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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2011
I'm a professional percussionist, currently on the King and I tour, and I had to buy a new set of ear plugs to replace the Elacins that I left at home (whoops!) I was going to go for the Elacins again, as the string they're on means I can whip the plugs in and out as necessary, but decided to try the Alpines instead based on the excellent reviews they had.

When they arrived I was very impressed with the 'bonus' ear-plug you get - it's nice that they recognise how easy it is to brush one off a stand and lose it forever, especially if you're a dopey musician! The filters themselves are a bit fiddly to put in, and there's definitely a knack to it: remember not to squeeze the plug too much as you're putting them in otherwise they won't go all the way.

Once the plugs are in your ear though, wow! Amazing clarity of sound yet at a reduced level. I was worried I'd have to take them out when playing quiet unison sections with the woodwind, but I can still hear everything perfectly clearly with them in. And then when things get loud (cacophonous tam-tam or cymbal rolls especially) they take enough edge off the top-end to preserve your precious hearing. Also other percussionists will be pleased to know that with the pronounced middle-high frequency roll off, you can hear fundamental notes a lot more clearly, which is great for tuning timps (or hearing how badly out of tune your glock is!)

The little carry case they come in is a nice touch, don't know if I'll be attaching it to my keyring anytime soon, but I'm sure some may find it useful!

So to sum up, I would heartily recommend these to everyone thinking of buying ear plugs. The sound quality is much better, in my opinion, than the Elacins, and the three different filters mean you can find just the right amount of noise reduction for the situation.

As a side-note: If any club-goers are worried about their hearing yet don't want to wear dorky sticky-out-of-ear-plugs, then these do the job perfectly because they sit far enough inside your ear to be completely hidden from the front, and they really help you hear what people are saying(/shouting) to you in a noisy club!
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on 7 January 2009
I recieved a pair of these (well three actually, since it comes with a free earplug) for Christmas, and having now gigged with them, I can safely say that they really are great. It takes some getting used to (I was speaking quite quietly for a long time, much to the amusement of my bandmates) since you sound a lot louder to yourself when compared to everything else (I play the trumpet - if you are a guitarist, you may have a problem hearing your own amp over the other instruments, as it cuts out those middle frequencies very well). They are very comfortable (I haven't yet tried to adjust them, but apparently that can be done if you're handy with a knife) and much better than my previous pair of similarly styled earplugs. There is a noticeable difference between the three levels of protection, I have settled with the middle one. My ears are much happier now, and I strongly recommend these over the competition.
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on 6 August 2010
I bought a set of these to see if they were a better bet than the Etymotic Eesearch ER15 earplugs that I have been using. I'm a live sound engineer and often use earplugs as I'm packing up (my band has finished and the DJ has come on!)

They seem to work well enough and being able to adjust the different attenuation levels by fitting the different inserts is good. I'm not sure how flat the attenuation curves are though and the Silver and Gold ones do take out a lot of the HF.

The major flaw is that the whole item is very short - when you get them adequately seated in your ears it's virtually impossible to extract them using fingers alone! The little plastic insertion tool is of little use for getting them out either, and you have to use tweezers or long nose pliers (from my gig toolbox) to pluck them out. Hardly ideal! This is a major shortcoming and explains why I do not use these any more. I've gone back to my ER15s which have a longer stalk so are no problem to insert and extract.
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on 15 January 2012
I bought these earplugs to see if they would help with my tinnitus/Menieres disease - I find it impossible to be in loud places like pubs and family events(very loud relatives!) and with the festive season coming up I was fed up being a party pooper and leaving early. This is the best purchase of ANYTHING I made last year - what a difference they made. I was still able to hear someone talking next to me but the very loud background noise was filtered out. Definitely recommend them to other tinnitus sufferers for this particular problem.
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on 21 April 2013
usually after attending a music gig, my ears are numb and half deaf for a day or two followed by a few days of tinnitus. Tried these last night on the high protection setting at a very loud gig. Clarity of the music was superb and sounded loud enough that i was wondering if they were working at all. I pulled them out afterwards and WOW !!! EARS AS IF I HADN'T EVEN BEEN IN THERE!! This morning, NO RINGING IN THE EARS AT ALL !!
DON'T GO TO A CONCERT WITHOUT THESE EARPLUGS !!! wish they were around years ago.
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on 9 November 2011
I am a drummer & percussionist who plays semi-professionally in a classical concert setting and also rock and pop. I have just bought these protectors and consider them mandatory when playing dynamically within a band.
The higher frequencies sustained by riding a crash cymbal together with accent crashes causes fatigue and probably ear damage. I have also found that my perception of the overall mix has improved as the sound I am now hearing is more representative of what the audience is hearing about 50 feet away.
Full instructions ARE included together with excellent packaging and an applicator tool (which I don't really need)
The plugs come with a dinky key ring container (nice touch), presentation box and a selection of attenuation filters - I am currently happy with white - if you fancy yourself as Dave Grohl - you might need gold - these are all included. I keep the presentation box in my drum tech's tool box and the key ring goes in my stick bag which sits around my floor tom. That way I'll never miss them.
A spare plug is also thrown in as a bonus and this is more than reasonable. My day job is in construction and I sometimes wear ear plugs during site visits. Construction PPE plugs are a world away from the Alpine products. Construction earplugs block almost everything and is probably akin to deafness. The Alpine plugs allow the important frequencies through and selectively attenuate the damaging ones.
I am now enjoying my gigs more and feel content that my hearing is protected for ever.
Yes; there are cheaper ones and there probably better ones out there too but at this price its a great investment.
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on 12 November 2011
My son really impressed with this product!! He studies rock music and d.jin in college ... also good for concerts
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on 16 December 2012
I bought these for listening to live music - being a tinnitus sufferer, gigs rapidly become unbearable without some kind of protection for my ears.

I decided to give them a stern test for their first use - the kind of aural pounding only Orbital can provide. The outcome was spectacular - using the gold inserts (the highest level of attenuation), Orbital's ear-splitting set was comfortable from beginning to end. In addition to to the benefit of a vastly reduced volume level, very loud live music is also much clearer and less distorted. I don't think I've enjoyed live music as much as I did using these, and now I have them I'll probably be going to a lot more live music events in the future.

Highly recommended!
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on 4 September 2015
These are great for all sorts of situations.
I routinely use these when I travel by plane and I find it takes the edge off the cabin noise somewhat. At first you don't think it is doing much because you can still hear everything and anyone you talk to, but if you take them out halfway through the flight, you suddenly realise how much of a noise those engines make!
Through using them on flights, I have found that I land feeling much more refreshed than I did before. This could be a coincidence, but I think less noise means less stress on your body during the flight time, and an ultimately happier person once you get to your destination.

I have also used these in situations where anything noisy happens, and in the same way, they just take the edge off and stop your ears from ringing later.
I think they are a must have if you want to protect your hearing, but worry about blocking out too many sounds. I can still talk to people perfectly and hear everything I need to, I just have much more comfortable ears through using them!
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on 6 January 2015
I use these when practicing piccolo and they do the job intended. When playing towards the top of 2nd octave or up into 3rd octave for any length of time I was noticing a dull ache in my right ear a few hours later. This only happens when practicing at home so I assume it's because I'm in a room with quite a low ceiling and I often repeat the same passage over and over again to get it right.

Seeing the ear ache as a sign of potential hearing damage I looked for some ear plus that would take the edge off but I was worried about losing too much sound - piccolo tuning is notoriously precarious and you need to be able to clearly hear what you're playing.

I couldn't find any reviews from other piccolo players but the numerous comments about reduction in high frequencies led me to give these a try. And indeed they work well for this purpose.

When practicing I wear both ear plugs and I can still hear exactly what I'm playing and adjust my lip position as necessary to retain tuning. I no longer worry about the length of time I spend practicing and I haven't had the dull ear ache since. When rehearsing in orchestra I only wear the right plug however because I feel a bit too isolated from the other players if I use both. I have been using the silver filters but perhaps if I went down to the white ones for rehearsals I could wear both. But it would be a bit fiddly to keep changing the filters so I'll stick with wearing just one. I have attached the string so just leave the other one dangling - I'm sure I'd lose one if I didn't attach them to each other!

I've clipped that case onto my gig bag and the ear plugs have generated quite a bit of interest from other players in the orchestra - especially the flute player that I sit next to (I'm sure she's thinking of getting a pair so she can block me out). I even bought a second pair in order to save my husband's ears.
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