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on 31 August 2010
Bought these against mag recommendation and not disappointed so far. Good sound, deep bass - caused the neighbours some shocks! People are surprised at the sound from such small speakers (though the woofer is much bulkier.)
The only drawback is that I thought they came with a USB connection, but it's just phono, so you have to provide a cable or use the PC/MP3 player auxiliary/headphone socket.
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on 30 April 2011
I bought these speakers after digging through about 100 reviews of various speakers in and around the £50-70 mark. These altecs did seem like the right thing to buy as all the reviews seemed positive. However.. just be wary before you purchase these speakers. Yes, they are loud, yes they look nice, but if you are expecting clear vocals on your music or any mid level whatsoever then you are going to be disappointed.

The bass speaker seems too powerful for the satellites and often even with the bass turned to 0% it is STILL too loud and drowns out all the top end.

I can imagine movies and games would be decent with these, but if you want to listen to music, don't buy them.
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on 15 January 2011
I read lots of reviews and thought these were the best balance for sound and price. They are great and very easy to set up and use. There is a lead that plugs straight into an MP3 player, think it's called an AUX lead. The sound is great and can fill a room - I was at my parents house and never dared turn it right up though!
My only concern is, but it may be the electricity supply at the house where they are being used, is that there was some interference or surge in electricity or something, they buzz occasionally when in the wrong place. The noise settles once music is going and everything is still but it's a bit odd and hard to pin point. I don't know if it's the amp as it's a bit like when you're at a disco/wedding and the mic/amp surges or squeals and hurts peoples' ears though this isn't as loud - anyway I've not complained as I don't know why it's happening. It's either the elec supply or the amp. I fear it may be the latter though, it's not everytime and it's relatively easy to calm down so they are still a good buy in my opinion.
The amp is quite big so hard to conceal but the small speakers are easy to hide, though the leads to them aren't terribly long but sure you can get bigger ones. They are fine for me. Hope this helps any dilemmas. Be interesting to see if anyone else has the same surging problem, it seemed not when I read the reviews so it may just be me. Good luck!
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on 28 December 2013
I bought these to replace an older pair of Altec Lansing speakers. There was nothing wrong with them, but I figured these would offer better sound quality, due to their design.

Turns out I was right. The oddly-shaped satellite speakers do produce clearer, crisper mid and high-frequency sounds, while the larger sub-woofer offers a mighty bass tone. Unlike my older speakers, these do have a bass control (in addition to a treble control), which you can use, in conjunction with your PC's audio software. It probably will require some tweaking and dialling back the bass, to stop it overwhelming the mid and high range.

I would have given these speakers a 5-star rating but for one thing...they were shipped with a continental 2-pin plug. Since it was moulded to the lead, I had to cut it off and wire a spare UK plug I happened to have.

The spare 3-pin plug that came with the speakers was a strange flimsy snap-top design I've never come across before and had a removeable pin & fuse cover. Even so I was completely unable to fathom how to wire it. Useless, if you ask me. I guess a lot of people would have chosen to return the speakers and request a refund.

Anyway, I'm happy to report the speakers work just fine with a UK plug, but I would like to take this opportunity to remind the seller that if you're going to sell electrical equipment in the UK...MAKE SURE IT COMES WIRED WITH UK PLUGS!
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on 30 November 2012
they look funky, they have twisty knobs and they sound ....oooookay. plus there is no headphone socket (i would never have bought them if i had known this. i may have been too stupid to read the description carefully enough, or too drunk, but they should probably make this clearer for drunk stupid people) and the mid range fires downwards into your computer desk. this is ok to deaden the sound of makarov falling to his death as his neck snaps and cpt price smokes a fat seeegaaar, but not very good if you are ttrying to mix and master music. It can be remedied by simply lying the speaker flat and making them sound better as the mid range fires forwards...but then they roll around on the desk rather pathetically. they okay. if you like captain price more than mixing music, then they are good value for money. but if music is your thang, spend more money on mo' better stuff.
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on 11 September 2011
Ordered on friday arrived sat lunchtime,and what a set of speakers they are.First of all they look great,the original design of the two satelites,give them a unique,classy and expensive look,conveniently there are sepearate controls for treble, bass,and volume, and also an aux in socket for mp3 players ect, on the right speaker.The subwoofer is quite large but can be hidden away under the desk(mine is anyway).

Now about that subwoofer...Yes it is very powerful,and the bass can overpower and drown out the mid range when listening to music,but the secret is in the graphic equaliser in your chosen media player,or in the sound settings of your sound card.All i have done is to turn the bass right down on the graphic equaliser and disabled bass boost in my media player,then turned down the system volume to half via the task bar volume icon on my desktop.I found this made the bass more managable. After a bit of tweaking with the aformentioned controls on the right speaker i arrived at a sound i liked.

And the result....Simply Stunning,the bass is deep rich and full,and the mid range is crisp and vocals come through clear,i havent heard a better 2.1 system, it has a realy immersive sound,which comes into its own when watching movies,i tested Terminator 2,one word ..Awesome.

All in all a quality system at a budget price,highly reccomended.
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on 31 July 2011
ordered these 5pm friday recived 8am sataday well packed grate service as usall from amazom,

these speakers are awsome for the price after serching around looking at other makes i decided to go for these i was a bit duebios of the make as never herd of them till now but they are well made solid sound and extreamly deep base from the subwoofer maybe a bit over powering but can never have enough i think if you possion the speaker right it ballences out better and get better sound i have the satellites next to the monitor on the desk and the subwoofer under the desk , (good cable lenth) as i found having the subwoofer on the desk drowned out the satellites to much giving a un even sound quality once moved the sound quality was much improved and crisp sound with nice even bass line and man it is bass"eeee even with bass turned right down it still kicks a maasive punch when pumping out some dubstep, Really rummbles without distorting to much nice to have trebble and bass controll as some cheaper options only have volume controll, would of liked to have seen a mic input on the satellite but dose have a 3.5 aux socket for ipod etc poss headphones work through it to not tryed it , for the price these are outstanding quality and for few exra bucks over the cheaper options you wont be dissapointed and look nice a few people have commented on them and asked how much they cost and when i said £44 they could not belive it they thought would easy be £100 + says it all,,,lol
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on 10 July 2010
I have had no problems with these speakers from Altec Lansing, they produce a nice quality sound and have good bass. I would highly recommend these.
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on 13 January 2012
I had the speakers for 5 mothes until one of the two speakers broke. i can still use the system but now as just a 1.1 which is rather disapointing. I f they had of broken i would give them 4 out of 5.
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on 17 May 2012
Decent speakers for a laptop or MP3 Player. The subwoofer is heavy enough to handle loud bass. The finition is good as expected with Altec Lansing and the general design is great. I tested the speakers with loud bass music and the sound is very good (for this kind of speakers). Definitely worth the price.
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