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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 June 1998
I am currently in the middle of this rather large book and am thoroughly fascinated with the both the historical and personal aspects of Mr. Toland's writing. I am recommending the book to others who, like me, may not appreciate all that Hitler represented to Germans and other Europeans and why his rise to power happened as it did. I see the book as a strong reminder of the need to involve oneself in the matters of civil life and the delicate balance between government and citizenry. I thank Mr. Toland for his detailed, yet objectively reported, inclusion of the personal details of Hitler's life. From these facts an individual can form their own thoughts about the evolution of this horrid piece of modern history. Hitler and the swastika are disturbing imagery in the current world yet, I feel it is by educating oneself on this dreadful history we are most able to protect ourselves from its reoccurrence. Mr. Toland makes this possible with a thoroughly human portrayal of the real Hitler.
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on 14 October 1997
Ever wonder what made Adolf Hitler one of this century's most reviled, yet powerful political leaders? Ever wonder what drove Hitler to his incessant desire to rid the world of Jews and all people of the "non-Aryan" race?

Well, if these questions continually vex you, you ought to read John Toland's splendid and provocative biography on Adolf Hitler. It is well-written, and very thorough, as it chronicles Hitler as a young boy growing up in Austria, to the founding of the Nazi party, and culminating with Hitler's ascension and command of the Third Reich. Toland provides probing insight into the forces (both in his personal life and the external political environment in Germany) which drove Hitler to relentless anti-Semitism, and the reasons for his obsession to rid the world of Jews.

He also delves into Hitler's troubled personal life, detailing his close relationship with his mother, and his somewhat ambiguous relationship with his wife, Eva Braun.

But Toland also describes other elements of Hitler's life which were more positive, such as the construction of the autobahnen (auto routes) for military transport, and the founding of the Volkswagen (the People's Car). While these are rather prominent cultural icons in today's society, who would attribute them to a man as hated and reviled as Hitler?

For anyone interested in obtaining a "complete" and "objective" picture of Adolf Hitler as a man who achieved great power and influence in one of the most economically advanced countries in the world, and not just a chronicling of his anti-Semitic actions (which should not be minimized), then I would strongly recommend John Toland's fascinating biography,"Adolf Hitler."
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on 4 January 2015
Not a stone unturned in this amazing detailed account of Hitler and the third reich from childhood through till death. Almost like knowing him in person.

I have read many books, and most of the classics on WW2 from English and German soldiers but very little detail exists on Hitler himself who actually seems pretty normal growing up, aside from a *strange* almost obsessive hatred of the Jews and completely unjustified from the content of the book, but maybe it was something he picked up from his father growing up, either way it seems to be an irrational hatred and this reveals it was him who started the jew hating purge in WW2 Germany. All the great characters are there as he meets them (Goring, Rohm etc) and he was clearly in the right place at the right time, though many times he could have fizzled out like most of the protest movements in abundance at the time. He was a star destined for this time and worked hard to create the movement that changed the world forever. One could easily imagine it happening again if the planets so aligned. So much of what people saw in him is relevant today in triplicate. A fascinating insight into what was an ordinary man who became a monster and the detail is exquisite from birth to death. This is the foundation stone of WW2. A massive book but buy it in large format if you can. Mine was normal paper back size and you could hardly open and read it from the middle onwards. Possibly one of the best, most informative books of the era and the detail is exquisit..
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on 26 September 1997
Toland provides, as he always does, a remarkable look inside a dark and complex world. He interviewed participants from the highest to the lowest of levels. In many cases these were Nazis who had hidden themselves completely from the outside world. However, this book is far more than a history. It provides us with a look into Evil in one of its most massive displays in history. Anyone interested in Hitler and/or the nature of evil should read this. "Hitler" reads as a novel yet leaves one with tremendous knowledge and many keys to understanding the darkest side of human nature.
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on 29 July 2014
As a novice in modern history, I find this book illuminating of the attitudes of the time, as well as of the man. Evidently a very well researched book, written in a non-academic and very readable style. While this era is plainly well documented, the number of detailed and fascinating scenarios is remarkable. The author sets out to write as if with no pre judgement. A difficult target to set, but I can detect no overall agenda, and this helps to show how people at the time, pre-war, were enthralled by the man (including Lloyd George and Bernard Shaw, but not Mussolini).
I am only half way through the book, but having been daunted by a book of this length, find it much more of a page-turner than I expected, and of course the length appears to be well justified.
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on 9 July 1999
This is a very fascinating account of the life of one of history's most important, if notorious, figures, Adolf Hitler. Although a lengthy book(over 1,000 pages) it reads like a suspense novel and is rarely if ever dull and plodding. I have always had a "morbid" fascination with Hitler and I thought I knew just about everything about him. But this book revealed to me much that I never knew before. There are many interesting insights into the people around Hitler as well. Also, we learn many lessons about the coddling of dictators by the world's democracies which can be applied to current events in such places as Kosovo. I recommend this book without hesitation.
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on 16 March 2013
A fascinating biography of the dictator and reveals his human side. This shows him as a man selflessly dedicated to righting the wrongs done to the German people by the vindictive Versailles treaty. His irrational racist views are revealed but he seems to have turned a blind eye to the brutal way his anti-Jewish policies were carried out. He does not come over in the book as the monster that many would have us believe.
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on 1 November 2007
Adolf Hitler. To come from total obscurity, join an insignificant Political Party and within a few short years transform this small party Germans into the Nazi Party, which in turn spread death & destruction through out the World. How did one person command such obedience? Why & how did Nazis come to power? Ordinary German people voted for and were led by the Nazis.
John Toland's biography of Hitler & his Party, answers these and other questions ..............Brilliant Read.
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on 16 December 2014
Fascinating, well researched, well written and very objective. A very long and detailed book that never becomes boring and always succeeds in engaging the reader.

A must read for anyone with an interest in WW2.
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on 27 April 1999
This has to be the longest book I've ever read, but it was well worth it. I now know that I have a better knowledge about Hitler than I did previous to reading this biography. Reading it took quite some time, but it's packed with information about Hitler that I didn't know about beforehand. One of the best books I've ever read. John Toland did an excellent job.
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