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on 20 May 2013
I needed a laptop to do my school work and my light gaming and as my Acer died on me and considering my previous Acer had lasted me 5 years, I seen no harm in buying a new one. As soon as the laptop came I made to make a handful of optimisations before i even started doing anything.

-First i deleted the bloatware programs(about 10-15 programs) as well as removing a list of the windows 8 acer apps that were preloaded.

-Then i opened the Acer update suit and updated the wifi driver (fixes performance issues with the laptop and ensure optimal wifi performance)

-After that i did a windows update and restarted the computer after that was done

-Then i went to Nvidia's website and downloaded and installed the latest gpu drivers, in this case the Nvidia GT 630M drivers.

-After doing all that i decided to defrag the hard drive using defraggler which defragged 4.5GB of data

-Then after all this i went to disabling all start up programs (this stops 3rd party programs running in the background and speeds up boot time) using windows 8 task manager.

-Then after doing all this i updated the bios by running an exe program that i downloaded from the Acer website

After about 6 reboots or so my laptop is blazingly fast. Even with an i3 at just 2.4Ghz it speeds through tasks and its boot time is 10 seconds or so.

Now the Aspire V3 comes with an Intel HD 4000 GPU (used when in HDMI mode, and basic graphic tasks such as HD youtube) and then it has the Nvidia GT 630M which is an absolute BEAST! I play games such as minecraft and Leauge Of Legends and i am able to max out both games with full graphics with no lag. Just to show you guys i have included some screenshots of my minecraft performance with GLSL shaders enabled, in which i get around 45-60fps, with them off i get 90fps+, and on League of Legends with everything on high (except shadows which are always off) i get a solid 60fps.

Cpu performance wise the i3 is not bad at all, 70% of the time it idles around 2% to 20% cpu usage, while the other 30% it ranges from 40% cpu to 65%. Occasionally the CPU hangs as it is a laptop and dual core cpu after all, but it manages to get the job done. If you have that £50-£80 you should perhaps consider the i5 or the i7. Rest assured the i3 is no slouch, at one point i had over 40+ chrome tabs open, 4 HD 1080p videos, skype open with a call in place, and 2 word documents open and it was only at 65% CPU, which is rather remarkable. Despite it being a dual core it has two virtual cores (Hyperthreading) which kick in when you are using media content, such as rendering a video or playing a youtube video or playing songs or converting songs ect. This help increase the performance of the cpu and take the load of the two other cores.

The ram on the v3 is more than efficient. On average i was using around 2.5GB ram, and most of the time with 4.2GB free, however windows 8 and bloatware may consume more ram if not eliminated.

Some people said they were facing problems with their wireless adapter and disconnecting issues. The solution is to update the drivers for the wireless card through acer live update, this has a great performance increase and have found it to be a solution to random disconnections. Wifi performance for me was incredibly fast, since i have a new router it automatically connects using n connection which was fast and rock solid.

Some programs you should consider
-Google Drive
-Adobe Acrobat
-Office 2013
-VLC media player

Overall for a budget of £400 or less the V3 is the laptop for you, it offers brilliant light gaming performance, good CPU performance, and has other great offerings.
-Fast CPU
-Lot's Of RAM (future proof)
-Good HDD space
-Amazing GPU for the price

-Not the best battery life
-Keyboard hard to get used to
-Tons of bloatware
-Windows 8 might not be for you
-Some people face connection problems

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, i try and answer questions as soon as possible. I will update in 3 months.


-6 months later the computer is still like it first was when i reviewed it with a few minor things to note.
-I updated to windows 8.1 as soon as the update was available from the app store and this made my computer graphics decrease, the performance is really bad and is an issue due to windows 8.1 framework files and library files ect. I have updated to the latest driver but it still hasn't got the best performance, stick to windows 8 if your thinking of upgrading or you'll face a few issues.

-Secondly i had some problems with the wireless adapter, it struggles to connect to some wireless networks and works excellently well with others. I used to have a talk talk fibre router and that used to have some minor problems, the router was a D-Link 2780 and my laptop was practically unusable with the router, i then upgraded to virgin media 60meg fibre optic connection with the new superhub 2, which was the best decision i ever made, i connected to the 5GHz network of the superhub 2(It supports 2.4GHz and 5Ghz at the same time, if your laptop can detect to the 5Ghz one then your better connecting to it) and the performance is absolute rock solid, i am getting 63 meg and it whizzes on the internet, at least we know that it's not the adapter, it's just some wireless routers it has problems adapting to.

The last thing i notes was sometimes the hard drive can play up, when just browsing the internet with just one tab open and no other programs open it was *AT TIMES* using 100% Disk which meant that i couldn't do anything at all, i have no idea why it does this, does this around 3 times in a month, i usually hibernate my pc a lot and leave it on for up to 24 hours sometimes, which is why i think this is happening, my suggestions is regular disk defragmentation and restarting of the pc.
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on 9 March 2013
I bought this laptop a few weeks ago, and so far it has been heaven! It is incredibly fast and responsive, and I seem to have suffered none of the issues others have with this device. I would definitely recommend it. As for the Wi-Fi dropping out, that is a power saving issue, and can be solved by going into control panel > power options > balanced plan > change plan settings > change advanced power settings > Wireless adapter settings > change maximum power saving to maximum performance then it should solve the problem. Once this issue was sorted, I have had no problems with the laptop.
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on 26 June 2013
Great bang for the buck...Windows 8 takes some getting used to mind. My big fear of buying this was regarding the screen resolution, but I can confirm it is full HD at 1920 x 1080. I got this to complement an existing Acer laptop and I've never had any problems with that. You can buy with confidence here, I believe.
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on 14 November 2012
I've moved on from an old (and broken) dell xps m1330 and have found this laptop to surpass the old one in almost every way.

Build quality is very solid, lovely well laid out keyboard, bright crisp screen, and the guts to run your programs without any hastle. Also the audio quality is surprisingly good for a laptop. Has an intel integrated GPU for the less strenuous tasks to save on battery power (awesome!), and temperature undewr load is minimally noticable.

two nigling things.

1/ The mousepad is a bit "special", the sensitivity of it (even though it can be changed) is kinda weird. It keeps thinking i'm clicking on things even though i've fiddled around with the sensitivity

2/ even though it's a very pretty bezel and cover, it's a fingerprint magnet.

two pretty minor things though. absolute cracker of a laptop otherwise! very very very good processor.
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on 19 December 2012
Bought this laptop a few days after it was released, got this one purely because at the time it was the best GPU for the £450 i paid. Main use was for gaming but didnt actual do much of it instead was used for normal surfing the network/office type work.

Laptop itself is good but here are my opinions:

good spec laptop
good graphics card Nvidia GT630M

Dodgy Wifi, keeps disconnecting every 30mins, updated with latest driver with no luck
power connection is loose, feels like something is broken but probably how it is
cheap display panel, can see its not of good quality but its fine for normal use

All in all, its a good laptop which i would of kept if not for the constatnt d/c on the wifi. Now this is being refunded.
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on 18 August 2013
After 1 month of working just fine, operating system crashed and upon checking with an IT specialist it turned out that hard disk failed (Western Digital make- only 152 hours of using) and has bad sectors affecting also the recovery partition.

At the moment I am trying to get ACER to change the hard disk or will return this product.

Otherwise worked fine...
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hi everyone, i purchased this product a while ago, and at first i wanted a laptop that wasnt going to break the bank, but would play games of all types and also do all the mediocre day to day tasks we all need them for, playing music, movies, going online, making word documents and writing emails.

this laptop deserves every penny i paid for it! it plays all of my modern games in high or ultra graphics (battlefield 3, medal of honor, need for speed, burnout, fallout new vegus,) the list goes on and on, and getting about 30-60 fps, im never expect massive fps in games on laptops and 30-60 is more then smooth enough to play all games without having any issues (the only thing you cant pump up is anti aliesing and antistophic filter, also i would suggest turning the shaddow quality down to medium just to get the best in game expericiences.

my friend bought the AMD A8 version of this laptop and has no end of problems with it in game and generally, i however have had no faults what so ever UNTIL a few weeks ago when i had a major virus infect my computer, (ZoneAlarm didnt stop it, however i dont think zonealarm stopped much at all to be honest) i have now managed to use multiple boot time scanners and many many days of worry and finally i think every virus and backdoor tojan and all other nasties have been removed, however windows update still wont work anymore :-/

however this has NOTHING to do with this laptop and how great it is, just always remember to have a very good anti virus program installed at all times, if you find a product you trust and like, stick with it!

general battery life if left in high perforamce mode is around 2.3 hours, in power saver about 3.2 hours.

the screen is great, i dont know what all the reviewers were talking about online, i think its brilliant,

multi tasking is easy and smooth

windows 8 isnt crap like everyone says it is, you do however HAVE to install a product simliar to stardock start 8 (thats the one i am using) to make the desktop back into a desktop (you get the start bar back and boot stright into desktop mode) so its like what were all used to.

my only slight complaint could be the plastics around the screen and back of the screen seem a little flimsey, but they still withstood my less then graceful use, and there are no scratches yet!

cant comment on the webcam as i have never used it.....ever!

speakers are tinny and a little lower quality then i would have hoped for however i have bought a usb powered speaker which clamps to the screen at the top (covering the un-used webcam) which are brilliant and make this laptop a great mobile media center

keyboard is brilliant, easy to press keys, quiet and dont flex or bend if pressure is applied to them

one other thing i will let you guys know is this laptop does get hot, you have to make sure you DONT block the intake vent for the fan located underneath near the charging port (round vented hole) i would suggest a belkin cooling tray (not the mat) this has a great air flow and blows air across the intake and (almost) whole bottom of the laptop to keep it cool.

i seriuosly wouldnt bother looking else where, save yourself a few quid and get a decent laptop for half the price of a so called high end gaming laptop
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on 2 March 2013
I bought this laptop mostly for gaming on travels or as a secondary one when I'm using my pc for something else.
Gaming performance surprised me, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, Dead Space 3, all of them can be played at mid-graphics or even higher, although battery will die in less than 2 hours. For more common purposes, as watching movies, surf the net... you can reach about 4 hours, but I've never been able to make the battery last more than that.
Included software is generous, sound system is acceptable, comfortable keyboard and touchpad.
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on 2 February 2013
Bought this for my 16 year old son this Christmas. I'm not a computer nerd & didn't know here to start when choosing a new laptop for him. I don't know a byte & RAM from a peanut, so had to rely on consumer websites rating laptops for guidance. This make & model was recommended by WHICH as well as several other consumer sites. That was good enough for me & the deal was made. I was pleased with the price & my son tells me his laptop is "ACE!" It's fast, he can play games on it without compromising speed/quality, and of course it's ideal for homework etc. If he's happy with it, then I'm happy too. ACER clearly provide high quality products for a good price.
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on 6 June 2013
Very powerful, I do software development on mine but the graphics card has enough oomph to play some decent games and it is very quiet (it does kick out a bit of hot air when the graphics card is being taxed but nothing like the scarey amount that used to come out of my old Rock gaming laptop that also sounded like a jet taking off at full tilt!)

It is worth paying the extra one hundred and something pounds above the standard laptop price range to get the extras (chip, memory, graphics card) in my opinion.

I would never ever buy a laptop again to act as my sole PC gaming medium, they are never going to compete with a desktop pound for pound, but this is a nice compromise between just owning something for browsing the internet and owning something that you can tax with some heavier applications and games on medium graphics settings.

Oh and for all the people who are downgrading their reviews because of Windows 8, firstly it is nowhere near as bad as I had been expecting and secondly - most rigs come with that OS these days so downgrading it because of that is like downgrading a house you bought because you didn't like the colour of the walls. Remember, you can always repaint them if you hate them that much!
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