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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2013
This is book three by JL Bryan. All these books are well wrtitten and very creative. I loved them and the ideas were original, not your run of the mill paranormal books. Even after reading them months ago I sti;ll think about them and wish there were more to read. Simply unforgettable characters, well developed and with good continuity between all the books.
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on 8 June 2016
Good storyline and loads of interesting characters. Well worth the money.
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on 6 January 2012
Alexander Death is the third and final book in The Paranormals series. I have to say at first I honestly didn't know how much more of this story could be told after reading the second book, Tommy Nightmare.
The book itself starts off right where we left Jenny in the previous book, on her way to Mexico with this strange new character who can raise the dead, Alexander.
As the story unfolds we find out more about Alexander and his previous lives he has spent with Jenny. Meanwhile while the two are relaxing in Mexico, Seth hires a firm to track down Jenny having realised that Ashleigh is still alive and was behind the riot at the end of book two.

At the same time Dr. Heather who was working the original case at Fallen Oaks starts to dig a little deeper and starts to believe that something paranormal rather that biological was behind the mass deaths.

I think I enjoyed this book the most out of all three in the series, the more I read the more I wondered how everything was going to be tied up in just this one book. Somehow J.L. Bryan manages to introduce new plot lines, characters and wrap up both the original story as well as this book.

In Alexander Death I started to see Jenny grow and question both herself and others, which is something that is only lightly hinted at in the previous two books. Like the others as well the love between Seth and Jenny really shows through that pages and is a great reminder that in most fiction love conquers all.

Overall it was a really great book and a great series as well. I would like to see something else about Jenny, perhaps set in the future where we see an older more mature version of Jenny.
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on 24 September 2012
The book kicks off in transit to Mexico just where we left Jenny with Alexander.

Alexander charms Jenny, with no little use of drugs into the bargain - this opens her eyes to her previous lives and to their involvements. She can boost his zombie raising powers, until they are an almost unstoppable force. We see a darker side to Jenny as she watches her powers and influence grow.

Seth is overcome with shame and desperation and hires a private firm to find Jenny. Dr Heather becomes more embroiled in the action. Her daughter is diagnosed with cancer and Heather will do anything to try and cure her.

Will Jenny succumb to Alexander's dark and seductive powers or will Seth help her remember Jenny Mittens more human side?

It's all in the telling.

Very enjoyable sequel, not too much back tracking and no let up to the action.
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on 31 October 2011
I went into this book feeling very excited as The Paranormals has been one of my favourite ever series. I was also a little sad knowing that this was the last book.

At the end of Tommy Nightmare, which is the second book in the series, I was definitely Team Alexander and Seth had gone w-a-y down in my estimations, yet the more I read of Alexander in this final book, the more I disliked the creepy dead raiser who was trying to control Jenny just as he controlled his zombies.

I loved Jenny as I have done throughout all the books, although I was disappointed in her for some of the nasty little habits she got into whilst with Alexander. I thought she was stronger than that and I have to admit that I admonished her a few times in my head whilst reading. She was still my favourite character in the book and I am so glad the story ended how it did for her.

My favourite scene in the book was when Alexander took Jenny to the lost city of Paochilan and she finally began to understand who she really was. I loved the description of the place and the snake symbol on the pyramid, which had a large significance in Jenny remembering her past lives. That was just awesome!

The Paranormals series does have adult content and is not suitable for younger teens, but if you're 18+ and haven't read this series yet, you really, really must! It's awesome!
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on 22 January 2013
I was so beautifully surprised by this series. For a series of books aimed at a younger audience it was truly lifechanging. If you have ever heard the term 'book hangover' (Inability to start a new book because you're still living in he last book's world) but never experienced it, be prepared! For this series will cause one in the best of ways. The writing style is simple and yet brings across a depth of emotion and detail that is staggering. The world and relationships within it are well formed and fleshed out making this a series I would reccommend to anyone and everyone, age regardless!
I have to admit my favourite aspect of this book (apart from the actual storyline of course) is the relationships. Unlike other paranormal YA book sthere is no insta-love. Hallelujah! Even with the *SPOILERS* reincarnation aspect *END OF SPOILRES* adding a depth and history to the love between characters the relationships themselves require effort and work, much like real relationships. It is so srare that I find a book with so little faults or that I have enjoyed so whole heartedly, let alone an entire series.
If paranormal books aren't your thing, I would still reccommend this series for the aforementioned relationship aspect. It's so rare to find a book, especially aimed at a younger audience, which depicts healthy relationships (and of course the opposite in comparison) especially one with such an awesome storyline.
I repeat: I can't reccommend this series enough!! I wish I could give it more stars.
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on 14 October 2013
After reading the last two books my comments after book 2 was I hope the storyline still grabs you and also the plot and I hoped that the author did not just drag it out for the purpose of another book.
Well what a great read I really enjoyed this book and my fears were put to rest. I am just about to download the last of the books and hope it lives up to the last 3...
WATCH THIS. SPACE.................................
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on 18 November 2015
I've enjoyed all the other books in this series, though I did find this one rather tedious. The running story seemed to keep repeating itself until the end, and I found myself wishing the plot would move on with a bit more haste; the overall impression was that the author was using this novel as a cashcow, but perhaps that's just me being cynical
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on 2 August 2012
Please can someone combine all three Paranormals books to make one huge inspired movie!! Some parts of this final instalment are purely visual. It brings the whole concept explored in the series to a plausible workable on-screen epic.
Yeah, I liked it....... But I would have preferred watching it as a blockbuster film!!
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on 19 December 2012
Enjoyed the read - to find out what happens to everybody in the end.
Bit of an anticlimax though, really.
Think I'll resume the Game of Thrones books as they should keep me going for much longer.
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