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on 9 January 2016
NOTE: I was contacted directly and was sent this product for free. I was asked to use it fully and to write an honest, unbiased review. My being given a free item in no way influenced my review of this product.

I am no stranger to glass infusion tea-pots, I spent triple the cost of this one on the first one I bought! Looking initially at the build quality of this one - clear glass and stylish and durable stainless steel, it wins hands down on styling over the pot I was using prior to this one’s arrival. Much better than the full glass (apart from the infuser insert which is stainless steel) of my pot and this new one from Andrew James looks a lot fancier and that pleases me a lot. I am always swayed by the look of products, being a very visual type person. Something may work well but if it doesn’t look good, I don’t like it. This looks very impressive indeed. And its so easy to carry with its stylish stainless steel handle.

The most important thing for me though and you’ll see this throughout teapots I buy or am sent and I then review, is drips. I cannot abide a spout that drips. I have thrown away perfectly good and awesome looking teapots in the past that dripped from the spout. Standing there with a cloth in one hand, wiping drips up after I’ve poured is not for me and I doubt its for you.

Before I even filled the infuser insert with loose tea or filled the pot with boiling water, I filled it with cold water from the tap and poured into a cup. There was NO drips. The spout is smaller, much smaller than I am used to, so I was expecting drips but there were none. I then asked hubby to pour as he’s clumsy when pouring tea (but he doesn’t mind drips either! its good to be different, so they say lol) and he got no drips either. So, from where I am sitting, I can honestly say no drips, so if you hate drips, hopefully yours won’t drip ether. Some reviewers have reported drips. I have had none. It would be gifted elsewhere had it dripped. I know I make an issue of drips, but they are as annoying as poor quality zip pulls to me!

This tea pot is lovely!! It looks good, it doesn’t drip and the only minor niggle I can find is that the infuser basket when inserted and the pot is empty moves slightly. Fussy? Yes, I am pretty fussy I do admit. Its a minor issue that I can ignore on account of no drips and I generally don’t go around shaking teapots when they are not in use. When its filled with tea and water, it doesn’t move or rattle :) That’s good enough for me!

It holds a decent 750ml of water and the infusion basket is big enough to hold 4 tbsp of loose tea! so if you like it like sludge like my husband does (you can stand a spoon up in his tea!!) you can make it as strong as you like. I like it weak and so I devised a plan…. fill inner basket with tea, pour mine out almost as soon as the water has filled it, leave his to steep to such a colour that it makes me feel slightly sick looking at it. Perfect cup of tea for both of us. Everyone’s happy. As a side note, on a money saving aspect, once I’d filled our two cups for the first time with tea, I topped the pot back up with boiling water and he had a top up that stayed nicely hot until he’d finished his first cup. So, as the heat retaining properties of this pot are excellent, you can save money by reusing your tea leaves :)

The stainless steel section features the stylish Andrew James logo, which I like a lot. I always buy branded products from brands I know and trust. Less disappointment that way! I’ve been a customer of this brand for years and this tea pot lived up to my expectations (which I do appreciate can be unreasonably high at times, but thats who I am) and my own glass infusion teapot has been retired to the back of the cupboard.

This pot is well designed, well made, looks good and keeps the tea piping hot without the need for a tea cosy (my gran loved them and I caught the bug off her) its also stylish enough to take to the table around which guests are sitting that you wish to impress.

I brew black teas, herb teas and fruit teas in mine. Its just perfect.

Very Highly Recommended!!
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 21 January 2016
Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

This is quite a neat little unit the idea behind the design is fairly simple rather than a separate strainer for the tea leaves you have one built in here and it also soaks in the hot water giving a richer taste hence the "infusion" aspect to it. Build is a mixture of stainless steel and glass with a central fine mesh acting as the filter this is very fine and is suitable for all types of tea from the thicker cut variety to very fine types. You can use bags too if you wanted to though it's a bit of a waste fresh tea will taste better but it's an option.

Capacity is around 4 cups or 2 mugs not the biggest around and some way off a full sized teapot it doesn't take up much space and is easier to store. I do like my tea and there are many brands worth trying, but for fun I put some ground coffee into the filter and filled it up as per normal it worked a treat if you don't have a French press around or a filter machine this can do the job too very few deposits on the bottom of the glass from ground coffee thanks to the super fine filtering. Not what it's intended for but hey if it works why not.

Pouring is fine too no spills indicating a well designed lip on the glass. Only area to take some care with is cleaning simple enough but glass can break so a bit of extra caution when handling this part. Had a few people around for tea and used this everyone likes the look of the infuser and it could rejuvenate an interest in real tea v the usual bags we've become accustomed too. Very nice little product and worthy of a recommendation.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 18 January 2016
This teapot is absolutely brilliant and perfect for our needs in terms of capacity as well as general usability.

The first thing to note is the teapot has approximately a 635ml capacity which is perfect for two large cups, or what my wife and I do is have one cup each and then there's a little bit left for a 'top up'.

One of the better things about this teapot compared to other infuser we have is that the mesh is very fine, so even the finest black teas struggle to get through, meaning you get a very clean and sediment free cup of tea.

The teapot infuser easily breaks down into the following constituent parts (which by the way makes for very easy cleaning):

- Stainless steel base with handle
- Glass round main body
- Fine mesh strainer with pull handle
- Upper lid

Criticisms? If being super critical the teapot can sometimes trickle a little when slow pouring, but no worse than any of our other teapots, and this is being very critical indeed. I would still wholeheartedly recommend this teapot to friends and family if the capacity meets you needs. Sincerely absolutely brilliant. Very highly recommended.

I was kindly provided a sample by the manufacturer to review; the opinions expressed here are entirely my own view of this teapot.
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on 6 February 2015
Terrible. Barely get 2 full cups and worst pourer I have ever used. Doesn't matter how full but more runs down the pot than in the cup. I would return if I could. Will be going straight to charity.
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on 21 July 2017
I bought this and the first one cracked so they did replace it. But now this replacement only pours contents when I dismantle the unit, as the pouring lip is so small it just make a real mess outside of the cup on the work surface.
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on 8 October 2016
Back in ye olde days, a teapot was a teapot. It would have been made of clay and would have a long spout which was hell to clean! And you had a tea cosy. Yup, I remember those days ;) Haven't a clue yet how this pot might hold the heat, or not, but I made a mistake in ordering a packet of fruit tea recently, which I found was loose leaf when it arrived, instead of bagged. So I bought this pot, which has an infuser, for goodness sake, lol :D

My, how things have changed.

I love the look. I'll be popping some tea in there and enjoying a fruity brew, whether loose leaf or bagged. Apparently, the infuser takes both.

Blurb says it holds four cups. Not the size I use, it doesn't! The pot is tiny. I was shocked when the delivery man arrived just now. When I saw the box, I thought it was for a dolls house. Not trying to be funny, but it really is very small. It's good for a single person. For a family, you need to look for something bigger.

Stylish? Yes. I love the look. Very clean and easy to wash. It splits into four pieces, but be careful when breaking it down to wash as it feels quite flimsy. If you're careful with it, it should last for a long time.
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on 15 August 2017
Dribbles as you poor and spills everywhere. Poor design. You have to poor it very slowly and carefully. I just avoid using it now.
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on 5 January 2017
brewing tea is beautiful but unfortunately leaks and flies him tea, you have to remove everything that is not flew sideways.
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on 18 November 2017
Great for brewing our Herbal tea and nice to look at.
I pour water just off the boil from the kettle and so far so good.
For pouring, I make sure that one of the spring clips of the strainer holder are in line with the handle and 9 times of 10, the teapot pours fine.
I would happily buy another should there be a need.
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on 22 March 2015
Not sure about this.. Looks nice but is too small and pours pretty poorly.. Wife not too pleased.
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