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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Limited Edition
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£12.99+ £2.03 shipping

on 18 August 2017
Bought for friend, they love it, nuff said
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on 20 April 2012
A lot of series veterans have slammed this title and I can understand that.
When a developer takes your cherished game and makes radical alterations, it can be very hard to swallow, particularly if they remove feature X or Y that was your favourite part.

However, I don't have any baggage as I approach this one as I have never played an Ace Combat game before.
In fact I may have long experience with other game types, but I'm not much good at flying games.
The only reason I picked this up is because I wanted something different to the usual FPS or third person shooter that is so much the norm on consoles these days - to be frank, I'm getting bored with them.

What I found in this game was one that plays well for a rookie like me, makes a great change of pace/genre/gameplay (what I was looking for), and is great fun for a flying newbie.
The dog fight mode/ground strike mode plays into that, making it easier for me to get into and enjoy the game but still offering a challenge: yes it is possible to lose the "lock".
It has happened to me on several occasions (although maybe because I'm not very good??!!) and I expect this to be much more common on the harder levels.

Sure, the story doesn't make much sense and is as predictable as a Hollywood action movie.
It's fun enough to watch the characters interact and take a breather from the action, but at least you don't have to: you can cut them short by pressing a button and I'm sure I'll be doing that on subsequent runs through.

...and yes, I'm sure I'll be playing it again: I suspect I will do at least one run through on a higher difficulty and will also pick out my favourite missions for replay too.
I'm also itching to try it out on with the 'proper' flight controls.

As to the different vehicles such as the choppers, bombers, etc, I have found them a refreshing change of pace.
No it's not the most realistic flight game around, but it's a good action experience that looks amazing (even my wife commented on the graphics).

In short, I would heartily recommend this title if like me, you want something a little bit different for a change.
If you are a series veteran, I'm sorry, I feel your pain!
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on 17 May 2012
I have been a massive fan of the Ace Combat series since I was 8 years old, back in 1997 when I had the original Air Combat bundled in with my PS1 for Christmas. I missed AC2 and AC3 because I didn't ever see them in shops and didn't know they existed... Then I got a PS2 and saw AC4 in a GameStation, and fell in love with the series all over again. AC5 is by far my favourite game in the series, and one of my favourite ever games of all time. ACZero was also great, and AC6 was the only reason I ended up buying a 360 console.

But enough of the history lesson. Let's get on to what I think of this game...

I spent the best part of a year waiting in anticipation for this game to be released. I was so hyped I think I had it pre-ordered for like 6 months. It was £40 new, which I thought was reasonable for a game which I am going to spend hours and hours completing and perfecting, as I have done with many AC titles before it.

It arrived through the post. Looked great, even came with extra stuff like a music CD (which I later found out was not a complete version (you can get that online though)) and a F-4J code which lets you download said plane for use in the game. Okay, cool.

The game starts by taking you through the controls... Everything seems perfect until... "Dogfight Mode"? Okay, I thought, this can turn itself off when it likes, because this on-rails is not how I like my dogfighting. I like it freestyle, you know, the way it's always been in every other AC game before this one. I honestly did try to battle through the first mission without using this gimmick, but it was nigh on impossible. And guess what? You can't even turn the damn thing off. You're forced to use it throughout the whole game.

So it is impossible to finish this game without using the Dogfight Mode. That takes the fun out of this game, since it was the freestyle aerial combat which sold its previous games and earned it the fanbase which exists to this day.

There were several other types of missions, such as flying attack helicopters, which isn't all that bad, just boring I suppose. Door gunner missions is also all right, but feels like it was ripped straight from Modern Warfare 2, and not done up to that game's standard either. Fairly bland and repetitive. However the AC-130 missions sees you controlling the weapons of said aircraft, again as you would in Modern Warfare 2, but I actually found this is quite enjoyable compared to every other type of mission type available.

The problem is that the game has tried too hard to fit in with the current craze of modern warfare-style games (Modern Warfare Battlefield series come to mind), and has failed. Dismally. The story may be good and intriguing, but the story alone is not enough to help me pull through the missions considering my hatred against the on-rails-style dogfighting. I believe I reached mission 6 and said "enough's enough. I can't play this s**t any more." And that is coming from a life-long Ace Combat fan who considers himself to be a reasonably good player of the previous AC installments.

My verdict: Avoid this game like it would give your 360/PS3 AIDS if you even so much as slipped it into your machine's disk drive. You do not want it. If you really are thinking about giving the Ace Combat series a try, this is definitely not the best place to start. If you have a working PS2 and are looking for a good AC game to try out, go and pick up Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder (PS2),Ace Combat Squadron Leader (PS2), or Ace Combat: The Belkan War (PS2). If not any of those, but you do have a 360, pick up Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Any and all of these would be a more enjoyable and worthwhile purchase compared to Assault Horizon. Squadron Leader is my personal favourite of all these, as I said earlier, but I wouldn't say no to any of them, either.

This game is not the Ace Combat fans know and love. If Namco heeds these words, and the words of many other like-minded fans who have spoken before me, they will not make this mistake again, instead sticking to the old formula which was fun and actually worked well. Yes, Dogfight mode really did ruin it that much. It has left me severely disappointed, and I commend anyone else who still considers themselves an AC fan after this painful hiccup in the series.
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on 19 March 2012
Although not to everyones taste I did find the DFM & ASM modes quite a thrilling and innovating change of gameplay so well done to the developers for trying something different.However I knocked off one star because of 3 slight niggles.First the seemingly impossible task of getting any meaningful cannon strikes outside DFM- which is a shame, because many of us use such hits as a rough rule-of-thumb measure of our progress or otherwise with the flight mechanics of a particular game.Second, I could not work out if my wingman(Warwolf 2) and the rest of the squadron were out and out pacifists or on a work-to -rule following the withdrawal of a`kill bonus',because playing the single player on elite you soon realise how single you actually are and phrases like `i've got your six boss' soon begin to sound chillingly hollow! And third I dont need cinematics in the middle of a ground attack run when your planning your next victim.But that said a lovely looking game and great fun.PS the door gunner mission after a stressful day is just pure blissful carnage!
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on 11 November 2011
Like many other disappointed reviewers here, I'm a long-time Ace Combat fan. However, I came to Assault Horizon with an open mind. This series has not changed much in a decade and a half-dozen iterations, so I don't begrudge the developer for trying to evolve the gameplay. The issue is in its implementation.

The body of the game lies in its air-to-air combat, much like previous titles. The core of this remains unchanged, but there is an added feature in Dog Fight Mode (DFM) that, if you've followed this game at all, you will have heard much about, so I will not explain it in great detail. It is a clumsy system that takes much of the intrigue and agility out of combat; simply fly at a bogie from almost any attack angle and mash the bumpers when the prompt appears. Dogfighting soon becomes a bore.

Air-to-ground engagements fare similarly: approach a marker on the HUD and mash the bumpers to fly down a pre-determined path while nudging a bomb reticule over the myriad of targets.

There's some variation in the missions beyond simply placing you in a fighter jet: you will be a Black Hawk minigun operator (identical to Ghost Recon, but drags on much longer), an AC-130 gunner (painful, as targets magically spawn in your vision to shoot) and an Apache gunship pilot. That last one is the pleasant surprise of the package, as it is entertaining and engrossing.

The core of Assault Horizon's problem is in its willingness to wrestle control away from the player in order to subject them to more cinematic sequences. For most of the singleplayer campaign, very little is demanded of the gamer. Not enough thrills, and not enough variety, is given to adequately replace the shortfall caused by removing player control. Tellingly, the helicopter segments stand out because they are the only levels where the one holding the joypad is in constant control, flying freely, marking and destroying targets over an open landscape, never asked to relinquish their grasp of the vehicle for the benefit of a cinematic experience. Project ACES and Namco need to have a long think about the direction they should take the franchise next time.

My verdict: you're not missing much. Rent it if you're really keen.
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on 21 February 2012
well I've got to say as an ace combat veteran i was blown away with the first few missions,gettin up close an personal with the enemy in dog fight mode (the main gimmick of the game) is very fun at first but soon wears thin,an later missions rely even more on this tacked on gimmick,and online play is frustrating,becoming a contest on who can press buttons the fastest,however for a game costing less than 20 quid u can't realy grumble and it is fun for a blast through but for somebody lookin for a decent plane game i would recommend the vastly superior ace combat 6, this one feels like a tarted up version of afterburner from the mega drive days :D
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on 25 February 2013
I was really looking forward to this game given how few flight games there are on consoles, but was disappointed with it. For those of us old enough to remember the arcade days, this can be summarised as After burner. The graphics are good, but the controls are over sensitive and the third person view is just wrong. I wish I had paid more attention to the other reviewer's comments about dog fight mode - really annoying. That said, I did pay less than £9 for this game so can't complain. In summary if you want something different (and cheap) it's fine for the price, but if you want a simulator - buy a PC game instead.
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on 31 January 2012
Firstly I should point out I have not played any of the old games, so I cannot comment as to whether it is a worthy continuation of the series.
Having played though the story and spent and spent a good few hours in mulitiplayer it seems to be like a perfectly good game to me:
Gameplay is fine, the controls function well, the graphics for the planes and enviroments are generally decent(however the ground textures were quite poor in places), the sound was suitably loud and crunchy and I found it easy enough to handle even with flight assist turned off.
The game itself I found to be engaging and fun, I had no real problem with the ASM mechanic, except that some of them drag on way to long but they were counter balanced by the destructive fun of the ground equivilent. The helicopter sections I enjoyed greatly, the inevitable AC130 mission was a slightly pointless venture I found but was great fun when flying a pink one in free mode.
I do have some problems that mainly focus upon the story mode; the heavy scripting of some levels can jar, with some planes seemingly being invincible until a scripted moment (the final boss dogfight being particually annoying), also some of the missions are simply too long with not enough variety, some missions seemingly being nothing but endless fights with inexplicacbly huge numbers of enemies. Another gripe I have is the story, while technically competent feels sadly generic and predictable, being another fair of America (good) vs Russia (mostly bad), the civil war plot being a nice idea had it not been done many times before (example. CoD4). Also in a combat of that scale surely other nations would get involved? I vaguely remember UK and France getting mentioned but the actual gameplay features nothing but Americans.
The multiplayer is a decent venture as well with games being frantic affairs, decent enough game modes and bots to fill in blank slots. It would be nice if you could have a skirmish style bot game though to hone your skills in. Play enough multiplayer and you unlock extra colours and points to buy upgrades.
However the real fun is to be had in Free Mission, I've had great fun designing cool colour schemes and kitting out on upgrades to better my score, the naval combat mission being my favorite (annoyingly it is one of the shorter missions). And the removal of cutscenes speeds up the pacing nicely.
Another very minor point is despite it being a'limited edition' you don't get much, a notepad, sound track and plane, the plane itself not being very good. However this is a minor complaint as any bonus material is always welcome.
Overall despite having some problems that occasionally annoyed me I enjoyed playing through it and find the free missions and multiplayer good reasons to come back to it.
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on 7 November 2011
Dear god this is dire its like the designers got caught up in the modern warefare buzz and tried to incorporate large chunks of it forgetting this is an ace combat game it sure doesn`t play like any of the others it plays like a wierd breeding of hawx and MW and it just doesn`t work.
If you enjoy relentlessly linear game play where success revolves around hitting a button when the cursor flashes then tapping fire when another cursor tells you to do this then buy this game.
If you enjoyed the dogfighting and using situational awareness and manouvering to out fly an opponent go back to fires of liberation as this games "feature" DFM puts you on rails behind the nominated enemy fighter but obliterates your awareness of what else is going on in the battlefield while you do a prescripted tour of some random ground feature so the programmers can say look what we can do.
Please don`t make the mistake i made in buying this punish the publishers of this truely awful game so they will go back to what ace combat should be and not this mutant unloved son of hawx/MW.
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on 8 January 2013
If you like Ace Combat 6 and are expecting more of the same then you will be very disappointed. The big selling point to this game is the Dogfight Mode but it is the biggest problem with the game. It takes away any "realism" from the experience, taking away all of the skill needed in the previous game and turning the action into an on-rails shooter. Sure you can shoot down enemy as you would expect, but when it comes to the "key" targets they are all but impossible to shoot down without entering dogfight mode! Once in dogfight mode you can dispatch them as easy as squashing an ant. It's just stupid.

I guess I can understand that they wanted to expand the game audience to make more money, therefore making it easier, but would it have been too much trouble to have had two modes "Arcade" & "Sim" the latter being free from dogfight mode?

I loved AC6, I still play it now, I played this for about 3 or 4 hours when I got it. That was the first and only time i played it. Guess I should put it in the charity shop bag.
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