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on 17 April 2009
Sepultura have seen a nosedive in popularity since Max left, many fans jumping ship to soulfly instead. I like Soulfly, and this is the first output of post-max Sepultura which I have bought, along with the 2001 release Nation. Against was an enjoyable listen, and I'm glad I got it. Green's vocals work really well for the band, and I don't really think they've lost much from that respect. However, individual songs are perhaps not as strong, or as catchy as their older work, maybe because max wrote a lot of their songs.

On the whole though I really like Against. I actually think, as an album, I'd be more inclined to listen to the whole thing than their earlier work. This is partially because the song lengths on the whole are shorter, but also because they run together nicely - though this could be seen as a fault. What I mean really is that the songs go together well, as an album should.

I'm glad that Sepultura have carried on being experimental in the vein of Chaos A.D. and Roots, which were my favourite two albums of the old band line-up. Some say the guitar has been 'dumbed down' and that is a fair statement for the most part, but for me Sepultura have always been more about the interesting brazilian percussive element than complex guitar lines, and to be honest most of the riffs are still catchy.

This album further distances the band from their death metal origins, which is a plus for me, as I'm not really into ridiculously fast music, I prefer the tribal and complex, but listenable beats, which Sepultura are still producing in abundance. I look forward to seeing them at Hammerfest 09!
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on 10 January 2015
Blatant reason why people dislike this album is because it's the first without Max in it
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on 29 August 2006
I acidently purachased 'Against' by mistake, and in all fairness this is an ok album. I am a Huge Soulfly fan and love Max Cavalera and think he is a legend. But i have to admit i was never to keen on on Sepulturas newest lead singer i just felt he did not have a voice that could match of be better than max, but saying that his voice is exellent on such songs as Old Earth (personaly i thought best track on album) and Choke.This album is ok but if your a new Sepultura fan i recommend you buy 'Roots' or Chaos A.D. becuase these are Brilliant albums which are Heavy and Tribal.
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2008
Whats the best way to put this? Everybody is wrong. Sadly this world is full of people who are afraid of progression. This sort of person does not like anything but albums such as Kill 'Em All, Reign In Blood and so on. Some people would only be happy if a band kept releasing albums with crap production forever, full of songs they could probably write themselves considering how many times they've listened to whichever band they're into's first four albums. No more is such a stereotype found than amongst fans of metal. So-called Sepultura fans have been unfairly harsh on this album. These are the people who followed Max Cavalera into the mainstream and never looked back. Back on the home front, his former bandmates delved into obscurity and unearthed a gem, and released a masterpiece.

Reputation is a curse. A band releases an album: at first it is just well liked, but soon word travels and after a few years it becomes a classic. No album is this more true of than Against's direct predecessor, 1996's Roots. Like so many "classics", Roots holds more importance for its contribution to the genre, for its influence, than it does for its actual quality of music. Many people forget than when it was released it saw mixed reviews; only when a few years had passed did people identify imitation, and label it the band's Magnum Opus, as they had done for Chaos A.D., Arise and Beneath The Remains before it. Had Against been released by another band it probably would have favoured better critically. Unfortunately, it fell victim to that most unnecessary of musical traditions, comparison. Furthermore, the band defied expectation by expanding their sound drastically in several directions, rather than wrapping up another easily-defined Sepultura-by-numbers record for Roadrunner to sell.

I wouldn't quite say the music on Against is an acquired taste, but it's certainly more complex than any of the albums which preceded it. The album sees the band delve deeper into their cultural heritage. Percussion plays a greater role here than ever before. Many of the songs feature an extensive percussive backup, and as a result sound, well, massive. Igor Cavalera's drumming becomes both more complex and simpler. Here he can be observed honing new skills and discarding those he doesn't need. This album is without a doubt his finest performance. Andreas Kisser's guitar riffs are much more interesting than one would have expected them to be. Max Cavalera had a tendency to write simpler songs than those on show here. Kisser's riffs are for my money heavier than any of his predecessor's, as well as far less conventional. There's a slightly psychotic element to the playing on this album, enforced all the more by his positively deranged backing vocals. Derrick Green has wonderful range and a voice born for metal, and his stage presence is truly something to behold. His performance here I feel is better than his performance on subsequent records as he uses a few styles here that he later abandoned. Still, for this review, that suits us nicely.

As for the songs, well, the songs are monsters. The band's brand new hardcore punk style is smashed through your speakers after the thundering drum intro of "Against", while "Choke" threatens to start earthquakes, such is the force it carries. From here on the album varies between doom-laden crushers like "Old Earth", highly arresting instrumentals and flat-out thrash punk. Guest appearances from Jason Newsted (Voivod, Metallica) on the incredibly fun "Hatred Aside" and the delightfully incomprehensible Joao Gordo (of Brazillan hardcore act R.D.P.) on "Reza" are a welcome surprise before the album winds down with the essentially acoustic "T3rcermillenium". The songs feature an impressive range of instrumentation, from baritone guitar to flutes, cellos to every type of skinned device you can imagine.

It's worth baring in mind that many of these songs aren't written to be played live, and given the amount of participants involved it's likely no stage would ever hold them. The intervals between thrashing out are perfectly placed. Atmosphere plays a part here like in no other Sepultura album to date, which is a shame because it really makes Against what it is. While I think their latest album Dante XXI is their best so far, it has enough praise already and I felt as though someone ought to stand up for Against without condescending, without remarks such as "it's not as bad as everyone says" or "the new singer's quite good actually". This is an absolutely perfect record, a chronicle of a band at their creative peak. Personally, I believe this is the music Sepultura were destined to make. The most under-rated album of the decade.
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on 27 January 2006
this is a good album in places, the down side is that those places arent a close together as they once were, the good songs are brilliant, but the bad ones seem to last forever, and there are too many of them. if any other band released this album as a debut which i suppose technically it is for derrick greene i would have been nicely impressed and on that level i am, but you know that better was still to come.
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on 14 September 2001
Never ones to alter the sound of their music in a dramatic way, sepultura have played it safe with this one and so the album features more of the same, with tribal drums mixed in with painful bellowing from max...this is not to say that the album is disapointing, being a fan of the group I enjoyed the album, and felt although it is similar to the others, it continues to delivers the good hard heavy sound.
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on 23 May 2006
sepultura returned without max and brought in derrick green who is a better vocalist than many say,the problem with against is the problem that blighted nation,too many songs and not enough focus on quality and precise songs that blend easily together and leave us begging for more.

songs like choke,old earth,hatred aside with jason newsted bellowing like a demon on fire rock like the devils rattle,songs like common bonds and foe are pretty poor and just dont work,so there you have it,some great ,some not so good and this trait has followed until the album roorback which was a mammoth of an album,against has enough gems to keep you going but when you have to skip a song or two to find another cracker then something is seriously wrong,but like i said green does a good job on the vocals so thats pleasing
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on 3 October 2012
Never really gave this a good listen and now that I have I cant figure out why! Maybe its the ipod world we live in now where albums must draw your instant attention! I think this album is a great effort. Nice heavy tracks on here which is what I wanted in Sepultura! One of two fillers but overall a great effort and a good start for what was the new frontman Derrick. Standout tracks for me are "Choke" and "Floaters in mud". It really is a grower album and I think well worth a listen.
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on 26 December 2006
The first album with new vocalist Derrick Green is certainly a different slice of the Sepultura pie that the die hard fans will be used to. Compared to Max's harsh vocals is a strong clear singing voice that can cope with both the heavy chrouses and the melodic verses, which in some cases, can remove some of the power from the songs.

The songs themselves keep the power and energy as you would expect from Sepultura, but some sound a bit too rushed and a bit weak compared to that of songs from Arise and Chaos AD. This may be down to the fact that nearly all of the musical creation is now on the shoulders of guitarist Andreas Kisser and drummer Igor Cavalera, whereas 'in the olden days' most of the work was handled by Max. The tracks are still recoigniseable as Sepultura tracks but something just seems to be missing, they dont have as much impact as that of tracks from 'the Max days'.

Id say that standout tracks on the album include Choke, Rumors and Hatred Aside (featuring Jason Newstead and Andreas Kisser on vocals). Of course all the songs on this album are winner in their own right, but as they go collectively on an album, there are a few low points.

I know i seem to be running the album down quite a bit but dont get me wrong this is a good album! The only thing is, as it is the first album with a new vocalist and with writing duties left to other individuals something different has been created, not necessarily better, not necessarily worse, but different, so if ur asking whether or not to get the album, i would say definately! Just dont expect to hear a album equal to Chaos AD or Arise.
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on 10 October 2003
Yes, the sound is still Sepultura. And it is still great! The departure of Max Cavalera and his replacement by a guy called Derrick (no, it's true) seemed to go without a hitch, so much so that a previous reviewer thought that Max still sung on this album! And he says he is a fan. Oh well.
Not as intense as Roots (could it be?) but a good first album with a new line-up. After Max went to do his own stuff we were all worried that the Seps would lose something. They did, perhaps, but not until Roorback.
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