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on 18 May 2017
For me, this was not his best, but it was still an entertaining tale. One of his works that involve angels who have been drafted in to assist a young man help rescue his chosen woman, with some delightful touches, a lot of humour and some really nasty characters. .
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on 1 April 1998
This book essentially says that God will send his and/or her angels to watch over you, give you money, buy you all kinds of things, and help you find true love -- but only if you're white, rich, beautiful, smart, sexy, Christian, and preferably Irish.
It's a pleasant enough love story, with the same old Greely plot and character types, but when you look back on it, you have to wonder: is God(dess) really so trite, banal, and capricious as to send angels (sexy, beautiful female angels, of course) to do all THAT for some computer nerd just because he happens to be named Tobias? Hmph.
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on 30 December 1997
Andrew Greeley has been bringing real life fiction, or is that fiction imitating life?, to readers for the past couple of decades and just keeps getting better.
G. Patrick "Toby" Tobin is, by his own admission, a computer hacker, a nerd. His agreeement to travel to Ireland in comliance with his great uncle's will is the step toward a grace which renews and affirms his own life. The quest to win the hand of his 8th cousin once removed, the fair Sara Anne, is facilitated by his "angel-cum-travel-agent" and comlicated by the UFF, his cousin's personal demons, and his own domineering family.

It will appeal to those who themselves yearn to respond to grace in their lives, the computer literate, and those who see dysfunction in their own nuclear families.
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on 11 September 2014
Reading this book felt a bit like experiencing the holiday of my life (the one I can't afford), along with the main characters. I did enjoy that. I do beleive in the intervention of angels, though most of us don't have the kind of life that these people have, on minute the spoilt young rich people who have everything, then suddenly this violence, which they seem to get over without any need for trauma councelling or whatever. I think the book was written for entertainment but also to make us think about how God might intervene in our lives, and that was what it did for me. I don't know if everybody can cope with Father Greeley's Irish turn of phrase, but I enjoy it. I also like his humor. He was someone I'd very much have liked to meet.
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on 30 August 2009
In his light hearted retelling of the book of Tobit, Andrew Greely suceeds in making the reader a part of the story. One becomes quite attached to the bumbling young Toby, who is tasked with carrying out his Great Uncles last bequest, to end a family rift.
Besieged by an overbearing family, and hoplessly unable to fend for himself, young Toby is aided in his quest by the Seraph Raphaela (Rae). She finds herself up to her wings trying to keep him out of trouble and keep him focused in his quest to woo and win the lovely Sarah Anne. This young lady is far removed from the traditional textbook heroine, and presents our hero with a definite challange.
A very enjoyable read.
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on 7 September 2001
Angel Light is a delightful romantic fantasy based on the apocryphal story of Tobias and the Angel. Tobit, henpecked by his too-loving family in America, is offered a lot of money in a relative's will to marry a stranger on a photograph. The girl in question is a beautiful member of another branch of his family, one that stayed in Ireland when Tobit's left for America. However, all is not as simple as it might be, and Tobit needs all the angelic help he can get from his guardian angel, Rafael(la). Discussions on the nature of God, angels, family and love are wonderfully insightful.
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on 26 July 1998
After Greeley captured my attention with Angel Fire, I was eager to read more about his "angels". Angel Light doesn't disappoint. It makes me hope that there is a "Rae" watching over me. It's a wonderful love story, interwove with a man's "coming of age". I want more!
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on 2 February 2015
This US first book I've read by Andrew Greeley. Was not disappointed. Pleasantly surprised. Full of wit, humour and theological surprises. Highly recommend.
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