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on 19 March 2017
Ive now had this laptop for over 12 months. It was bought as an emergency when my old one packed in and I had some essential work to do. It was relatively cheap so I didnt expect much but it has done what was asked of it. The build quality is pretty average, its more flimsy than some of the other laptops I have owned but to its credit is still in one piece despite being in transit a lot. I pretty much use it for study and surfing the internet so it has not been challnged for gaming or anything else challenging but it has done what is asked of it. I have encountered some issues with the 'mouse pad' as it is quite sensitive away from it, it got pretty annoying at one stage hence the three stars but it seems to have resolved itslef. For the money, I have been happy with this laptop but it is by no means top of the range.
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on 25 December 2014
Perfect for a simple/basic use, easy to use, battery lasts long, screen is bright and keyboard has a nice feel. Nice purchase.
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on 3 November 2014
Very good nice netbook
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on 30 March 2016
Buyer beware. Bought this for my son, away at university, in September 2014. Was always dreadfully slow and often stopped altogether. After reading some comments I bought an extra 4gb RAM from Crucial. Easy to upgrade memory in laptops - the Samsungs I had before had this simple "one screw" approach to undo a flap to access the RAM. Imagine my delight when he bought it home and I found the bottom has no access at all. To upgrade the RAM you have to remove 18 screws then use a guitar pick to prise the keyboard out of the case, carefully removing the various ribbon cables attached. The you have to remove the hard drive and the mother board to get at the RAM. If getting it apart wasn't bad enough, putting it back together was a nightmare. Really clever design work Acer! It worked better with the extra RAM but then the old problems returned and then the hard drive died. I've fitted a new one but the installation of Windows 10 is failing. Utter rubbish. In future, Amazon, rather than several pretty photographs of the cover of a laptop, can we have one of the base, to see if anyone else has joined Acer in designing something so uttterly daft!
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on 17 October 2014
I bought this for a business laptop for everyday use, I was not wanting to spend £100's and £100's of pounds on a laptop but I must say this one does the business, its ultra quiet and the response of the commands are great.

The keyboard is excellent, just want I was looking for...Spaced out keys and not crammed together to get more unnecessary pointless buttons to find today, the screen is perfect and not to bright and can bee adjusted if required.

I have put on all my own software, for FTP, Invoicing and Avast for my antivirus and runs as sweet as a nut with minimal CPU utilisation and memory never raises above 50-55% when is use. I have also installed Steam for some games I have and like to play when in hotels and it never gives me a problem.

If there is any problem that I don't like and that is the mouse d-pad, this is really bizarre and I'm having a hard time to get the hang of it so I use a mouse unless required to use the d-pad. There is no button separation from left to right and the whole area is a motion pad and buttons to you can press down anywhere.

I still give this 5 star as the battery life is bloody awesome, I have the power setting set to high and the battery gives me 12-15 hours playing music and 8-10 hours watching movies and 4-5 hours playing games. Because of this battery it's a 5 star winner for me.

I will update my review once I have used it a bit more.
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on 18 September 2014
Sweet bit of kit for the price. Runs very quietly and is very responsive.

Not the lightest laptop - or the most stylish. Keyboard is nicely laid out and the touchpad centered to the QWERTY keyboard, which makes sense as the numeric keypad is on the right. Plenty of disk space even with all the usual bloatware installed!

A lot of people don't like Windows 8 - 8.1 offers a few nice enhancements, and once you get used to the new way of doing things, it all sort of falls into place nicely. I hate to admit it... and I'm not generally a fan of Microsoft Operating Systems, but its not too bad!

One little thing I have to take Amazon to task with is that if you read the ad for this, it basically states it has a touchscreen. It doesn't! I thought I might be missing something after prodding the screen fervently for about 15 minutes with nothing happening, so hit up the Acer documentation and this is not specified anywhere in the documentation at all for this machine.

This is however, even with the lack of the touchscreen, a good all round machine for emails, web browsing, etc...

*** Edit 21/09/2014 - been using the Acer for a few days now and one thing I needed to comment on is the battery life! It's outstanding! For emails, and web browsing etc... you can definitely go a full working day on this machine on battery only.
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Wonderful lap-top for first time users, i am not going to go on about what this computer can do, I haven't got a clue about the tech side of this computer all I know is the basics, its very easy to use and the picture quality is amazing plus the sound is also very good. Even my mum who is clueless when it comes to computers, she is learning very fast.
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on 24 September 2014
As an XP diehard I thought it was time to dip the toe in the Windows 8.1 water and am pleasantly surprised.

Getting it up and running was very quick but then you have to remove a bunch of installed software to improve it a bit. Here's what I've done so far...
* You need a Microsoft account
* An Acer Portal account
* A McAfee account
* Uninstall RegClean Pro
* Add Firefox (IE11 is awful...)
* Take a system image (probably should do that a few steps back mind you)
* Uninstall Advanced System Protector
* Uninstall snipsmart
* Uninstall MyPC Backup
* Uninstall VO Package
* Remove McAfee
* Run MCPR (totally remove McAfee)
* Install something a bit more decent, NIS in my case

Job done (looks worse than it is!) Next up will probably be an email client and another system image.

As for Windows 8.1. itself, pleasantly surprised, not half as bad as some folk make out, actually feel sorry for Microsoft for once. After about 15 mins it seems fine - read a book first mind you.

The laptop itself time will tell but impressed so far.

Minus a star for zero documentation apart from a here's the ON switch leaflet. Cheers, could've worked that one out myself. And also for installing bloaty rubbish stuff like above (why do you all do that...?)

Update - 7 Dec - my mum bought the same one a month later and all the junk I had to uninstall on mine wasn't installed on hers so the build changed.

Some of the other reviews on here are nuts - 1 star because it "smudges"? Really? Wash your hands. On the installed malware, Norton removed it all in a flash (though the guy has a point why did Acer put it on there in the first instance)...

Update - 5 Jan 2015
Taking a star off as one of the two we've bought has developed a dead or stuck pixel. As it's very near the top of the screen it's probably not worth a fuss but it has rather taken the shine off the laptop for me and makes me question the quality.
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on 24 October 2014
Does what it says on the tin.
I use it for college work and research and it is perfect for this. Good for research on the internet etc
Not for gaming though.
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on 26 October 2014
I am very pleased with the item just what I was looking fore
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