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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
American Psycho
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 9 November 1999
After a fourteen year absence, New Jersey's most ghoulish sons return. Alright, there's no Glenn Danzig but who cares? Michale Graves turns in an impressive performance, not once trying to impersonate the Evil Elvis, but putting his own spin on the classic Misfits sound, which has considerably beefed-up during their absence. Spooky intro "Abominable Dr.Phibes" gives way to the brutal thrash/punk metal title track and from then on, it's heads-down-see-you-at-the-finish-line. Every song is a gem, but highlights include "Don't Open 'Till Doomsday", "Dig Up Her Bones", "Walk Among Us", "From Hell They Came" and the 50's rock n'roll inspired "Day of the Dead". If you've only heard of the Misfits through dodgy Metallica covers, it's time to get down with the groovy ghoulies themselves. Welcome back, boys!
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on 3 February 2003
After a split from original vocalist Glenn Danzig, whom formed the band with bassist Jerry Only, the Misfits return with an album worthy of the punk hall of fame.
Reformed by Jerry and brother Doyle with new vocalist Michale Graves and new drummer Dr Chud, after just over a decade the Misfits return with an inspiring album with calssics such as "walk among us", "mars attacks", "the haunting" and "dig up her bones".
A band that inspired the likes of AFI and paved the way for other new GothCore bands returned with a basically briliant offering, this is "American Psycho". The Misfits are back from the grave, fiends everywhere know this, join them in worship.
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on 23 April 2007
i love this album...just wanted to get that out of the way...now here`s why

its brilliant.very catchy punky/hardcore songs...im not sure where to put them really...tis is either one of the heaviest punk albums ever released or one of the catchiest hardcore albums ever released.

the riffs flow thick and fast much like the songs,which is the only down point to this album...its very short...but it does still leave you feeling breathless

even to this day dig up her bones makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end

this album will forever be in my top 10 albums of all time...like i said i love it...i think many more people would too if you are looking for something a little different give this a go....its great and in todays morbid world......this album is oddly very good fun!!!!
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on 15 June 2010
This is my favorite Misfits line up and album it has everything you want to here on the damn thing there is some special songs which you can't hide the fact they are better than the Danzig era and i think Micheal Graves is a better song writer and a better front man. Dr.Chud delivers some monster beats and some heavy back bone bass and some fast powerful edgy guitar riffs from the man himself Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and along with one of my favorite front men of all time Michael Graves. The songs are probably in there own right Misfit classics.

Dig Up Her Bones**
From Hell They Came
Hate the Living,Love the Dead
Don't Open 'Til Doomsday
American Psycho
Mars Attacks

These beauty's are proper standout tracks but i have to declare the best song is by far the classic 'Dig Up Her Bones' tops every single track. This album is worth the money you are paying and if you heard of the misfits or like the look and you are new to them this is the place you want to start.
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on 15 May 2015
I bought this years ago for Dig Up Her Bones and initially found the rest of the material to be OK but nothing WOW. I have recently rediscovered this album and the more I listened to it the more it grows on me - there are some real gems on offer here with plenty of speed, aggression & melody.

Danzig is IMO the best Misfits front man however Graves is also very very good and wrote some great songs with killer melodies and gets my respect for doing his own thing and not trying to emulate Danzig. Its heavier than their original material and the guitars are a bit more metal sounding.

If your open to the idea that someone other than Glenn Danzig can sing for this band then you will find something to like about this release, if not don't bother - you will only work yourself up.

For me it was a slow burner but after a couple of listens I became addicted. Personal highlights: Walk Among Us, Dig Up Her Bones, Crimson Ghost, Mars Attacks, Hate The Living, Love The Dead, Shining.

Maybe if they released this under a different name it would have been more warmly received...
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on 21 July 2005
I was aware of the existence of this album for a few years before I decided to bother listening to it
as I never thought they could possibly recapture the form they had with Glen Danzig and just wrote them off as a joke.
How wrong I was!!! this album is magnificent from start to finish, classy, powerful,Anthemic. what more can I say?
Except go and buy this as it holds its head high amongst the finest Punk albums ever released.
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on 14 April 2008
I'm a big fan of the Misfits but i'm not one of these who seem to have some sort of allegeance to Danzig and therefore dismiss their later stuff. This is a really, really good album. It shows off the talents of Michael Graves really well and proves that someone other than Mr. Danzig can pull off the vocals in this band - and in my opinion better!
The album kicks off the with Abominable Dr. Phibes, an instrumental which provides a super into to this fast past punk. All the songs are first rate, the guitar riffs inparticular, although simple are really effective.
Although this is one of those albums you can listen all the way through without skipping any tracks (most songs are quite short) some songs that are worth a special mention are Dig Up Her Bones (best track on the album), Crimson Ghost, Mars Attacks, and Shining.
All I can say is if you like punk music that is fast, simple and ferocious then buy this album, simple as that!
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on 15 August 2011
I'm sick to death of reading "Oh it's not the same without Danzig in the band!" to those people I say "Listen with your ears, not with your head". This is pure class through and through, heavy, punky, powerful, and fun.
Great song writing, great playing, great singing, powerful production, just a top notch record.
Each and every song is a gem and records like this don't come along very often!
I love all Misfits records, to me there's no old and new, there's just the Misfits, and it doesn't matter who's on the team, as long as i'ts winning.
Jerry and the boys can be very proud of this record and I have played it to death and will continue doing so.
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on 29 April 2000
This CD is horror punk to the max, the Misfits by today's standards are a mix between Sex Pistols and Metallica and the fusion is such a mind blowing experience, They have returned with a new singer by the name of Michael Graves And it rocks
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on 1 January 2016
After years of court battles over the rights of the Misfits name,music and trademarks. The Misfits resurrected with a new line up and a new album American Psycho. Fourteen years on from when the band originally dissolved and went their separate ways. It's strength is the fact it has fierce intense energy with well grafted tracks that are memorable and stick to the traditional Misfits sound. Arguably it has a cleaner sound and production with a lot more Metal feel to the album overall. But it works to it's advantage making new ground and not trying to replicate classic Danzig era Misfits.

It was released in perfect time for the 90's punk revival with bands such as Rancid, NOFX and Social Distortion achieving Platinum records. With the fact that bands like Guns N Roses and Metallica releasing covers of previous Misfits material . It's the fact that this is easily one of the best comeback albums released by any band. It's Michale Graves being a perfect fit for the band providing strong melodies and being an important asset with his voice and presence on that helps this albums all round qualities.

Danzig was the voice and soul of the original band without a doubt. But the Graves era shared similarities and differences that help the Misfits gain a new identity the second time around. Doyle's powerful punk stylistic approach to the guitar with a Metal sound. Alongside the pummeling drums and thundering bass of Dr. Chud and Jerry Only helps the band distinctive from it's past. The fact this album has 17 tracks that I can't fault them is significant in my rating for this release.

Dig Up Her Bones being my favorite Misfits track and pure stand out in this contest among gems each being certainly noteworthy. It's in fact the first Misfits album I ever owned and it's lasting impact it still present when revisiting it years later. It's the stronger out of the two Graves era albums and the Jerry Only era releases. It sits in the catalog of Misfits albums as one the strongest and as my personal favorite.
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