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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2002
Wow, what a fantastic album this is. Badly drawn boy has gracefully moved on from the brilliant 'hour of...' and now produces this, an amazing soundtrack for a fantastic film.
When i first listened to this album i was travelling on a bus and i was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of both the music and the countryside. It is deffinatly a Summer/Autumn album which makes you appreciate the world.
The track 'I love NYE' is brilliant. Its a peice of instrumental genious which made me want to cry. All the tracks are outstanding, especially Something to talkabout, which was the reason i bought this cd in the first place.
Other tracks that i like are the instrumental Wet,wet,wet Dead Duck and the short and sweet exit stage right. The other vocal tracks i like are Silent sigh, file me away and river sea ocean.
I have to recommend you buy this CD, its a great chill out cd and is a fantastic collection of songs. Buy it buy it BUY IT!!!!!!
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on 7 March 2002
firstly i'm a very lucky man - i've had this album now for a few weeks (for my sins i work in the evil music industry). for anybody who loved badly drawn boy's debut album 'hour of the bewilderbeast' (and lets face it - if you didn't what's the MATTER with you??!!) - this soundtrack album is going to be essential listening for the next few months. it - like its predecessor rewards and rewards with each listening -so that what sounds maybe slight on first listen beguiles and bewitches in time. sonically the album has more of the sheen of his re-recorded 'spitting in the wind' (not suprising as this is the first time damon has used a 'proper' producer)and may dissappoint those who revelled in the lo-fi quality of HOTB.
but honestly buy this record - cos with it gough has confirmed himself as the best songwriter this country (or any for that matter) has right now.
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
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on 11 April 2002
When placing the About a Boy soundtrack into my CD player I was expecting something good, and yet was still astonished by how good it really was. An incredibly relaxing album, this OST has a mixture of songs and small pieces of calm and relaxing music. Personal favourites include Silent Sigh, Something to talk About, and A Peak You reach. This album is inspiring and really helps you get into the Summer mood.
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on 4 March 2003
After enjoying the film I hurried out to purchase a copy of the soundtrack. A quick listen to the CD at a listening post at the shop confirmed what I already expected... that this was an excellent album.
Combining both instrumental and vocal pieces, the essence of the film is perfectly embodied, often provoking the listener to think back to certain parts of the movie. From the thirty second long 'Exit Stage Right' to the beautifully evocative 'I Love Nye', each song has a charming character of its own. My personal favourite is 'Silent Sigh', in my opinion the most representative of the film and soundtrack as a whole.
My only quibble, albeit very minor, is that unlike other film soundtracks that I own the tracks are not arranged in the order in which they appear in the film. This is not really a problem though, and the order in which they have been placed works well.
Definitely worth buying - it's great as background music or just to listen to more loudly.
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on 11 March 2002
Badly Drawn Boy, evidently hand-picked by music-loving author Nick Hornby to sculpt the soundtrack to this wonderful movie "About A Boy", has teamed up with long-time Beck producer, Tom Rothrock, to create a real gem of a soundtrack. BDB do not deviate much from the style they made their own on the Mercury Prize Winning debut, "The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast", but this seems more playful, innocent and childlike - which is perfect for the movie. Lots of strings, rolling and swelling piano chops, simple but highly effective basslines, the odd harmonica and effortlessly breezy vocals by Damon Gough.
(BTW, the movie is a real winner as well. Never thought it be possible to praise Hugh Grant, but this is unquestionably his best and most human, down-to-earth role ever. Add Toni Collete, the beautiful Rachel Weisz and newcomer Nicholas Hoult, and this will be one of the most popular and stubbornly lovely movies of the year. Both the boys and the girls should love it.)
And Damon Gough, lead singer and lyricist behind BDB, delivers a perfect indie-skewed pop song in "Something To Talk About". Both "Silent Sigh" and "Donna & Blitzon" have been released previously. But look out for the songs "A Minor Incident" and "Walking Out Of Stride" - both are unbeatable.
If this is the future of folk, the future is very bright indeed. Very nice album and gorgeous compliment to the movie.
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on 5 June 2002
Sticking with much of what was already successful in The Hour of Bewilderbeast, Gough has again produced a fine album worthy of the praise it has received in reviews.
The clean acoustic sound of Something to Talk About or Above You, Below Me is complemented perfectly by the many instrumental tracks which show Gough's capabilities as a composer (as well as a lyricist and performer) admirably. All those who enjoyed Badly Drawn Boy's first album will equally love this.
Having said that, the imposition of what I presume to be the film company's demand for the music to appeal to a mass market has led to a somewhat cleaner sound, and there is less of the experimental music that made The Hour of Bewilderbeast. Those who revelled in the low-fidelity magic of his original album may also be slightly disappointed by About A Boy. The only other minor disappointment is that there is less than fifty minutes of music on a CD that can hold eighty minutes; this, again, is merely a result of there only being a demand for a certain amount of music in the film.
Nevertheless, it is still a thouroughly enjoyable and relaxing purchase, and you could go a lot more wrong than adding it to your collection.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 June 2015
The hit 2002 movie 'About A Boy' was a great one for modern British cinema, but was complemented by such a wonderful soundtrack, composed and performed entirely by Damon Gough, better known as 'Badly Drawn Boy'. The complete 16 tracks are here, and the result is a truly magical listen. If you haven't seen the film yet, it doesn't matter, just buy this album anyway, and once you hear it, I can almost guarantee that you'll want to watch 'About A Boy'.

There is something about this soundtrack, one of the best in my collection, that is always able to calm and sooth me, it's incredibly relaxing to just kick back and listen to. My favourite track is the amazingly catchy top 30 hit single 'Something To Talk About', which puts a smile on my face every time. Like most soundtracks to major motion pictures, there's a variety of tunes, including quirky, upbeat numbers, a few instrumentals, and some beautifully mellow songs, which is the category that the aforementioned hit falls into. Another highlight for me on here is the absolutely wonderful 'Silent Sigh', which is the definition of a 'walking song'.

All that's left to say is a big thank you Damon Gough for making such marvellous music for an original soundtrack. If well-crafted, acoustic music sounds like you're cup of tea, buy 'About A Boy', and you'll find yourself in musical heaven.
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on 1 May 2002
I could only hope that the hype about this album in Q and NME would not mislead: it didn't. Wistful, melodic, and utterly compelling - it's unlikely there will be 10 better albums this year. Gough croons like classic Crowded House on "A Peak You Reach"; he's deliciously Beatlesque on "A Minor Incident"; and completely BDB on the heavenly single, "Silent Sigh." While certainly I would love more BDB songs, the instrumentals are winners too - I even shed a tear (sentimental sop that I am) for the elegaic "I Love NYE." In short, the About A Boy soundtrack is a masterpiece of pop composition.
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on 5 January 2003
This is a final grasp at the fine art of actually writing songs. Notes are crafted onto other notes with a shimmering perfection. Silent Sigh - so simple a five-year-old could pick it out on a piano (aside perhaps from the rising outro) yet so rich it just oozes with a heartfelt yearning. Something to talk about is both jolly yet poignant. The highlight is I love N.Y.E which is pure beauty, a real heart-breaker.
The album took its time to grow on me but to me it's my favourite record of 2002 and is a thing to be treasured.
If you DON'T like this album, there IS something SERIOUSLY wrong with you!
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on 8 April 2002
Of course this is still the Honeymoon period but so far BDB's new record is wonderful. It has a very summery shimmer to it reminiscent of the breeziness of Once Around the Block. I agree with the Lennon comparisons on Silent Sigh and I, for one love that stripped down, child-like, melodic sound. All this and a new album promised sometime in September.
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