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on 25 September 2017
Love the movies and was glad to see both the 'theatrical' and 'special' versions of all 4 films on the discs. HOWEVER, not so happy to see a message at the beginning of each disc informing me my player may need a software update. 3 of the discs this was only a warning, but on 'Resurrection' it refused to play. I found this somewhat disconcerting given my player is only a few weeks old (purchased from Amazon) and fully up to date with software as I proved by attempting to run a manual software update which told me my software was the latest version. I then attempted to play the disc again and this time it just gave me the warning as for the other discs and played.
Never seen these warning messages before, hope it isn't a sign of things to come.
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on 19 September 2017
great box set so much cheaper over USA version and this is region free also.
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on 29 December 2016
Whether you're in the camp of the original Ridley Scott thriller or more attuned to the James Cameron actioner, this series of films has always strived to give its fans something of interest in each subsequent outing (the 'AVP' movies not withstanding), all topped off with an impressive lead performance from Sigourney Weaver - this Blu-Ray boxset is a no-brainer when it comes to plunking down your hard earned...

To begin, lets go through the movies: First up, 1979's 'Alien' is a peerless classic. When the crew of the merchant starship 'Nostromo' receives an unknown transmission that they decipher as a distress call, they decide to investigate the source on a neighbouring moon... however, when one of the crew is attacked by a mysterious life form, that latches itself to his face - things take a turn for the worst. Now, with a desperate race back to earth, the alien creature begins its assault on the crew, first escaping from the hapless crew member and embarking on a life cycle both extraordinary and shocking that renders the remaining crew in a life or death struggle for survival... Next, 1986's 'Aliens' - the highly anticipated follow up which jettisons the 'Friday the 13th' in space style horror aesthetic and instead goes for all out war focusing on the remaining heroine from the first movie, Ripley (an excellent Weaver) and her return to that very same planet some 57 years later. This time, flanked by a team of hardened marines (led by Michael Biehn's Hicks) and a handy 'synthetic human' called Bishop (a great Lance Henriksen), its not long before they're knee deep in Xenomorphs and again a race for survival is number one on the cards... Again, this one is a classic and if honest, slightly better than the original with richer characters, heightened danger and impressive visuals.

Now, things start to take a slightly downward spiral with 1992's 'Alien 3' which finds Ripley operating on a prison planet called Fiorina Fury 161. Isolated by the inmates and questioned by the authorities as to her amazing story of an acid spewing alien, she's totally alone again in an extremely hostile environment. However, when a series of strange deaths occur shortly after her arrival, she soon realises that she's brought something along with her on this trip that won't stop until she and her follow counterparts are dead or impregnated... Its not a terrible film by any standards, but its bleak atmosphere and lack of a final act make it an interesting curio rather than an impressive endeavour… Finally, we arrive at ‘Alien Resurrection’ the fourth entry in the series and sadly the weakest. This time we are 200 years in the future and aboard the military ship Auriga where they’re scientific team have successfully cloned Ripley. For what purpose we are yet to discover but when a team of mercenaries, led by the enigmatic Elgyn (an excellent Michael Wincott) and a mysterious passenger called Call (Winona Ryder on Yellow Pages reading form) soon find out the hard way when a group of aliens escape and hunt our hapless heroes down. Impressive visuals and great turns from Wincott, Weaver and Leland Orser portraying a doomed crewman do help elevate proceedings, but the jokey vibe and juvenile screenplay by (a since dismissed) Joss Whedon fail to take this one into new territory. Again, not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination, but if honest it is a case of same old, same old…

Fox’s UK Blu-Ray Anthology edition is a marvel. Collecting the series into a nicely designed package offering both theatrical and directors editions of all 4 films makes for a highly rewarding experience. Throw in a number of exhaustive documentaries, featurettes and extras ensuring this is one of the better boxsets on the market. Highly recommended.
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on 4 February 2017
Alien is about a big, bad, Alien with lead for blood which runs around a big space-ship, killing everyone and it's very good and very scary.
Now for the real Alien which is steeped in Christian images and referencing throughout so it draws the audience in at a subconscious level.
Just stick a halo on Sigourney Weaver and call her the angel Gabriel fighting Satan with her cascading curls and androginous figure whilst carrying a flame in the dark pit of hell. The last supper scene at the beginning, the way the crew are dressed, blue headband for a black saint sacrificying himself in a torn t-shirt whilst a little woman with cropped hair and a haunted expression spears Judas ( Ash ) with a large spear. Now let me think who could that be, Joan of ... ? Just examine the light and dark settings and the way the characters are lit and dressed and their facial expressions and you will see why it was bound to be a blockbuster. Just add a defenceless furry creature for good measure. Miaow...
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on 6 May 2017
ppl may be annoyed if they buy it not realising it isnt the cool box i hard years ago with the green plastic seperators but if you buy it having read the description then it nice cheap amazing alien quadrology. oh yes they are floor the dialogue in 4 is painful, so are most the character, 3 is not a film but had huge potential and the acting is good and the theme and location just bad look and bad put together. 2 is the only one i think is improved by directors cut. Having one about u.s. style grunts is not my cup of tea but its an amazing film if not my choice of characters, though they are acted well for what they were supposed to be. just what they were supposed to be i find a bit dull and cliched. and 1 is amazing its alien. it just is amazing.
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on 12 May 2017
Alien & Alien The Directors Cut, a masterpiece, looks flawless in blu ray. Aliens & Aliens Special Edition, another masterpiece, looks pretty good in blu ray. Alien 3, mediocre, looks good on blu ray. Alien 3 The Assembly Cut, miles better than the theatrical cut, worth buying the box set just for this and it looks brilliant on blu ray. Alien Resurrection, avoid. The special features are informative, interesting and enjoyable and there are enough to keep you entertained for days.
Overall, this box set offers alot for the cheap retail price and ,hence, it is definitely worth it
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on 22 March 2017
One of the best transfers to blu-ray I've seen. The picture and sound are 1st class and the set contains all of the Director's cuts. Alien 3 is now a more satisfying film. Highly recommended.
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on 10 June 2016
I had this anthology on DVD, and wanted to update to Blu-Ray. And I have to say that the effects sound much better on Blu-Ray. The movies have been reviewed here and all I can say is that this movie collection is awesome.
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on 16 December 2010
I was a bit skeptical on hearing this was reelased on bluray as i already had the 9 dvd box set released in 2003 but i read a few reviews of this new BLURAY box set and decided to purchase it even tho i owned the previous DVD set-i wasn't dispointed as the pic and sound is far better than the dvd versions and i loved using the new MU-TH-UR interactive exprience as it made the movie more intresting and i'm a real fan of bonus features and so this new bluray is far superiour to the features on the dvd version-i have got 60 hours of bonus features to sit-down and watch and i have only skipped through aliens,alien 3 and alien ressurection but from what my eyes have seen thier much more remastered than the old DVD versions-they look like brand-new films when you consider ALIEN which was made in 1979..all-in-all a superb and value-for-money bluray box set and a set ideal for bluray geeks like myself..its been reduced now to only £25 so thier is no excuse to not purchase this aamzing box set.(even if you own the 9 disc dvd set)
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on 4 February 2017
The first movie was great, the second was good but was more action based it felt and lost a bit of the charm, third one in many aspects i preferred to the second, the ideas of it all was nice but the quality and a lot of aspects did lack majorly, the 4th film? That didn't need to be made, shouldn't have been made, not great, but the first 3 were good enough, I'm new to the film series but i understand why people love them so much!
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