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on 20 March 2016
Came in a perfect condition. Great book. Shows another side of Amy. Loads of useful links and reviews. Highly recommended! RIP Amy!
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on 14 February 2013
Good book for fans of the late great Amy -well-written and full of interesting anecdotes -a good read even for people who don't know much about Amy
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on 25 June 2012
This is more about critics reviews than Amy herself, in my view the Title of the book is very misleading.
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on 21 August 2011
I purchased this book just after Amy had sadly passed away and just before I went on holiday, planning to read it while I was away. I did read the book but it was a slightly frustrating read in that it seemed to be mainly a concoction of what a lot of other sources thought and said about the singer rather than a true biograpy. It did touch on some of the sad and uncomfortably intriguing facts about Amy's life, as an young artist and as she progressed through her relationship with her boyfriend to taking drugs and the downward spiral. What I was really looking for was something that gave me the inside story and provided an explanation to some of the bizarre behaviour and events of Amy's sad and troubled life whilst focusing on some of the achievements and details about what she was as a person. Unfortunately, although I did get throught the book, I was not greatly impressed. If you want a book to provide you with a scant overview of the life and music of Amy Winehouse, then this is it. Perhaps the most helpful part was when the author gave information about each of the songs on the two albums that Amy has released to date, giving the reader some insight into what Amy was thinking about when she wrote them.
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on 9 January 2012
My daughter had known Amy since schooldays and I bought this little book shortly after her tragically early death. I found it a bit trite - I also felt the research could have been taken from newspaper articles published over the past few years. Nothing new, a dissection of her albums with a bit of journalism thrown in for good? measure. This book didn't even come near to talking about the sweet, friendly, loveable and hugely talented girl who was Amy Winehouse.
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on 15 August 2014
Starting at the beginning - this is one of those maddening biographies that start with the end of the story. The first chapter covers Amy's death but not the medical reasons behind it. I wanted to get to that chapter in the end, after I'd read the rest of her story, but this is a messy, jumbled book with little real fact or continuity involeved.

This was released soon after Amy's death, evidently to cash in, the way Freddie Mercury biographies spilled out after his death. It's obvious that the author is a fan of Amy's, but he writes like a childish, teenage fan, where Amy can do no wrong, where her binges and fights with Blake are simply evidence of a good night out, where other artistes who criticise her descent are just jealous.

This book was obviously not researched further than watching her on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I saw that episode and it was a car-crash - even host Simon Amstell stopped making jokes and urged Amy to get help as she slurred her way through the show. Yet this author says it was just Amy showing her 'obvious wit' and that other artistes just wanted to be as funny as she was. Sorry, mate, but she WASN'T funny. She was Sid Vicious reincarnated, only female, and she made horrifying viewing But this author constantly bigs up Amy's drunken, drug-addicted behaviour as if it was all just a laff and everyone else was just jealous of her - so there!

Covering Amy and Blake's story, it's obvious that this author only saw the stories in the Daily Mirror and rehashed them. Blake's quote about introducing Amy to hard drugs is much further into the book, when surely it should have been nearer the start of their story? We're told that Amy turned to drink and drugs after her first album, but not WHY. We're constantly told how in love Blake and Amy were, then all of a sudden told that Amy (supposedly) just dropped Blake when he came out of prison and no longer contacted him - again, WHY? Why build up such an inter-dependent relationship, reporting how desolate Amy felt when her husband went to prison, only to then dismiss it with a few words about how Amy didn't bother to contact him on his release and went on holiday instead? There's also no mention made of the omnipresent Mitch Winehouse's failed singing career, how he was constantly grabbing publicity for his own 'career' (of sorts) and releasing albums on the back of Amy's name? Mitch Winehouse told the world about Amy's personal struggles, her addictions, her romances - oh, and then he added how he'd introduced her to Frank Sinatra's music and he had a singing voice himself and did you know he's releasing an album?

Amy Winehouse caused her own destruction. She had a massive talent and a sparky personality, but she loved to play up to the tortured torch song image, telling everyone what a self-destructive individual she was. In reality, she got herself hooked on drugs and drink - she picked up that first drink, she made the decision to try some of Blake's drugs. She smoked and drank and drugged away her own talent and, ultimately, her own life. Even Blake got help in the end, but not Amy. That would have ruined her torch-singer image, you see. This book tells us how Amy was in a sober period of her life when she died - if that is so, how come she died of alcohol poisoning? This book doesn't tackle this - it's obviously too contradictory for this author/fan to tackle.

This book is a pile of rubbish - it's just well-known press quotes about Amy repeated ad nauseum. It's like the author has just copied out all the quotes from the newspaper - there's nothing new here, no obvious research, no investigation into Amy's obviously troubled psyche. It's just an immature author saying "I don't care what she did or what she wasted or what a bad role-model she is to young women - she's dead good, right, and she was just having a good time, so there!"

The definitive biography of Amy Winehouse is still to be written. This is certainly NOT it - it's just a cheap, immature, useless attempt to cash in on the cuircus surrounding her death. Avoid at all costs.
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on 27 January 2012
Thought this was goona be a good read.....wrong...ok for first couple of chapters, but way to many quotes from newspapers/mags/media etc. I just ended up skipping these parts, which by the way was about half the book, the author did,nt have much to write!!!..find another biography bout Amy...this one wasn,t worth the £1.99
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on 20 July 2012
This is by far the worst book I have ever read, the author is extremely lazy and barely writes any of it himself it is just stolen from reviews and the title "the biography" is an utter lie, he doesn't write anything himself (maybe just his name) and it is just a cash in on Amy's death. If you are a fan of Amy's I urge you not to buy this utter rubbish.
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on 26 August 2011
I am a huge fan of Amy Winehouse and love reading biographies. I thought that Amys biography would be an interesting read. Unfortunately although Amy had a colourful life this biography does not reflect it in any way at all. I was hoping the author would go into depth about her life , how did she meet blake? past loves, who was this ex who inspired Frank. What made Amy tick. Instead the author is more interested in giving the reader a long and unneccessary deconstruction of Amys songs, regurgitates countless reviews of her albums from the press. What I found frustrating was the author would write about tv appearances and start going into detail about the host of these shows and at one point gives media reviews of the shows and their hosts pointless! There is nothing new I learned from this biogrphy. Save your money and just google Amy Winehouse you would find the same info online for free. In fact I think thats how the author has written this book himself.
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on 18 January 2015
I was as sad as many others when Amy died. This book was a good uncomplicated read about her life.
I will be reading her dad's book soon.
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