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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£4.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 12 January 2013
Last year I ordered this game for £40 to then find out it had been delayed for a year, A YEAR. So the time finally came to pre-order and to my surprise for £18 [practically]. My shock arrival of it's appearance the day of it's release when I didn't pay for first class! So, anyway onto the review.

If you don't have XBL don't buy this game.

Anarchy Reigns is an Arcade Brawler with an 'all-star' cast. Created by SEGA and Platinum Games - Bayonetta makes an appearance as limited edition DLC, aswell as 2 extra modes on top of the 10. The game plays extremely well, the multiplayer and overall gameplay is easy to grasp, yet hard enough to separate the long time gamers from the new buyers. It has over 10 modes for multiplayer all of which are a joy to play. The only sad thing is this game's audience is no-where near big enough for it's multiplayer content; Be prepared to be switching back and forth looking for a match to play, you can't be pick and choose unfortunately. AR is mainly for multiplayer so don't be buying this unless you want online. it's story line even though enjoyable I've heard is quite short. there is enough replay value for you always to come back to this gem in the rough too bad not everyone gamer will return due to new releases. It's lack of funding and delayed release will of affected sales badly especially since there has been NO advertisement anywhere. If you like niche games with a stir or quirkyness buy it. this will keep you entertained for as long as people continue to play it.

Buy it!

It's not going top put you out of pocket.

Game - 8/10
Sound - 10/10 - Platinum Never dissapoints, if you liked the ost of bayonetta you'll appreciate this, it makes waiting in lobbys enjoyable.
Longevity - 5/10 Sadly I don't think this will stand the test of time due to it's niche target.
Enjoyable Factor - 10/10 If you're looking for some fun every now and then and don't want a game you need to commit to then Anarchy Reigns is for you.

Overall 8/10.
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on 6 February 2013
Great game! I had been waiting for this game for a while but it got slagged off by a lot of the big review sites so i gave it a miss. Then the price dropped to 14 quid so i though why not, i would have paid £40 for this baby its a great game. Single story is okay but the real fun is in multiplayer, there are about 10 different modes which hold enough variety to feel unique and offer their own type of fun. There are about 18 characters and they each have their own unique flavor so never feel samey which is a good thing.

Also a lot of reviewer sites must not have played the game long because they all miss this vital point, you can play all of the multiplayer modes alone with CPU bots. Just go to training > simulation and set it up. The bots are very impressive and to be honest its hard to tell them from human controlled players in some matches lol.

All in all i'm very impressed with this game and even got my mate a copy and he loves it dispite not really liking beat em ups.

Great fun game and even when the multiplayer eventually dies you can still play with bots, result.
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on 10 January 2016
Aim of the game here is, KILL EVERYTHING.
I don't usually like games where you just run around beating everything into a bloodied pulp...But this is fun..

Story mode:You get to play as one of 2 characters with the aim of killing all gang members etc. Whilst avoiding the runaway trucks and things that are loose in the city.
There are highlighted mission pointers that give you options to complete certain tasks, and numerous bosses etc to defeat.

This game is supposed to be much better online..... I wouldn't know, as i don't use xbox live, so can't experience it.
But everyone I know that has played it, and most online reviews think its best played via XBL.
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on 19 January 2013
Despite the 1 year delay, I was very much looking forward to this game. It seemed that the single player campaign was very short unfortunately, although I had a great time beating the 2 campaigns available.

Despite the matchmaking taking a considerably long time in my experience, the online multilayer is very solid gameplay and great fun and with a variety of characters with different game play styles and abilities, similar to a fighting game.

It's defiantly a run for your money, even if the online is deserted soon enough, there is still an option to play with bots!
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on 13 May 2013
I've always been a fan of Platinum games, and this game is definitely worthy of their roster of great games.

The game is not as deep as other titles, but the game is built around quick fun with a large variety of game modes.
As long as you have friends to play with(or don't mind playing with strangers online) and like the beat 'em up genre of games(Like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta) then you will likely find the game very enjoyable.

It is perhaps not as well polished as some of Platinum games other games, for instance, it's single player is only passable, but it's still a blast.
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on 14 January 2013
It may seem obvious but the single player on this game is paper thin, a lot of people are finding this out once purchased and are berating the game for it( that includes some high profile reviewers :/ ). As MP goes its a riot out of the box with a very steep learning curve. It may look like button mashing, however this hides a deep and rewarding fighting game, think more Powerstone than Street Fighter. Some dodgy connections aside this is great fun. Just be prepared for a whupping until you get better.
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on 4 July 2013
Thankfully Sega continue to let Platinum create viciously cool and superbly thought out titles. Anarchy reigns keeps up a suprisinng consistency of design quality. Studio trademark hyper violence paired with well forged irony and encased in a toughened shell of playability.

Hopefully the publisher wil let these fellows revive a couple of old franchises in the same way they dealt with MGS Rev.

Did this go platinum? (heh heh)
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on 15 January 2013
I have read alot of reviews on this and liking to try different things I took a chance. If you, like me, want a different take on multiplayer then get this. It is totally different to anything else out there and for less than £20 you can't go wrong. It isn't as deep as street fighter but it isn't trying to be. It can however put you into a 16 player brawl that will make you wonder who is hitting, what with and why you are 20 feet in the air after being smacked with a bus. The single player is insane, profane nonsense and is just training for the online but is a good distraction nonetheless. It is mp where it shines though. If you want a different online fighter but with the amount of players as a shooter then get it, no question but if you don't have xbl, take 2 stars off as although it is fun, without playing online you won't appreciate it entirely and will only get half the fun out of one of the best online games on the market.
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on 7 February 2013
Great game! Much more complex in terms of gameplay than some reviewers might think. Multiplayer is also one of the most fun things I have played in ages.
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on 17 February 2013
I had wanted this game for months, I was constantly looking at gameplay from Japan, but when it was finally released in Europe, I had firstly lost a lot of that hype, and secondly I was disappointed that it lacked so many features such as local co-op, versus mode etc. The story mode isn't great and mainly evolves around each character randomly insulting another in order to provoke them into fighting. The online multiplayer mode is pretty good but it lost most of it's players within a few weeks of being released and not everyone has Xbox live and so if a person bought this, they would be missing out on a key feature of the game which the developers focused on.
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