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  • Aleph
  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2016
I've read this book twice to date, the first time, it did not seem too relevant and I couldn't quite associate myself with it like I did with The Alchemist. Recently, it was mentioned again by a friend, and I decided to read it again. It really proves there's a right time for everything, and the second time around, I could associate my life with it a bit more fully and take lessons from it. Thank you, Paulo Coelho.
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on 21 May 2017
Love all Paulho Coeho books
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on 11 May 2017
Other books I ready by Coelho have been more enlightening than this one. Easy enough read regardless, not s bad book at all, perhaps just not surprising or particularly entertaining. Not many highs not many lows.
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on 27 April 2017
On my personal journey this book book has contributed to find answer with myself. Following Paolo Coelho, i have read 3 of his book and I challenged myself to read his full collection.
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on 29 April 2017
One of favourite book.
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on 15 May 2013
another great book by this author - as usual couldn't put it down. would recommend it for any one who likes Coelho
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on 28 December 2011
Unfortunately, this book left me cold.

For me it felt like a really good example of unconscious behaviour in action. Coelho might want to call this a mystical experience, but in reality it read more like the mid life crisis of a man approaching 60 who just goes the same stereotypical route of falling for a 21 year old and wants to label it a spiritual experience so that he can fit it into his marriage.

But this isn't just any man, the main character in the book is Coelho himself. He has a following and an awareness that people, particularly his fans, look up to him and hero worship him. He may not want that or ask for that but whether he likes it or not it's how it is and he has a certain responsibility to behave well, particularly towards a young rather unstable 21 year old fan.

The whole relationship with Hilal was wrong for me on so many levels. If the reincarnation part is real, which I believe it was for him, then I don't understand how he couldn't see that all he was doing was recreating the same use and betrayal of Hilal as he did 500 years before. It was all about him and his need to get to a resolution of his past behaviour and in doing so just repeated the cowardly, needy, position protecting behaviour all over again.

If you look at this book from Hilal's point of view none of her needs were met and she was treated more like a stray dog being tolerated and given scraps (of information and attention) rather than a person with thoughts and feelings and problems of her own. The ironic thing was that in the past she was in the right place 'spiritually' and even now, with all her issues, she was the more honest party yet again.

I know there are deeper things that occur when working through past life healings but if she did get to a healing place I feel it was in spite of and not because of Coelho's actions. There are ways to treat people in such situations and I didn't feel they were respected here.

However all that said the one thing about this book is that it was written honestly. Whether he realises it or not he didn't paint a pretty portrait of himself. He could have written in justifications and excuses with the benefit of hindsight, but didn't. But perhaps that is more likely because he truly believes that what he did was necessary for him and therefore fine.

The only character with a smattering of conscious awareness for me was Yao. I'd like to hear more about him.

I realise that all of this is my judgement and we can't ever know what's truly going on in someone's heart, however we are human and we do make assumptions based on the information provided. In this case I'd say that if you want to read a really good example of how, even when we think we have reached a certain level of wisdom, we can make poor judgements and mistake ego and unconscious motivations for "spirituality" then this book is a great example of that.

I gave it two stars because I did learn something from it, which is that life is a work in progress and that we will make mistakes and we can be very selfish at times. This book was a good reminder for me to learn from these life events but not to fool myself into promoting them as spiritual acts.
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on 21 December 2011
I love Paulo Coelho and have read virtually all his books. Inspirational in his writing and for those of you wanting to find your pathway a must!
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on 28 January 2012
As a Buddhist I believe in reincarnation. However I do not understand the message of the book. I must have missed something. I feel like the author would like to share his encounter with a young charming girl through the train journey. I dont know if I should praise his honesty on his obvious attraction to this young woman but I find it rather inappropriate to actually justify those feelings towards despite being a married man.

Having said there I like several quotes mentioning in the books. The language is beautiful and unique to Paulo. I am a big fan of the Alchemist. I also like Eleven Minutes but with Aleph - I have about 20 pages left I couldnt bring myself to finish reading it.

I am so sorry to say that I am not loving it at all. I hope to learn a lot from the book the way I did with the other two books but I am left confused what the real message of the book really is.


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on 26 September 2011
Like Coelho's previous books, "Aleph" reads poetically. Those who are used to reading Coelho will enjoy "Aleph" as much as "The Zahir" or "The Alchemist".
I stumbled upon Aleph last thursday, 24 hours after having discovered the baby who was growing within me had ceased to live nearly one month before, while I was looking for "a few" books to help me run away from what I was living.
Of course I knew that Aleph wasn't likely to offer me an escape in the world of fantasy, but I somehow felty it would have offered other, something I needed though feared.
This book is made of magic, of hands that know to write the tale of a heart that is on a journey to find itself.
Of a heart that knows how to lead the feet to where it once walked and where it must go.
To understand life for even just a fraction of a second, and find joy in that, and forget, and remember to be one with the truth again.
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