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on 25 January 2017
This book is different to the other two, although it keeps the traditional first person narrative of a YA novel. We have both Tris and Tobias’s point of view, alternating between the chapters. It can be a little disorientating if you put the book down between chapters, but the ending confirms the reason for the change in format. It is also interesting to see things from Tobias’s point of view and not have his emotions filtered through Tris. I also feel we get a more rounded view of Tris and her more reckless, Dauntless side.

There are shades of Huxley’s Island in this book with the factions as some kind of experiment in a better way of living, as well as Big Brother and 1984. We also learn more about why the faction system was established and there is an even greater sense of manipulation and control. For Tobias the polarisation is taken even further with both parents being on opposite sides with Tris following Marcus at one point.
The concept of a memory serum is fascinating and a more subtle form of control than the simulation in the previous books. Here memory can be wiped and a new version of history taught. Peter tries to take this a step further and banish his more aggressive and negative traits, but the suggestion is that they begin to creep back. This is the basis for the old argument of nature verses nurture in relation o the formation of personality.

Having both Tris and Tobias’s perspectives enables a deeper understanding of their relationship. It also highlights the difficulties and sources of conflict in most relationships – friends, family, forgiveness, jealousy and makes some very profound comments about the nature of forgiveness. “If we stay together, I’ll have to forgive you over and over again, and if you’re still in this, you’ll have to forgive me over and over again too,’ I say. ‘So forgiveness isn’t the point. What I really should have been tryi9ng to figure out is whether we were still good for each other.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the Divergence series and felt the ending was more satisfying and credible than the Hunger Games. I found the series more complex and relevant to modern day issues of relationship, personality, control and the role of the State. For this reason I would rate it above the Hunger Games and now look forward to seeing the film and reading Four!
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on 24 August 2017
so good. unpredictable ending - i cried so hard. i love the conculsion to the triology because it explains everything. i didn't like the change of narrative from Tris to Tobias as it was confusing as to who was speaking but i guess it was necessary for the storyline.overall i thought it was an amazing ending to the series that left me mesmerized and in tears. this story will stay with me until i die.
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on 26 December 2014
well...can honestly say was really disappointed with Allegiant. I found myself wondering when I was going to reach the end, and that never happens with a good read! Usually I don't want a good series to end. In my opinion, the book dragged on for far to long, and without saying to much, the part at the end, which is supposed to have a dramatic effect on the readers, was really rushed. Could have been a whole lot better. However, it was interesting to hear from Tobias's perspective throughout. There seems to be a lot of writers that come up with these great ideas, but all end up with the same conclusions, experiments. Divergent series, the maze runners (JamesDashner), the hunt series (Andrew fuduka) Would be nice to hear something fresh.
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on 3 May 2017
I liked the overall feel of these books, im not big on the dystopian future, but things like the class system made it more interesting for me, the romance wasn't a little more interesting than just boy meets girl and fall in love, which definitely makes things more interesting too.
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on 23 April 2014
It is written differently to the other two and for some people can get a bit boring at parts of the book. I would recommend it to younger readers aged about 12_15 and anyone who likes a romantic yet adventurous story. I think some people may have not liked it because of the different way it was written but in no way do I think that it was written badly , just worse off than the other two books. Parts of the book were repetitive yet that was hardly noticeable. If you do not like sad endings I don't recommend it but if you like a story that takes you on an adventure through your emotions then this is the book for you!
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on 24 August 2014
My hands are shaking and I'm grieving too much to write a whole review but overall; this whole trilogy has been a epic adventure where every single emotion has been taken to the extreme either making you laugh, cry, get "the feels" in the romantic moments, angry, miserable e.t.c. the first time I read this book,I borrowed it from a library, and therefore could not write my Amazon review, but although this is my second time reading this (I read all 3 of the books again) none of the emotions and emotional aims have faded and I am yet again broken and waiting for time to mend me again.I don't want to spoil anything, but just as a fair warning-READ WITH CAUTION YOU MAY DIE A LITTLE INSIDE, BECAUSE ALTHOUGH VERONICA ROTH BLESSED US WITH THESE BOOKS, IT WILL ULTIMATELY CREATE A BLACK HOLE IN YOUR SOUL WHICH WILL SUCK ALL THE HAPPINESS OUT OF YOU.
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on 24 October 2016
I cannot express enough how disappointing this book was for me. All trilogies tend to run out of steam towards the end but this was just awful. The plot did not make sense and the ending totally contradicted everything I felt the author had been trying to convey the whole way through the series. My advice would be to read Divergent and then just stop there. Do not put yourself though the trauma of the next 2 books because there is absolutely no payoff.
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on 9 August 2017
I loved Divergent and have the following 2 books in the trilogy saved to read on my holiday. I have not read Allegiant yet, but am so looking forward to doing so.
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on 21 May 2017
Really enjoyed this series kept me wanting more but the ending was killer. This series I think is suitable for young teens .
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on 9 May 2017
Not quite as addictive as the first two books but still a very good read. An enjoyable read and good ending to series.
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