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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2012
I always liked Claire from Steps and after watching Slave to Food and the Steps Reunion on tv I decided to buy her new book. It was an easy read, I flew through it in a couple of days. Claire doesnt really go into huge detail about any part of her life although she does seem frank and honest about key events such as her time in steps and her affair with a married man. I suppose I would have liked a little more gossip and I think on the whole she has played it safe and quite rightly, kept her secrets to herself in the main. She is modest and really deserves to give her talent more credit, but it is nice to read hearing her insecurities which we can all relate to rather than a celebrity whose life seems unreal. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys biographies for a quick and pleasant read.
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on 4 July 2012
I really enjoyed this easy read book, and reed it within two nights. I could really relate to the issues that Cliare has had with weight. Claire could have gone into more details in regards to her difficult times in Steps. I found Cliare to be a very grounded person and different to how she came across on the Steps programme on Sky.I found this book to be a very enjoyable read.
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on 4 July 2012
Claire was never my favourite member of Steps, although she was definitely up there. But she's always the person I imagine to be when I sing along to the songs. I sing all of her lines. So I was shocked to read her biography and discover how ostracised she felt from the rest of the band at times.

I adored Steps, and no, I'm not ashamed to admit it. There was a time I had all their posters on my wall. The posters have now long gone, but I still have their music on my mp3 player. And I managed to do part of the dance to "5,6,7,8" in the pub, admittedly after a few drinks. OK, you caught me out, there is still one poster on my wall, but I'm not saying of who!!! I was shocked when they split up, as many people were, they were at the peak of their fame, doing really well, and bang it was all over.

Claire lifts the lid briefly on the problems which made her leave the band and some of the infighting, which led to the acrimonious split. I have a feeling she could have gone a lot deeper with some of the details - altogether, the book is very short, only 250 pages, so at times, it does feel incredibly rushed and certain parts glossed over. My attitude towards certain members of Steps have now changed, but I'd still like to read their side of things. A bit like the biographies of Alison Arngrim, Melissa Anderson and Melissa Gilbert. Three different sides of one TV show. (Little House On The Prairie for the people not in the know!)

Again, it's a very quick read. I read it in two days, and probably could have read it faster if it hadn't been for the dreaded WORK. I admire Claire for coming out and admitting some of her problems with her weight and her insecurity, I just wish there had been more. She has such a frank way of talking and it was a very enjoyable read. I just feel like it went too fast.
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on 3 March 2013
I always liked steps and was interested when I saw there was going to be a reunion documentary on tv. Watched the tv series which was ok but very repetitive and on this claire announced she was writing a book about all this. I thought oh why are you doing this it might put a spanner in the works with regard to the reunion but I am glad I have read it as she has actually done a really good job. The book is just the right length, not too long and not too short. There is no dishing of dirt she just tells it like it was dealing with it sensitively and not badmouthing anyone. It is not just about the steps reunion it is all Claire's story, early life, family,relationships etc. I have really enjoyed it, it is a very warm book, happy and sometimes emotional. She also gives us an incite into her issues with food and weight but this book is about so much more. I would highly recommend it, a good all round read.
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on 18 October 2013
As an avid steps fan I was quite excited to read Claire's autobiography and wasn't disappointed. All of me not only highlights Claire's constant and ongoing battle with her weight and insecurity. It also lifts the lid of how unhappy claire was during her time in steps and how the tight knit, solid group portrayed on tv shows wasn't the real story behind the scenes! All in all an enjoyable read and a must for all steps fans
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on 5 August 2012
I am more than happy to admit I have been a Steps fan since the beginning and have never missed a tour, so was looking forward to this book. What a let down!! I was hoping that more information would be revealed about Steps, however this was not the case.

It is very clear without reading this book that Claire has struggled with her weight and as a result of this food, there have been enough tv shows and magazine articles about it!!! The book just felt like an extended magazine article with a little bit of information about her marriages and time in Steps thrown in.

In the Steps Reunion shows on Sky Living, I was surprised by how badly Claire came across. In this book, she comes across a lot better when talking about her decisions and reasons why she left the band.

I was annoyed that in the awknowlegments she did not thank the fans for their support. After all, where would she be without them? I have always thought that the other 4 members of Steps appreciate the fans more. This has just confirmed that believe, especially as they weren't so quick to cash in on the Steps reunion with a rushed, tell us something we don't know biography!!

I read the book in a day, there are only 8 chapters (why write a biography if you can only fill that many chapters?). Even the text size is bigger than normal to pad the book out to just under 250 pages!
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on 10 April 2013
I've followed Claire through the magazines and being a fellow yo yo dieter myself identified with her weight struggles, I thought this would be an addictive read and I wasn't wrong. Devoured it in 2 days! I was a kid when Steps were about and found this really interesting to discover what was going on behind the glossy pop. Who would have thought.. Claire has a down to earth way of writing and doesn't hold anything back. It's all real, even the mistakes that we all make. I really identified with her eating as a way of coping when Steps ended (not that that happened in my life!) But I've been in a similar situation where food is a comfort, and then turns on you when you find yourself several stones heavier and it becomes really noticeable. Glad that she has found some peace with her body now. Since reading I watched a couple of vidoes of her singing and must say she is an amazing singer, much better than any other teen popstar. Hope for a followup or maybe a more weight focused book?
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on 29 March 2013
I bought then deleted this book. After her TV show, I really wanted to find out more about her weight loss journey but the writing was appalling. Surely it would have been better to get a ghost writer in!
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on 14 July 2012
I bought this book having watching the Stps Reunion programme on tv and Claire's Slave to Food show
What a watse of time and money this book was!!!
For me personally, 3/4 of it was full of stuff we already knew and im annoyed that i pre-ordered this book at £8+ BUT when it was downloaded this price had reduced.
If you have nothing better to do then read this, but personally i wouldnt waste your time
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on 20 January 2013
I have always been a fan of Claire and am also a person that has struggled with my weight. I bought this book and felt very left down by the book and in fact wanted to take it back to the shop and ask for a refund! The book is poorly written and very muddled. She doesnt really go into any detail about her growing up, her time in steps and since leaving. You learn nothing new. Another biography, rushed, poorly written and not alot said. I think these celebs that release books should wait until later in life until 'writing' about their life.
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