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on 4 November 2014
The I/O shield was badly manufactured resulting in it being impossible to plug in an HDMI connection so only 3 stars. Otherwise this is a fine product. Some tips make sure to get the Realtek driver for sound or headphones wont switch automatically. The current graphics driver for 32 bit seems to be unstable better to build a 64 bit system if you can mine has been rock sold.

Buy 8GB of 2133 MHZ ram if you are going to do light gaming its makes a big difference to frame rates and facilitates hybrid crossfire with a R7 240 or 250 card 250x is not compatible. G-Skill 8GB Ripjaws X DDR3 2133 Dual Kit - Red is compatible but you need to set it to profile 1 or 2 in the bios to get 2133 mhz. hope this helps.
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on 17 February 2014
First .. UPGRADE THE BIOS .. :) no need for an OS as it will do this from the bios via RJ45 connection. This with A10-7850K and 2400 mgz memory had issues (memory I suspect), after the bios update a smooth install of windows 7. read the book as setting up bios for the faster memory is not 100% auto for it to be recognised. Random freezing that to me appeared to be memory related was an issue until I went in and fully updated windows 7 (including the ones not rated as essential) , that sorted that out so do not blame the M/B or processor / memory until you have done that. working fine now, gaming is great at the TF2, WoW, Wildfire, Serious Sam 3 level.
Great gaming as above at 1080p, media playback great (audio is superb ... same speakers and OS but just loads better), general browsing / stuff all spot on. Check for updated drivers weekly as with new gen hardware (the APU) they will only make things even better.
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on 18 March 2014
Really good, but watch out that the fan doesn't bend the thinnish motherboard.

The CPU socket placement of this motherboard is actually quite good. It allows for better fan compatibility.

I had some problems with the first motherboard and had to exchange but not sure down to software (especially windows 8? random reboots?) or motherboard flexing.

Once it is up and running it is one of the best fully featured motherboard I have used.
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on 11 March 2014
I like the board a lot. I was looking for a mini-ITX board for my HTPC that fit's nice small Chieftec FI-02 case perfectly, gives me HDMI-output, has USB3, and wifi-built in. This board fits the bill perfectly. The first board I received was DOA, but that does not matter. Amazon replaced the bad board quickly and new one worked as expected. My second ASRock board and nothing bad to say about it.
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on 30 January 2014
Bought two of these for A10-7850K builds, for mainly to use as HTPCs but also some light gaming. One for me and one for a friend.
At the time of purchase the only other choice was the Gigabyte 88XN-wifi model. But compared to this the gigabyte seems to use lower quality parts and consumes more power even when idling. This ASRock has an Esata port at the back, usable VGA port, and a full size internal mSATA port unlike the wifi only one on the gigabyte. The ASRock also has more SATA ports, HDMI in and better layout for the motherboard for the CPU cooler I chose (Scythe Shuriken Big 2 Rev.B).
The motherboard seems very efficient and really well built. It recognised the A10 on the bios it came with and was able to update it over the internet via the bios direct! Recognised my DDR3 2133 memory and all the timing correctly.
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on 6 September 2014
Bought this as a replacement for the Asus Q87T board for my server box.
Normal power atx supply's used,
and 2 more Sata ports to use within the server box.
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on 27 January 2014
Excellent performance and packaging. I'm running this with 1866MT/s RAM and a 55W graphics card, and performance is fine.

The BIOS looks comprehensive, but a lot of features (remote access etc) are monster security holes. There are a lot of overclocking tweaks for the retro crowd. You can also tweak fan speeds, which is nice, to control noise (if you have PWM fans) but your OS will likely just override these settings.

I ended up using the WiFi card in the box. Most folks won't need it, but kudos to ASRock for including a proper dual band dual channel Broadcom card (with Bluetooth 4), and an aerial. If you don't need the card, you can always flog it on eBay.

Now for the bad news. The board is so thin, it bends like wet toast. The bend is so bad, you can see the RAM pins near the centre of the DIMMs.

So, hint to ASRock - instead of including a WiFi card, include a flat piece of wood the same height as the mortherboard bolt spacers, so that buyers can prop up the collapsing board and prevent the cards and RAM from popping out. That would have got you four stars for attitude.
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on 11 March 2014
Bought for a low power mini-ITX A8-6500 build, but started crashing if it managed to boot up at all but most of the time wouldn't even boot up. Returned for a refund and replaced with the Gigabyte version which is working great.
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on 19 August 2014
No backplate so not compatible with any closed loop water-coolers such as h55-h75 , h80 etc.

The design of this motherboard places chips on the back of the motherboard where the back-plate would usually go.

AS-Rock have a custom way of fixing the heat sink standoff to the motherboard that doesn't utilize a back-plate .( not the usual way for AMD )

Unfortunately this means that the motherboard is not compatible with any heat-sink that requires a back-plate such as any corsair closed loop water-coolers e,g H55-,H75,H80 and so on or any more tradi9tional block cooler/fan combos that require a back plate.

Unfortunately this means that i cannot connect the H75 that i bought to it. SO leaves me in the unenviable position of having to rethink my entire build and either return the motherboard or the H75.

I would expect that i will have to return the mobo as its not corsairs fault that AS=Rock decided to put chips on the back of the circuit board.

A real shame as not many mini-Itx fm2 boards have 6 sata ports.
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