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on 20 February 2016
this laptop has been a nightmare buy.Within a year I had to send back to manufacturer for a new hard drive to be installed, and within another year it is kaput again. Avoid! I have wasted £300+.
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on 10 October 2013
To everyone buying this laptop, make sure you know what you are getting. The cheaper versions may seem like a bargain but they have the much slower and older C70 CPU. The higher price version (6GB RAM, 500GB HDD) has the new A6-1450 which is a quad-core CPU (The ones sold in PC World are the dual core version). I was deciding between this and the Asus S200E. The Asus has a more attractive design (aluminum case) but the Acer has a better screen and is cheaper.

Here are some benchmarks for the CPU's:

AMD C70: 621
AMD A6-1450: 1632
Intel i3-2365M: 1682 (Asus S200E)

I bought this for when I am traveling for web browsing and productivity (programming with Visual Studio). It handles both tasks fine.
For any other developers - if you need virtualization, the A6-1450 CPU supports it but it is disabled and not available in the BIOS. There is a way of enabling it by hacking the BIOS in Linux but you would probably be better off with another choice.
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on 5 May 2014
(My variant: AMD A6-1450, 4GB memory, 500GB HD, touch screen)

Unusually, Amazon reviews for other variants of this particular laptop don't seem to be appearing across all the offerings. I'll quickly summarise my own experience which is simply that, after updating to Windows 8.1, I've come to really love this laptop. Sure it's not the fastest laptop around, but then it's only £300.

Updating to Windows 8.1 was the worst of it. I updated Windows 8 over two nights before I could at last update to 8.1 which is a massive improvement on 8, almost a different beast.

The screen is excellent even if it doesn't achieve quite the brightness of some. But I'd rather have a really crisp hi-res display with excellent contrast that a bright blurry screen. WiFi is also extremely good: I can get transfer rates of 40Mbit/s within my home. The small keyboard is good but the layout takes some getting used to.

Performance... Well that's a question of expectations. If you want to play action games you'll probably be disappointed as this isn't what it's designed for. But for everyday use of office applications and browsing, it's excellent.

So which model to go for?

Processor: Don't accept anything less than the quad-core A6-1450. The dual-core A4 model is reputed to be very underpowered and costs only slightly less. You'll kick yourself for buying it.

Memory: 4GB is fine, Don't bother paying extra for 6GB. You won't notice any difference for the extra £100 that seems to be being asked for it. Very easy to add memory later if you really want it - but you won't.

Touchscreen: I'm puzzled by this as I wasn't aware that it was anything other than a touchscreen laptop but, yes, I'd stick with a touchscreen which is a great advantage with Windows 8.1.

Support for wired Ethernet and an external display: The laptop doesn't come with a wired Ethernet port or a VGA or HDMI port. Instead it has an AMD Lighting Bolt port which is similar to, but not the same as, an Intel Thunderbolt port. You can get an Acer Mini Converter Port Cable which provides Ethernet, VGA and an additional USB2 port. These have been £25 on Amazon, although at the time of writing this review they're not available. The port is DisplayPort compatible so a generic DisplayPort to HDMI port should work and they're available very cheaply.

Hard drive: Now here is where a bit of extra money with make the world of difference to the laptop. Spend around £100 on adding a Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive and the laptop will be transformed. I'm getting boot times of around 7-9 seconds compared with the default 40 seconds. I recommend that specific model of SSD not only because it has been well-reviewed but also because it comes with all the necessary software to mirror the existing hard drive contents onto the SSD after which you only need to undo the visible screws on the base (plus one hidden under the rubber bung for the external battery) and slot it in in-place of the existing hard drive.

To clone the existing hard drive you will also need an external USB-to-SATA hard drive enclosure to hold the SSD while the Samsung software clones the hard drive. You may be better choosing a powered 3.5" caddy as I had some difficulty with one USB-powered 2.5" caddy which kept powering on and off. In the end I borrowed a 3.5" cadddy from a friend. The transfer was completely trouble-free and took about 30 minutes using a USB2 enclosure.
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on 8 February 2014
Acer Aspire V5-122P 11.6-inch Touchscreen Notebook (AMD A6-1450 1GHz, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 8)

I bought this for when I am travelling. It's perfect for web browsing and e-mail. I even use it for high res photo editing in Photoshop (CS3) and it handles it just fine.

The touch screen and keyboard are a joy to use. The screen is clear, bright and accurate.

Upgrading to Win 8.1 took ages but that's down to Microsoft server speeds and not the computer itself. The same applies to Windows updates. You just need a little patience. I just left it to download overnight. The only thing I don't like is the touchpad. It needs to be more clearly defined. I was always zooming in and out with the cursor hard to control. I'm much happier now I've bought a mouse.

I didn't buy this on Amazon. At the time of writing you can buy this exact same model/spec at the high street catalogue shop (starting with A) for £70 less. Shop around :)
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on 17 October 2013
I saw these on Sale in Comet and when I checked the specs, the model for sale in Comet was vastly inferior to the one I went and bought on Amazon for only £30 more. This is great. It has a quad core processor and 6gb memory so doesn't struggle with anything I have thrown at it (which isn't much hehe). I love it. Oh and mine does not have back lit keys (shame I would of liked that).
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on 26 January 2014
I have had the Acer Aspire V5-122P for a couple of days now and I am overally satisfied with what I got. I was very reluctant whether to buy it or not, reading so many comments which stated that it was a slow, buggy machine. However, this was not the case with the device I received - it was working perfectly fine out of the box.

I can say although the processor is AMD and runs at only 1.0 GHz it actually runs faster than the Intel Celeron 2.1 GHz dual core which I had on my old Compaq machine. Applications start fast enough and that applies for both the Windows 8 apps and the desktop software. Using Adobe Photoshop and Audition I have so far had satisfying results. The 6 gigs of RAM are more than enough for the average user, infact I have never had more than 45% RAM in use, even when I had launched quite a lot of applications. The machine works without producing almost any noise if you do not start up too much applications. You can still hear the fan but that is hardly a problem as it is very quiet. I have used it for like 10 hours straight and it did not get warm, except for a small part on the backside but it was hardly warm and did not bother me when using it on my lap.

This is actually one of the reasons I bought the device (other than that I needed a replacement for my old laptop) - I especially liked the design. It is actually a bit heavier than expected - that is what I felt when I first took the Acer Aspire in my hands, but after a couple of days with it maybe I got used to it and now it feels quite liteweight (especially compared to my old 2.5 kg laptop). The built quality is excellent, the only annoying thing being the buttons of the touchpad, which feel somewhat lousy and produce a very unpleasant sound when touched - but I do not use them often because of the touch screen so it is not a big deal. Also, the device turned out to be very slim - even more than I expected it to be. That was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

It takes about 12 seconds for the Acer Aspire V5 to boot to the lock screen if turned off and about 4 seconds to boot if it was put to sleep - surprising speed when considering the price of the product and the absence of SSD. If you need to restart the machine, though, be prepared for about 40-50 seconds of waiting time. I do not know why it takes so long to restart it - it would be faster to turn it off and then power it up again instead. The battery is nothing surprising and exceptional - it will last about 4 and 1/2 hours on maximum with the Wifi turned on and 2-3 apps running (like Chrome, Word and Skype, but not if you use them all the time). Although the battery drains somewhat fast (when compared to other models), it takes like forever to recharge it. My device needs to be plugged in for about 4 hours before the battery is fully charged.

The built-in camera is just terrible. It is way too dark and the contrast is way too strong. I could not find how to adjust the settings for the camera in general and doing so in each separate application that has access to it is a big pain. The mic is not of exceptional quality but it gets the job done. However, since it is located on the same part of the laptop as the keyboard is, if you type something during a Skype call the other side will have a very unpleasant experience. But you have the touch keyboard as some sort of compensation.

I have so far discovered some sort of a lag on websites such as Facebook and 9GAG (and probably other sites which have the infinite scrolling feature) - if you scroll with a USB mouse or the touchpad it gets somewhat slow and laggy but if you do so with the touchscreen it works just fine. I have no idea why. Other thing is the operating system - I had a trial of Windows 8.1 on my previous laptop just to try it out and get used to it before purchasing a device with Windows 8 and I must say that Windows 8 works a lot faster than the 8.1 version I had on my other device. That is actually one of the reasons why I will not be upgrading - who knows, it could actually make things worse and I do not want to give up on the 12 seconds boot up time. One last thing - the machine came preloaded with tons of bloatware and a strange error in the Windows Update thing. I got the error resolved and got rid of the software which I had no particular use for, but still I would prefer having a clean install of Windows without too much crap.

I bought it directly from Amazon. Ordered it on Sunday afternoon and got it delivered on Wednesday, even though I chose the regular delivery option (as opposed to the one-day delivery) and even though it was an international delivery. That was the fastest and most painless delivery I have ever had in my life so far. The packaging was as good as always. Would buy some more electronics from Amazon in the future.
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on 1 January 2014
i wanted something to replace my tablet, so that i had office facilities and a proper keyboard for uni work.

This laptop fits the bill perfectly. Yes it does not have the quickest of processors but for simple tasks such as browsing the web and using office it works just fine. It also downloads applications quickly.

Only negative was that it came with so much pre-installed content from acer and required a lot of windows updates before i could use it.

It performs at a faster rate than i thought it would and the touch screen works really well.

If you need something light and small for travelling i would highly recommend this laptop.
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on 23 February 2014
I have bought this laptop from high street catalog shop for 300£, I did upgrade it with 120GB SSD and I really love it. Its snappy and the touchscreen works great in Windows 8.1 modern UI and desktop likewise. I hardly ever use the touchpad. Browsing web with IE11 app for modern UI is a great experience, scrolling and pinch to zoom is fluid like on iPad if not better. Native netflix app works a treat and HD movies are all fluid and beautiful on its high quality IPS display. The plastic case is sturdy and the overall build quality is great. It is also easy to upgrade the HDD to SSD with video guides on youtube. Overall performance is on par with the lates intel Bay Trail processors with 3D graphics performance being some 50% better for this AMD APU. Only one slight disappointment could be the mediocre battery life ranging from 3-5 hours depending on your usage but that can be rectified with the purchase of exterlan battery with latches securely to the back of the bottom cover. Keyboard is very nice to type on and you will be up to your normal speed within few minutes. Key has definitive feedback and are nicely spaced. Small bonuses are nicely positioned controls for adjusting the volume and screen brightness accesible throught function key in combination with arrow / cursor keys. Windows 8 now really makes a sence with such a responsive and accurate touchscreen. It is total pleasure to use. I just wish that there is a version with backlit keyboard in UK like in US. Overall for £300 and after SSD upgrade this laptop is hard to beat for its value.
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on 3 November 2014
I say I love it, but only after I disabled all settings that presumed I would want to work "in the cloud". These settings, left as they are slow down large files in some software packages that I use habitually (enough to irritate). At least you can find the settings quickly. I was sorry to have to use Windows 8 - but VERY grateful to the App that allows you to create a "traditional" screen layout - good one Acer!
I bought this PC with several "must haves" in mind - weight/size, positive touch responsive keys, processing power, HD screen (this screen is a delight for clarity in all modes - video, games, office), flexible inputs and outputs, freedom to install free versions of office, graphic, and security software. The touch screen works well but my personal preference is for a good keyboard - and this one is excellent. Unlike so many competitor products, the base of the PC doesn't waste space with large margins around the keyboard - this is important for maximizing the keyboard layout and a comfortable typing experience. Sound card is only as good as the size allows - surprisingly good, all things considered. For music, invest in decent noise-cancelling headphones like Sennheiser, in-ear ones do fine. Battery performance has been as good as advertised - you can make adjustments to maximise battery use (screen brightness; sleep settings, etc.).
In short, if you want a "net book" that you can carry without issue and rely on to start quickly, quietly and powerfully - this one has to be in your shortlist. Pick this PC spec as your "reference" to judge others that may tempt you.
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on 28 September 2015
a6 4gb version-upgraded to 10gb and 266gb ssd

its just the overall package thats good, a decent thin, light, well constructed modern netbook with just enough cpu horsepower for mobile use, on the gpu side we have a half decent mobile offering, the 8280, ensuring if you pick the right game, and settings, it will perform, dota2, LOL, and WOW will all work on this machine at around 20-45 fps and even more if you set it right, windows store games including xbox arcade all work too, which is a major bonus, now, here is the kicker, and why it is VITAL you upgrade the ram, this machine runs an APU, the 450mhz 128 shader GPU portion of the chip needs VRAM as it has none, so it "steals" that ram from the system, even during computational tasks, your gpu is taking ram and affecting performance, especially if you want to game on this little gem, windows itself needs around 4gb, so factor in that a 8gb stick should give enough for the OS, and the gpu when it needs it, and reduce the page file, speeding up HDD performance, so get the 4gb version, upgrade to 8gb, and save yourself a few quid for doing it yourself, next the list is a solid state, even though the machine has a SSHD as standard, a fully solid state drive will boost loading times by 60-70%, and increase game performance too.

So, the low down ?, its a great portable media and surfing machine, any cpu intensive tasks will slow the machine to a crawl, but, if you keep its tasks to surfing the web, arcade and strategy gaming, and using it for media playback, then it shines, and its even better with windows 10, with 10 being a much snappier and fun place be, and it becomes a great portable laptop.

SCREEN - IPS- good score for brightness, clarity, touch and DPI, but scores low for RGB output and Ghosting

KEYBOARD - Scores high for quality, low for layout

TOUCHPAD - Scores low for being Glitchy

APU - 1.4ghz MAX - 450MHZ 128 Shader Cores GCN DX 11.1 Scores low for CPU, scores high for Mobile Budget GPU

SHDD 500GB - a Half decent effort, but any portable machine needs a decent SSD

3 Cell Lithium, at full on, the test lasted 40 minutes, POOR, you will need to plug in if watching a movie, if you can track down the upgrade for the battery, get it, although I have yet to see on anywhere on the web, surfing performance is much better, at around 2 hours of constant usage with all power plans on full, if your careful, and set the machine up right, you could sip juice and get around 4-5 hours usage.

WIFI, half decent, though no dual band, UPGRADE is possible to a dual band unit, if you like streaming HD or games.

Bluetooth V4 works as expected.

Data and Display Ports

USB2, USB3, AND an "acer port, which is really a mini dp port,, and its a great inclusion on this machine, you can easily use mini dp to hdmi cables for a display output, and opens a whole world of fast data and media transfers or streaming,

RAM- Single channel for upgrade only, one module, upgrade to 8gb. 1033mhz MAX is 10GB as 2GB is soldered on, so take the 2 or 4 gig stick out, and replace with a 4 or 8 gig stick, giving you either 6 or 10 gig.

So, in conclusion, it can be had for £140-£220 second hand, and £300 new, even 2 years after its release its still selling for that, why ?,because of its thin ultra portable design, your getting a taste of an ultrabook, but without the price and performance, think of it as an upgraded netbook, and you have the ideal portable machine for the average user, and btw, most of the 1 star reviews are for the inferior C70 dual core version, the quad core machine being much more favourable, and if you can pick this up for a good price, its worth the investment, however with INTEL SWAN LAKE chips now in the market, performance per dollar looks weak, as those chips have much better CPU and GPU performance for the money, a swan lake tablet will cost around the same, so make sure if you do buy the ACER, make sure your getting a good price.
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