How can publishers benefit from Amazon’s Print-on-Demand services?

Learn how Amazon’s Print-on-Demand services can improve availability on your titles.

Benefits for Publishers:

  • Offer Amazon customers a wider selection of your titles and 100% availability
  • Prime Eligibility with next day delivery
  • Capture missed customer demand on your titles
  • International availability extends your potential customer base
  • No need to forecast demand
  • No shipping, returns or inventory costs

Which publishers are using Amazon’s Print-on-Demand services?

Hundreds of publishers are using Amazon’s PoD services worldwide. Here are just a few of them.

Jessica Kingsley
Head of Zeus
Brooklands Books
Michael O'Mara

Why should you join?

Read what some of our publishers have to say about Amazon’s Print-on-Demand services.

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Head of Zeus
Jessica Kingsley

Where do we print?

We have state-of-the-art printing equipment in our Fulfilment Centres in Europe, North America and Japan and can ship to customers around the world.

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