in the Angel trilogy. It is a YA book, but once again I found myself reading, and enjoying a book from that genre.

We follow the life of Willow, who has had a hard time growing up. She grew up not knowing who her father was. Her mum is so mentally ill that she can’t look after herself, let alone Willow, meaning that Willow had to be brought up by her aunt, who lives with her and her mum.

She isn’t your average teenager girl, she loves fixing car engines, oh and she has a psychic ability to see peoples future.

When Beth, one of the popular girls from school, asks her for a reading, Willow reluctantly agrees. It’s not doing the reading though that worries her, it’s what she sees in Beth’s future. Beth is sick, thin, and pale. She is a member of the ‘Church of Angels’, and its the angels that are draining the life out of her. Not understanding what she has witnessed, she still warns Beth to stay away from the church.

This is the start of Willows acceptance that angels are real, and that she may just be part-angel herself.

Willow is a very warm, sincere character, that has had a run of bad luck. She is sassy, strong and beautiful and hates her psychic ability. She is the kind of character that you feel sorry for and want the best to work out for her.

Alex is a strong, soldier like young man. He has been training all his life to be the best AK (Angel Killer) there is. He has grown up with the knowledge that ‘Angels’ are evil, after his mum was killed by one and he will use every ounce of his body to eradicate them from his world.

He is gorgeous and sexy and every bit the, hard-as-nails character he should be, even if now and again you do get to see his softer side, alongside his irritating, moody side.

From the moment Willow and Alex meet, you feel the chemistry that is building between them. They are obviously attracted to each other, even if neither of them wants to accept it.

The plot is the opposite of what we have all been brought up to believe, that angels are heavenly beings sent to protect us. These angels are evil, they hunt out their prey and feed off them until they either become mentally incapable, or are riddled with cancer.

The story is told from various viewpoints, including Raziel’s, one of the chief angels. With having the views from different people, you can connect with the characters and even understand, if not agree with, why the angels are amongst us, feeding.

I found myself engrossed in the book and rushing through it, wanting to devour the whole trilogy. The plot is unique and intriguing and had lots of moments that I didn’t expect.

You do have to give yourself time to get into the book, as it starts off quite slowly, and at one point I thought that I’d made a mistake in buying it. Then the action kicks off and that’s when it hits you, that urge to read and not stop.

If paranormal, supernatural, YA books are of interest to you, I would recommend reading the ‘Angel Trilogy’.
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on 10 April 2016
I've read a couple of books by this author so I had no problems picking up this book.
I liked it, I loved the idea of the story, and the book read brilliantly flowing from one chapter to the other keeping me engrossed, with a need to find out what happens! Thankfully the story continues, and I will be definitely buying the next in the series. Would definitely recommend.
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on 30 December 2015
I love this book! Plot in a nutshell- two teenagers overcome personal dislike and prejudice to battle angels sucking peoples lives away from them. It's written in first person and third person narrative, I don't normally like multiple POV but this was seamless. Other reviewers have said it got boring but perhaps this is because unlike most other ya fiction, a fair chunk of the book dealt with proper character and relationship development rather than just page after page of action and high drama. I didn't find it boring during the quieter parts of the book, it made it more realistic and believable. I also loved that also like most other ya books, the chapters are a decent length. Great writing, I'll be buying the other two in the series soon.
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on 8 November 2010
I had never heard of this book or the author and I happened to come upon it by accident when I was looking at a book on Amazon. I read the reviews and thought it seemed really good. Even the trailer for the book made me think, 'It could be good'. Now, although I didn't like the characters, they seemed real to be at first. Later on I felt less connected to them. My rating isn't based on the new aspect of angels, like some may think. I like the idea and I like the romance, too. I just got bored, to be honest. I did think about putting it down but I continued. The narrative can go on a bit, and the characters thoughts can be messy and hard to understand. I don't picture a lot of the scenes the author describes.

For me, it's not a great book, not one I'm going to remember. When I heard it was going to be a trilogy I raised an eyebrow. I'm surprised it's going to be going on for so long. I won't buy the next one unless I'm willing to give it another go.

Remember, this is just MY review of the book. If you like the look of it, I reccomend you read it. It's not a book that you'll put down half way through at least. As the title of my review says, to each their own. This was not my cup of tea.
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on 26 August 2013
I have read a few series of Angel type books, Hush hush and Fallen to name a few though this book is a great twist to the story of Angels.

Suitable for teens and Adults alike this is a great all-rounder.

The Angels world is dying and they are coming to live amongst the human race. The only problem is their food source - Human energy. Humans are oblivious to this feeding frenzy and think they are being blessed by the Angels, unaware that the energy is being sucked out of them causing them to feel tired, fatigued and eventually become mentally ill, suffer from MS, cancer or Die before their time.

Willow Fields nearing her 17th Birthday is a high school student, living with her Aunt who has begrudgingly let her and her sick mum live with them. Trying to help where she can, she cooks, does mechanics and is also psychic. Known as queen weird at School with her funky dress sense, her only friend is Nina. Her life changes when Beth, a popular girl asks her to do a reading. Willow finds out that Angels exist and what they are doing to the human population. Unbeknown to Willow she is considered a threat and now has the Angels and their followers all out to eliminate her.

Alex is an AK = Angel killer, he has been trained by his father since he was 5 years old and is working for the CIA to eradicate the angels. After losing so many people he's loved to the Angels, it's all he lives for. Receiving texts from the CIA where his next target is, he travels, stakes out and eliminates the Angel and then rests until the next text. That is until he gets a text to take out Willow Fields.

The Story was very well written and offers a variety of multi character point of view, opening up the story and knowing what is going on behind the scenes. You can also empathise with the characters and the emotions they go through, love, hate, frustration, desperation and loss.

I have brought the other two books in this trilogy Angel fire and Angel fever and am looking forward to reading them.
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