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on 28 May 2016
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on 2 December 2014

Awful laptop - very cheaply built and breaks down all the time - had mine for 5 months and already needed several new components and repairs.

There are much better laptops for less money that are much more reliable
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on 22 June 2012
Well, first things first, the computer took about a month to reach my house because it was sent from Germany to Ireland. It went from Germany to China (?) from China to the UAE (!) then back to China (seems like it forgot something) then back to Germany (no place like home!) and then to Dublin, Shannon and, finally Cork (This computer has seen more of Ireland than me!)

When I finally received it, I started having problems from the moment I got it out of the box. BSODs everywhere. They seemed to be caused by either the GPU or the motherboard. I called Alienware and they sent a "tech". I say "tech" because he had no bloody clue about the computer: he repaired it looking at an instruction booklet. He changed the mobo and the GPU (causing a POST error in the process) and then the screen. This solved nothing.

After that, I held to the computer for several months, enduring the BSODs, but they started becoming more frequent, until I couldn't stand it anymore and called Dell/Alienware. After much begging, they took the computer for repairs and changed the motherboard AGAIN. Unsurprisingly, I started having BSODs less than two days after receiving the computer.

Fed up, I called Alienware and asked for either a swap or a refund. They won't have any of that. They are offering to """repair""" the computer again (I bet they will change the mobo, that would be something new!). So, I have a piece of overpriced junk, that can't be repaired and won't be swapped or refunded. Avoid Alienware: they're the Nickelback of the computer world. Sager, Novatech or even ASUS or MSI are probably much better and less overpriced.
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on 31 January 2015
The specs that this machine arrives with WILL NOT be suitable to play games on and as for the price its absolutely ridiculous much better to pay a £1000 and have a good desktop rig after all this thing is too heavy to carry about and battery life is measured in minutes unless plugged in
Avoid this like the plague
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on 8 August 2013
Best gaming PC on the market.
Recommend this to anyone who wants a true gaming machine.
Graphics are great.
Buy it
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on 17 January 2016
It's alienware, you're better off getting a different brand, personally I did not like it.
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on 30 December 2014
I don't own this particular model, I personally own the Alienware 18 with 24GB DDR3, 2x GTX 780M in SLI and Core i7-4700MQ.
Now...The computer itself, to me, is BRILLIANT! Have had it for well over a year and no problems so far, everything works, the cooling is excellent, handles mild overclocking well and it just plows through all the games, some of which I play at 3072x1728 or 2880x1620 because there's just that much power. So nothing wrong with the system I PERSONALLY OWN.

HOWEVER, I wanted to just budge in and say that I paid just over £2K for my system, new, on eBay! What does this mean? It means this system is a TOTAL RIP-OFF! Even if you were getting the specs as advertised (and god forbid if you don't as some people have stated here) the specs are just TOO WEAK/OLD for anyone to even remotely contemplate putting down 3 grand for! I got 50% more RAM, a slightly stronger CPU, a 50% Stronger graphics card of which I even have TWO and a bigger screen to enjoy my stuff on - all for £1K less than this garbage...

It seems they are looking for idiots with fat wallets to sling old stock to...

I just couldn't pass on this opportunity to comment on this robbery in the middle of a day!
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on 2 December 2014
Was delivered after nearly 5 weeks, only had 8GB of RAM installed, security seals broken, and second hand batteries. Unplugged battery life of about 30mins. Continual crashes caused by overheating, and after finally getting so frustrated that I started a clean build on it, found that the Motherboard had been installed by drunken chimps, RAM was also secondhand, lots of poorly soldered connections. Undoubtedly the biggest chunk of s*it i've ever handled. AVOID AS IF EBOLA.
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on 2 March 2016
Hi there I review most top laptops, buy them personally and keep them for work and pleasure. This laptop is a great laptop... Just don't get it here.. £5000? What Alienware are selling their top model of the 17mx which is 4K screen 980m 8gb video ram graphics card with 16/32gb ram and 1tb Sata for around £2,600 half the price.. Never buy computers like this before having a look around. I have many PCs it's my job as an infrastructure manager to search for good servers and PCs with good specs for our employees. I still wouldn't get this model. I have the Alienware 15 it has 16gb ddr4 ram 980m 8gbvram 256pcie ssd and 1tb Sata 7200 the processor is the new sky lake its 6820 from what i recall so it's about 15% better off than Intels last gen (5th) sky lake is brand new as of this year and it's really good.. And the best news? I got my hole machine which will play any game at ultra graphics with around 60+ fps at mainly 4K res or 1080p for a measly 2300£. O that sounds expensive? But nope dell(Alienware) if you live chat they will knock a lot off.. I bought it all for £1898.99 had a massive chunk knocked off.. Had the laptop little while always had alienwares, Msi and a few acer/as us custom built machines but no doubt get this or my machine just not here.
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on 9 June 2012
Ok, I'm not an expert of the computer technology stuff. But I ordered this laptop two weeks ago. It came today. I checked the system. It is Intel i7 -3610QM CPU, RAM Installed memory 8GB (NOT 16 GB), storage space 750 GB (NOT 1.5 TB), and there is a DVD driver (no blu ray driver). The plug is not in UK form, maybe American or Chinese form. When I was buying this, it was 1700 pounds, and it said it would come with a colour printer, which I DID NOT recieve. Other than all of those, the laptop seems pretty cool playing with. So one star off for each lie the seller told us!
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