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on 9 January 2015
I have had this since they first came out and loved it. Cost much less than an iPad mini, but was fast and reliable....


... the latest version of Android OS (version 5 - Lollipop) was released. Its all very well saying there's a life time of updates, but this one killed the tablet, and I mean made it near unusable. The update caused horrible lags as well as making applications regularly crash. I'm pretty patient, but this was so bad, I thought it is either time to get an iPad or try and solve the problem.

Solving the problem by doing a full factory reset didn't work. Nor having the minimum of apps on the tablet - IMDB, eBay, Amazon, Gmail and Kindle. Nor switching off location services and all the other 'easy' fixes that are out there on the web. I updated to 5.02 of Android, apparently this was reported to improve the performance, but it made no difference at all in reality.

I took the plunge and did a hacky downgrade back to version 4.4.4 - KitKat. Believe me, it is not easy to find good instructions on how to do this, and definitely nothing from Google to help! I used two or three so called 'guides' to do this, all slightly different and incomplete. However, the downgrade did work once piecing instructions together, and now I have a very usable tablet again - no lags or crashes!

Not normally one for cynicism, but at the time version 5 of Android was released, Google released their next generation Nexus machine costing about £400. Something tells me it was in their favour to have older Nexus machines become problematic around this time. I'm not saying they did this on purpose, but it is a series of coincidences all in their favour. Also, somehow there seems to be massive gap in their testing of version 5 on older tablets, which should have told them this version is not fit for purpose. To date, they can't seem to resolve the sudden drop in performance for older Nexus tablets, and still no help for existing customers... but the new expensive one is fine.

As they say in the US; Go figure!
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on 20 February 2015
I really enjoyed this tablet. The price was fantastically reasonable and it did exactly what I needed.

Netflix runs brilliantly, picture quality is awesome, the games I can play on this really help pass the time on long train journeys, it's a great size for reading eBooks from the Google Store, the storage space is more than sufficient for my needs. All in all it's a device perfectly suited to my needs.


I updated the operating system to lollipop as suggested. Since that point it takes most applications 1 to 5 minutes to load, all apps will randomly crash, from time to time the device restarts. This happened from the very moment the update had finished.

I have tried as many of the suggested solutions I have found online that I feel technically competent enough to try and they have made no difference.

I rated this device 4 out of 5 because it's a great little thing. However I couldn't give it that last star as something as simple as an operating system upgrade pretty much ruined my experience of this tablet.

It's now quicker to power up my laptop, open Chrome, log in to Facebook and check my messages there than it is to unlock this tablet's screen, tap the Facebook icon and look at messages.

That sucks.
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on 23 August 2014
Pros: It updated to the latest version of android effortlessly, and has run even the most powerful apps I've thrown at it without a hitch. The screen is clean and sharp even at its lowest brightness, the build is solid, the audio clear with and without headphones. The wireless connection is fast and reliable, from internet browsing and updates to video streaming and skype. The touchscreen is precise and responsive, and sensitive enough for fine control with painting apps and the like. It fits in my pocket, so the keyboard is small as expected, but even so I've had no problems typing thousands of words with it with no lack of speed.

Cons: Wallpapers- the resolution used and how the Nexus 7 employs it in portrait and landscape is quite difficult to figure out at first, and the wallpaper changing process occasionally crashes unexpectedly. The battery isn't excellent, with a decent load of apps drawing on the resources it needs recharging as often as twice a day, though with a good battery management app keeping the background apps under control you can extend the life by several hours.

On the whole I'm extremely happy with it and feel that the pros far outweigh the cons, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Nexus 7 to any user.
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on 12 August 2015
Like other reviews, I would have given this tablet 5 stars. It was my pride and joy and I recommended it to my friends, many of whom bought one as well. Then along came Google's upgrade to Lollipop 5.0..... The Nexus is no longer fit for purpose. It has become slow and unresponsive, often freezes requiring a power off to reset it followed by a very long wait before it gets going again. I have lost all confidence in this product, and indeed in all prducts with the Google label...if this is how they dump untried software upgrades on hitherto loyal customers, why should I trust them? Maybe any lawyers reading this will consider a class action? There must be many thousands of disgruntled Nexus owners out there ( including all my friends who got one on my recommendation!)
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on 24 July 2014
I have purchased this table form other place however I hope other will benefit from my opinion.
First of all..Yes it's a great tablet at this price. And yes, you can't compare it to galaxy or Apple when it comes to material quality but also is half price, even more.
Screen is great, bright and vivid. Sound is quite better than I was expecting. Fits perfectly in the hand and if you don't want to carry around a 10" screen than this will be what you are looking for. If I was looking for a bigger screen than probably I would have bought a notebook as there are plenty hybrids and by removing screen it converts into a tablet.

Back to Nexus. I have bought it mainly to watch movies, emails and stuff like this while on the go ( train/plane etc), however I tested it with some games like fifa, DH4 or NFS and the RAM seems to struggle a bit as sometimes lags. If you aim to play games than go for the 2013 one..definitely worth the difference. Otherwise this will handle everything else just fine.
What I actually hate about it is the placement of the sound socket and side buttons. Simple no brain design here. having headphones plugged in and using it normal mode on a stand is impossible ..have to keep it upside down. Then side buttons are quite difficult to use because of the case shape. If you have a cover then it gets even worst. Especially with the volume button as there is no icon in notifications bar. Maybe should have taken others example and go with power button on the top together with the audio socket.
Battery does last quite long depending on what you are doing and screen brightness. You can squeeze over 7 hours of permanent usage, and here I mean gaming, youtube, browsing not just watching movies. I haven't got time to test that but probably just for playback and music will last much more. Charges very quickly.. faster than my S3
But in the end when you see the price you will go over these flaws and buy it. Quite happy overall. I will eventually go for an upgrade. Next gen or maybe wait for 3rd one to come out. Unless you got cash to spend and you really want top on the market this is the best choice price/quality.
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on 18 March 2016
I love this tablet. I had the same one when it first came out. Unfortunately problems occurred and it stopped working. Whether the cause was problems with Google, or the tablet, I can't say. After trying everything to rectify it, I decided to buy a new one. I found a replacement on Amazon. A fair price as well. It arrived very promptly but I was a little concerned as the outer packaging was damaged. However the nexus packaging was in good condition. It only took five minutes to set up and thank god all my pictures and music plus messages were saved. I had a good backup system. A lot of people are fed up with problems with the running of the Nexus 7. Since Google updates. I however, still think that this little tablet still stands up there with the best. It isn't cheaply made. It is a nice tablet. I have an iPad but I still think Android is best. Having said that I like my little iPod. The iPad is a pain in the seat.!,, the only downside about this purchace was that the outer packaging wasn't adequate as I sometimes think items are thrown about in transit. Even squashed under heavier items. put FRAGILE!!! It is a tablet!
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on 15 September 2014
Absolutely perfect. I mainly wanted this for video and books, now that I have this tablet, I have never read so much, with its easy of use and clear display, I can load my books/comics in a matter of moments and read away. As for video, well, I only planned to use it for Youtube videos but once I saw how great the visual quality was then this became my go to device for morning television. Just press on, click Netflix, load show and done. Much faster and with much less hassle than doing the same with my laptop.

Visual quality - Great
Volume - loud when needed
Sound quality - fantastic
Speed - Instant
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on 24 June 2014
This tablet is amazing value for money. It's not the fastest but its good enough for the average user. I've found no issues with this tablet whatsoever. Great convenient size too.
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on 23 April 2015
I bought the Nexus 7 as a replacement for my ageing Kindle Fire Gen 2, which while still working perfectly I was finding the storage becoming very limiting.

The first thing I noticed was how flimsy the Nexus 7 felt in comparison. While it feels as if the Kindle Fire Gen 2 could take a few knocks while out and about, I'd be genuinely worried about the same thing happening to the Nexus 7. Buying a case is a must with this device.

However it isn't all doom and gloom. The screen quality and resolution are great. You have a very good 28gb of space available. The tablet responds quickly to input. Camera quality is good.

The sound from the built in speakers is good but the placement on the rear can result in it being a bit muffled if you hold it wrong or put the tablet down on the wrong surface.

All in all this is a great tablet that you wont be disappointed in, just make sure to get a case with it.
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on 22 May 2015
We bought our Nexus in 2012, and it worked fine, but as soon as the software was upgraded it has made this tablet useless. I find it incredible that a company can release an upgrade that is so poorly tested. If I had bought this tablet in it's present condition I would have got an instant refund. Do not assume a new upgrade will be better. If your tablet is working, I'd suggest waiting for user feedback before installing any new software updates.
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