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on 1 January 2012
not only is the plot wierd, it comes up with scenaria that simply would never happen in real life. However, this is also true of Star Wars.
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on 19 August 2008
This boxed set of five of Alain Delon's lesser known films, is a welcome release for lovers of French cinema, and at least two of the films are minor classics. Being a big fan of Delon, I was delighted when they became available and I wasn't disappointed when I viewed them.

The films included are 'Diabolically Yours' (1967), 'La Piscine/the Swimming Pool' (1969), 'The Widow Couderc' (1971), 'The Gypsy' (1975) and 'Notre Histoire/Seperate Rooms' (1981). I believe that this is the first time they have been released on DVD, with English subtitles at least, and they present an interesting sweep of Delon's slightly lesser known films.

Nothing here reaches the artistic heights of Delon's best work in Melville's 'Le Samourai' or Antonioni's 'L'Eclisse', but I found all of the films enjoyable, intriguing, and worthwhile. The first two listed above are similar to Claude Chabrol's work in tone and substance, being tense murder mysteries while the last film of the set, directed by Bertrand Blier, is a very subtle and memorable work.

'La Piscine' in particular is a great film, set in and around a villa near St Tropez in the late 60s, and co-starring a young Jane Birkin, and Romy Schneider. The setting is sunny and luxurious, but the feel of the film is dark and malevolent. The only reasons I have given the set as a whole 4 stars rather than 5, is that one film, 'The Gypsy, is admittedly a little mediocre, and as I said, these are not 'classic' films of the first rank - rather, they are interesting lesser and more obscure ones.

For the relatively low price, these five films are well worth picking up. The set is region 1 encoded, so make sure your DVD player is multiregion before you do. The transfers in each case are fairly good given the age of the films - they are never ultra-sharp but are perfectly watchable even when blown up to projector size, which is how I watched them.

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on 6 March 2012
A couple invite an old friend to their holiday home in the south of France - he brings his teenage daughter and psycho-sexual rivalries intensify within the quartet as they lounge around the swimming pool....

I can't possibly compete with the other `star wars' review but here goes

This is one of a number of neglected French films from the 1960s finding their way to us via DVD - neglected in the sense that the film was largely unknown outside France - the director Jacques Deray didn't have much international auteur status & maybe the film fell awkwardly between art house & mainstream. In France, on the other hand, it was presumably quite a prestigious & well-known film, given the starry cast. Alain Delon does his usual cool but uptight routine, Maurice Ronet is macho man & Jane Birkin (by my calculations half way between Wonderwall & Serge) does her usual, er, pouty leggy young thing act. But the real star is surely Romy Schnieder, who brings psychological complexity to her character and a subtle intensity to the whole proceedings.
Much of the film consists of the scantily clad quartet lounging around the swimming pool gazing, either intently or voyeuristically, at each other; nothing much happens or rather everything is happening ambiguously beneath the surface. Towards the end, the film abruptly switches into a darker crime thriller mode - perhaps the director suddenly realised he needed to give a mainstream audience something more tangible to send them home happy, or more charitably it could be seen as a shift into Chabrol territory.
"La Piscine" might not be a classic but has plenty to offer fans of vintage French film - amazing cast, beautiful cinematography in glorious 60s colour, music by Michel Legrand & the screenplay is by the great Jean-Claude Carriere. I don't think Ozon's recent hit "Swimming Pool" (with Charlotte Rampling) was exactly a remake of "La Piscine" but it must certainly have been inspired by it. Those interested in Carriere might also want to check out another current low-key DVD release - the much odder "Night of the Orchid" (1970 - starring a young Charlotte Rampling!) but "La Piscine" is maybe the more satisfying film.

I can't comment on the blue ray, but the DVD is fine - from a new French `restored edition'. Bare bones release from Park Circus label - just a (groovy) trailer extra.
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on 11 January 2016
Forget about London’s swinging sixties, or the hippie movement in San Francisco, Jacques Deray’s beautiful La Piscine (1969) shows how hedonism should really be done: French style.

Marianne (Romy Schneider) and Jean-Paul (Alain Delon) holiday on the sweltering French Riviera in a handsome villa. Whilst sunning their stunning physiques, they drink and make love by the pool. When long-time friend Harry (Maurice Ronet) arrives with his teenage daughter, their tranquillity dissolves.

Cinematography from Jean-Jacques Tarbès is the essence of this wonderful film: endless shots of sun and water drip over gorgeous people and cars.

A smart script by Jean-Claude Carrière and Jacques Deray is the highlight. Two thirds of the film are gentle, uninhibited and stylish, but when the tone changes you feel foolish for not noticing it sooner.

The characters’ unabashed sense of entitlement and the undercurrent of sadness reminded me of John Cheever’s superb short story "The Swimmer" (1964).

I adored everything about this film: breath-taking cinematography; relaxed, confident acting; exquisite costumes; the blatant disregard to follow a Hollywood ending; and of course the coolest pair of sunglasses in film. Watch and enjoy.
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on 27 January 2016
This BD contains TWO versions of the film: English ("The Swimming Pool - First Love Never Dies") AND French spoken ("La Piscine"). All actors being bilingual (except Paul Crauchet, "Inspector Lévêque"), immediately after each take in French, the same take was also shot in English for US release.
(«Tous les comédiens étant bilingues, sauf Paul Crauchet , une fois la prise en francais terminée, on tourne la même en anglais pour le marché américain où le film sortira sous le titre `The Swimming Pool`», BD production notes)
So what you get are actually two entire movies - not just dubbed! - which differ in minute details which are fascinating to detect. Maybe some shots without dialogue were used for either version, I'll leave that up to you to find out...
Excellent picture quality too, thank you Warner!

Film: 8/10
Excellent picture quality Blu-ray: 10/10
Run time (24 fps):
- 2 02'22'' French version
- 1 58'57'' English version
Aspect ratio: 1,66:1 - because of its original aspect ratio presentation, there are very narrow black bars on left and right side of the screen (= "pillarboxed" picture)
Chpt.: 12
Audio: F; GB
- French version: none
- Engl. version: F o/-
Bonus (w/o ST):
- Interview Jean-Claude Carrière (screenplay)
- INA archive: The reunion of
Romy Schneider and Alain Delon 2'26''
- alternate ending 19''
- Production notes
- Trailer
ASIN: B0015KGJ36
Studio: Warner/M6 vidéo
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on 15 April 2016
The masters of Cinema : Alain Delon , Rommy Schneider , Maurice Ronet together with the director Jaques Deray created this SUPERFiLM - "The swimmingpool" where the acting of ALAiN DELON is outstanding and timeless ; megastar ALAiN DELON - the master of Movies and Cinema was born to play this role and to create the best Cinema ever . DELON este MASTERUL. ( Gentille Adrian Buzatu )
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on 4 February 2018
Very pleased. Item exactly as described. The picture quality of this film on blu-ray is fantastic.
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on 27 December 2012
This film is so very much an impression of the 60s, but with all the nuances in camera, acting, music and script that is lacking in so many other films that otherwise manage to capture the Zeitgeist perfectly.
For those who think that Romy can't act... reconsider.

What makes the film even more worth watching: the main characters used to have a relationship in real life before they made this film. The tension between Alain and Romy can felt in every scene.

PS One's got to love the furniture in this film.
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on 6 December 2015
Amazing quality, a fun film, not without its twists, from the period in excellent (unbelievable!) quality. English language version (filmed in English, not dubbed).
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on 25 May 2015
The film does not appear to have Engish subtitled and has a pink tinge. What is the proble?
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