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on 8 February 2009
This book is huge!

I have raed Martin Evening's book on Lightroom and like his approach so invested in this Photoshop book. It is a complete Photoshop Bible.

It starts on recommendations for setting up Photoshop. THese chapters are normally the stuff you don't bother reading, but there is some very interesting stuff in these pages.

The book is well laid out, and follows a logical sequence as to how you would use it.

For me everything is explained in a way I can understand, with box outs giving additional relevant information, without muddling the main text.

I would recommend reading it from beginning to end.

I defy anyone to read any chapter of this book and not learn something new, whatever their level of Photoshop knowledge.

SOME of the pictures are available on the accompanying DVD, allowing you to work on he same files and replicate the results in the book.

THere are 2 hours of video on the DVD as well, as sometimes seeing is better than reading.

Great book, which I would describe as the ultimate Photoshop reference.
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HALL OF FAMEon 13 May 2009
Photoshop CS4 for Photographers is an absolutely essential guide for the photographer using the increasingly powerful new versions of Photoshop.
The books title gives some indication of the target audience: A professional image editors guide indeed, any long time photoshop users would be well served picking up a copy of this book, and although not a guide for a complete novice, any level of photoshop user would benefit from using this as a comprehensive reference guide.
Not only are the new features practically explained, but more importantly the author gives best practice advice throughout, his recommended workflow for sharpening for example has changed even from Cs3.
All the bases are covered here, the interface and features tour is enough to cover the new features and fundamentals, which brings the reader quickly up to speed with the CS4 mindset. Adjustment Layers are dealt with particularly well, and the image adjustment techniques and explanations built very well on top of this new feature, and explained in depth with plenty of examples.
The book although huge is well laid out and absolutely packed with information, the author gets his point across succinctly and yet always takes time to explain the reasoning behind the various techniques.
There is very comprehensive coverage of file formats, especially the coverage of RAW and DNG. Comprehensive information on color profiling, and printing and other forms of output.
Camera Raw and Bridge are covered in depth, and where there is overlap between Raw, Photoshop or Lightroom, the various techniques are compared allowing the digital photographer to make well informed decisions on how to proceed confidently. Lightroom is mentioned here only in passing but 95% of the material on Camera Raw is easily adapted.
A competent Photoshop user can be confident of getting the best results, the most effective workflow, and a supremely useful reference book.
Very highly recommended for anyone wanting to master Photoshop CS4.
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on 26 June 2009
Until now I have been a Martin Evening virgin. One of the first things to strike me about the book was the quality of the images and screenshots, I know it's Photoshop and they should be good, well they really are!! The mans knowledge on this subject is just phenomenal. The book does not cover everything, but still its huge. You won't be taking it with you on photo shoots. The pages have notes and tips scattered throughout the book, on the margins of each page. The DVD includes some chapters and also includes some .pdf files on subjects which are mentioned in the book but not covered, along with about 2 hours of tutorial footage.

The book really covers the difference and improvements between CS3 and CS4. I thought that the organization of the chapters, was well thought out and successfully delivered. Martin has the ability to explain and describe CS4 functionality down to a fine art. I found the chapter on ACR to be a great help, with each function being explained to help you understand how making adjustments can enhance your images. Martin also goes into great detail on Colour workspace, the different workspaces available what they are for, what you should use and why.

This is a fantastic reference book, and honestly I keep it to hand every time I plug in my camera.
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on 22 July 2009
If I could spend the week working along side any photographer I think I'd actually choose Martin to be that person. His knowledge and experience of photography and post processing are just so complete. Given that I do not wish to be the subject of a restraining order his books are the next best thing. His knowledge and expertise exude from every fibre of every page. No stone is left unturned and the explanations given are so thorough and complete that one isn't just learning recipes from a cookbook but embarking on a journey to learn the theory behind all facets of Photoshop. As well as this he discusses what some of the Photoshop greats, past and present, recommend and even how they have changed his views in some areas. I love his writing style and he manages to dissect complex subjects and make them easily understood although I am quietly grateful I don't have to put the CMYK theory to the test any time soon :)

I wholly recommend this book to anyone who really wishes to learn how to use Photoshop in the world of Photography. It's worth every penny/cent.
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on 24 December 2008
I have read Martin Evenings books on Photoshop since 5.5 and this one has more pages than the the CS3 book but seems to be even more staight to the point, concentrating a lot on work flow ethics. With the additional material on the DVD and 2 hours of tutorials its great value for money.
An excellent companion to this will be the new Realworld RAW CS4 BOOK BY Jeff Schewe which is coming out shortly.Les Fisher
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on 29 March 2009
Having upgraded from the basic CS, and having been a Pshop user for many years, CS4 is a revelation in itself. This book is invaluable as a guide to what this beast of an application can do. Even if you thought you knew your way around. Covering all aspects of a photographer's workflow apart from the actual taking of the picture it shows you the basics and the minutiae. The things you 'know' are explained and nailed down in their proper context, and all the useful things, that if you are like me, you somehow failed to notice are brought into the light of day. The exhaustive section on Camera Raw is worth the price alone. The book goes into Why and When, not just How things are done and illustrates each point with useful examples. I haven't tried the DVD yet but I have high expectations of that too. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 8 April 2009
Excellent book, very descriptive technical details on how each tool works, how it should be applied with useful examples.

Very different approach to Scott Kelby's CS4 for Digital Photographers, it you want a deeper understanding of how Photoshop works get this book, if you want to know how to just fix an image problem then Kelby's book may be better for you. I have both books and often refer to Kelby's first and when requiring further explanation refer to this book.

The tutorials on the accompanying DVD are also very good.

I`ve also bought previous editions but the new information on Camera RAW and Black & White conversion makes this edition well worth buying. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 24 March 2010
Martin Evening really knows about Adobe and Photoshop and it is worth investing in his book. The downside is its immense size - while it is interesting and answers most of one's queries it is not a comfortable read. I was experienced in earlier versions of Photoshop but had not had a manual for CS3 and really felt I needed help to extract the maximum from what is a considerable investment in CS4.
If you want to read about a whole subject, or a whole area of editing then it is clear enough but if you want to look up a particular technique then the book is set out to be of maximum assistance in minimum time. A lot of planning has gone into the layout of the book, and there is a system of drawing attention to clever tips so that when one is looking up a tricky point one will often learn a useful tip in addition. Maybe it is only a keystroke - but it can be valuable.
If I may add a tip of my own it is to take one step at a time. You need to read it or watch the relevant part of the video, practice it and memorise it. Only then try something else!
Good luck with Photoshop and the book.
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on 23 April 2009
Having just upgraded to CS4 this book is a valuable resource of information about the new functionality in the application. It is easy to follow and provides the right level of information. Its clear it has been written by a photographer for photographers. I liked the use of photographs to demonstrate the effect of filters/ levels and settings.
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on 9 December 2009
Such a good book informative easy to understand, I took a guess when when i ordered it I have quiet a lot of experience with previous Photoshop programmes , but Martins book has taught me so much already and thats just on Raw... if you want a book as a reference or just to dip in and out of this is the one brilliant value
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