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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 15 July 2016
For the money the case is very well made, there is one potential area that could be improved however, and it is no where near as suitable for the GO 5100 as some claim (the Sat Nav in my images) , at least not without some modification.

Those that have previously ordered something from the AmazonBasics range will be all too familiar with the packaging provided for the AmazonBasics Hard Black Carrying Case for 5-Inch Sat Navs. Those that have not your product will be provided in a plain brown cardboard box with a large white label sealing it closed bearing Amazon branding and contents information in multiple languages.

Inside you will find the case wrapped in clear plastic and there are no other contents to be found within. The packaging is a bit excessive for what it contains and simply sending it within the clear plastic wrapper would suffice and fill your orange bin somewhat less (especially as it is shipped in a larger cardboard box to start with).

External measurements taken at the greatest points of the case are 17cm wide, 12.7cm long and 4.8cm high, this includes the zip but not the zip head and pull tab. The case empty weighs exactly 100g.

Internal measurements are a little tricky, but I have tried my best. The bottom section (which is designed to hold your Sat Nav) measures 15.5cm wide, 11.2cm long and 2.9cm deep. Sadly to an extent these measurements are of little use as they are taken at the greatest points.

The corners are rounded which affects the length and width available in the corners and the base is not flat as there is a raised section in the centre designed to protect the screen (I think you are supposed to put your GPS in face down).

While the base section is only 2.9cm deep it is possible to put thicker devices in as there is also some depth to the lid as well (about 1.5cm at its greatest point). Inside the lid there is a mesh open edge elastic pocket that measures 15cm wide and 7.2cm high. The depth of this pocket un-stretched is about 9mm it can however be stretched to comfortably hold a TomTom GO 5100 measuring 14.5cm wide, 9.1cm high and 2.2cm deep but only just.

The AmazonBasics Hard Black Carrying Case for 5-Inch Sat Navs is a clamshell style case made from EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) which is classed as a semi hard (not a hard shell as the listing claims). In the corners, it is entirely rigid however, at the top and bottom there is notable give when the case is pushed inwards.

The outside of the case is black and feels like canvas, access inside is provided via a zip that runs the full length of both sides (including the back corners) and all the way along the front. The zip is fitted with a single non magnetic black zip head a pull which flows freely even at speed. Along the back edge the zip is covered with an additional piece of material to provide strength and neatness to the hinge.

Inside the case is lined with what appears to be a stretched nylon that is bright orange in colour and is reasonably smooth, although not so much that I would be entirely happy to place a screen against it if the screen were not secured held in place. The final feature of the case is a black canvas bias tape that finishes off the internal edges again for neatness, but also to prevent the contents from coming into contact with the zip as well as adding a minor degree of water ingress protection.

(It should be noted that the case does have a reasonable level of weather proofing / water resistance. It however will not protect the contents from submersion or prolonged exposure to driving rain).

Now I bought this case due to reading a number of other reviews stating that the case is a perfect fit for the TomTom GO 5100 which is the Sat Nav I bought on Prime Day. Sadly the fact is that the case is not a "perfect fit" for the GO 5100.

As previously mentioned the GO 5100 does fit in the elasticated pocket that is intended for cables but only just. But if you insert the Sat Nav with the screen facing up you risk scratching the screen on the zip as you remove it and if you put it in screen down it is hardly offered any protection against the somewhat coarse mesh that forms the pocket (or any contents placed in the bottom section of the case).

With the GO 5100 installed in the base its simply rattles around far too much. Look at my pictures and you will see that there is nearly a 1cm gap on the sides and 2cm gap front to back. In truth, neither is an ideal solution.

If I had a screen protector on my GO 5100 (I can't install a film screen protectors for love nor money) I would be inclined to install it in the mesh pocket with the screen facing down (I only plan to use the case only with the Sat Nav itself and not any cables etc).

Instead, what I have done is cut up some cellular foam packaging that was supplied with some bone china bowls, I bought from Amazon that measures 8mm thick. In the base I have installed a sheet measuring 14.2cm x 10.5cm, on the back edge a piece measuring 14.2cm x 1.3cm and on the right a piece measuring 10.5cm x 1.3cm.

While not a perfect solution my GO 5100 is now more securely held in place and it does not move around within the case. All I need to find now is something to put over the screen to protect it from the mesh pocket in case it is rubbing against it, perhaps a small off cut of microfibre cloth?

It should be noted that the mesh pocket is suitable in size for retaining the GO 5100 cable and 12v charger while the Sat Nav is in the bottom of the case (although with my padding in place it will only hold the cable). If you do put the accessories in the mesh pocket make sure to install your sat nat screen down in the bottom section, do not put it screen up as you will risk scratching the screen on the metal cable connectors.

It's a bit of a shame that Amazon did not decide to put a flap between the mesh pocket and bottom section of the case to isolate the cables from the Sat Nav.

All in all, if I were looking for another case for my GO 5100 knowing what I know now I would not buy another of these to replace it. That said, it is a good quality case for the money, just not as well suited for the GO 5100 as some claim it to be.
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on 25 October 2012
Rather hesitant about purchasing this what with some of the adverse comments,well went ahead regardless and am i glad i did my tomtom via135 (5"screen)fits perfectly plus car charger,leads and tom tom mount,all in one handy case.Perfectly delivery packaging up to Amazon excellence.
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on 8 June 2017
Didn't actually use this to put my Tomtom satnav in it as it was too small to store the 5200 mount. Didn't bother to return it. Used it instead to store my Syncwire 4-way USB charger, adapters and cables when on my travels, and I used the cardboard box it came in to store some other USB chargers and cables back home.
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on 28 August 2016
Perfect case for my 5" Satnav (TomTom Go 50). It costs less than half the price when compared to the manufacturers case. The case itself is semi-rigid, strong enough so it doesn't deflect when handled day to day, There is plenty of room for the TomTom unit, power cable and USB adaptor used for charging via 12v car cigarette lighter socket. There is a mesh sleeve to hold the cable and adaptor in position within the case so they don't fall out when you unzip the case which is useful. The inside lining of the case prevents the screen from being scratched.

I have had this case for approx. 18 months and it shows no real signs of wear and tear even though it is used throughout the week, the zipper still functions perfectly, all in all a great piece of kit, especially for the price.
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on 19 June 2016
TomTom Go 5100 fits perfectly into the mesh pocket. It goes in either way but with the screen facing away from the mesh it is easier to take out and the screen is protected from any extras you put in the case.

Some people are saying this case is larger than needed but it's actually perfect for my needs, because I can also put in my phone (Samsung S5 Neo) which is in a leather case. (I have a work phone and don't want to carry two phones while I'm doing work, but I do want to keep it in my vehicle tucked away in a safe place with the sat nav.)

For comparison, I was previously using a Peli 1040 case Peli 1040 Micro Case - Clear with Red Liner for this purpose. That was about the same size - slightly bigger, more solid, but more conspicuous. And noisy if it slid around and hit things. This Amazon case is more appropriate for the task.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 January 2015
I run a man and a van service, my Tomtom is stored and used at least 5 days a week, each day it is stored in this case and taken out with me the following morning. The case is left in the glove compartment until I have finished then taken back indoors.

After two years this case is in as good as new condition. I have managed to drop it onto the path a good 4-5 times and it has protected the Tomtom inside and shown no signs of damaging or marking the case.

Each night I roll up the cable of my satnav and place it inside the cases elasticated inner compartment, the elasticity of it is again as good as new, no signs of stretching, the stitching still as strong as the day I brought it.

When I consider the cost of this item, the protection it has given the expensive contents which it holds and which I have dropped several times this might possibly be the best item I have ever purchased. Once again I have owned this for two years now and it is as good as day one.
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on 12 January 2018
I bought this for a TomTom 5100 5" SatNat but it was way too big. The SatNav sat in an elasticated section at one side of the case but most of the case was empty but not large enough to hold the SatNav's fixing bracket/sucker. The case is about 3 times too deep. It's also not hard sided - it's not completely soft but an inbetween.

I sent it back (free return postage) and got a refund very quickly which was very impressive of Amazon.
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on 23 February 2016
I recently purchased a Tom Tom 510 satnav and needed something to protect whilst in transit. Similar products seem to be around £20 each and are not that good a deal. This appeared to fit the bill and as it was on Prime caught my eye.

It arrived next day well packaged and is a sturdy box that opens up like a clam shell. You sould easily got two To Tom in there and there is a compartment for keeping the charger socket and cable. Its Amazons Basics range as stated but appears to be well made. Smooth runniing zip and an orange interior. For the money it is well worth it. It is semi-rigid so there is some flex but it will do the job I'm sure.
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on 12 July 2012
Yes it's a bit big, as noted in other reviews, but it depends what you want to use it for - if you just want to put your satnav in it, you could do with a smaller case, but if you want one that will take the cable as well, this is the one for you.
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on 25 November 2015
This AmazonBasic Sat Nav Case is nice to protect my 5" Garmin nuvi 55LM from any damage to the screen also it don't move around inside like some cheap hard case on the market, also it's as a mesh inside pocket for the Sat Nav to sit in and also the cables, (But not the suction cup mount) it could have been a little bigger for the suction cup mount but the case is well made, and I am happy with it, also to compare product = to price is good.

I would recommend this item for any Sat Nav
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