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on 5 April 2017
Best for the money.....you can push them right in....all the way into your brain. Well almost
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on 30 January 2015
Having previously had a pair of pretty basic (and cheaper) Sennheiser, I was expecting a lot from these.

As with any headphones, the most important feature has to be the sound, and generally I found these to be lacking somewhat. I'm not exactly an audio pro, but for me the bass and lower sounds were lacking, which made the overall listening experience a little flat, especially in comparison to the big, wide, full sound I was getting from Sennheiser. As others have said, the sound is very clear and crisp but just didn't give me the full listening experience I was after, and most of the time I found myself having to turn up the volume higher than normal to be satisfied.

The design, build quality and fit are great. I loved the tiny buds, the flat cable and the remote worked perfectly. I did however find the cable to be a little short. Ok for me as I'm not that tall, but if you are, or wear your trousers pretty low you might find it a bit of a stretch.

A nice pair of headphones, but I think there's better out there sound wise for not much more money.
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on 17 August 2015
It's not often that I feel compelled to write a review about stuff I've bought on Amazon (generally, it's only if the item is really bad or good) In this case, I feel it's worthy to do so because these headphones are very, very , very GOOD. I've spend ages trying to get earphones that fit comfortably, sound good, and reasonably priced (believe me I've spent a small fortune buying earphones from Skull Candy, Bose, & Beats) and these little gems hit the spot on all 3. They fit extremely well in your ear (you get plenty of different sized buds with these) the sound is very good (just enough bass with good mid-range and treble) and the price (just under £30 for these babies) is fantastic value

I would not hesitate in buying these again, and I'm thinking of buying a second pair in case I lose these !!!

Highly recommend.
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on 12 November 2014
Good clear sound. The cable a bit too short and perhaps a little too lightweight. The mic is a let down. But hey for less than 50 quid, what do you expect!
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on 29 July 2015
Sound quality is mind blowing, my freind and I comapred these to the 'iBeats Monster' in ears. These are half the size and give exactly the same awesome bass and quality at high volumes. If you are looking for portable with NO compromises these are the headphones for you. Only downside is the cable on them is slightly small and some people MAY have trouble with it. Otherwise an insane pair of in-ear's.
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on 4 August 2015
Impressed by the sound quality so far. And the build of them seems decent enough. Only criticism is the quality of the sound when playing on a low volume. Sometimes the music feels like it's not playing in my ear properly. But when comparing to similar offerings such as E10's, I would say these are on a par.
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on 3 April 2016
I would have rated this 5 stars. But I've had this product for a year. Only the left ear works, microphone stopped working 6 months ago.
It's a shame, I really liked these headphones and have taken good care of them. It puts me off recommending them if the internals stop working.
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on 11 December 2014
Amazing pair of little headphones. Fit perfectly in my ears, don't feel heavy, clear high fidelity sound with good bass.
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on 19 January 2015
The Good:

The headphones are really comfortable (for me, your mileage might vary, but it comes with spare in-ear plugs which are different sizes). The detail is absolutely great, the high frequencies are very clear and the mids have a good amount of punch without being fluffy and undetailed. Lower mids also have a good amount of presence. Listening to podcasts is a pleasure because voices are very clear and smooth, detailed without sounding 'harsh'. The feeling of being 'sealed in' is pleasant without feeling like you've gone up in an aeroplane.

The headphones are nice and light and I feel like I could wear them for quite a while. Probably quite good for jogging, but I haven't tested them in that way. They also aren't sealed in so tight that if they get pulled out that it's a really sharp pain (I've had this problem with a lot of in-ear headphones). The buttons for controlling the phone are very crisp and click pleasantly. Nice and responsive.

The dynamics are surprisingly good. Quieter elements are neither compressed into the foreground, nor are they basically cut out so that you can't hear them at all. It's a good balance.

The Bad:

The lower tones, the real deep tones that give music a more 'full' feeling are very lacking and as a result sound can feel a little distant and not as full as I would like. I never feel like the music is quite 'in my head'. That sort of immersion that can be extremely pleasant when listening to something that you find particularly moving, calming or exciting.

The cable is very short and it almost always has to take the most direct route and you won't have much slack (so if you have to plug these into a desktop below your desk, this is not going to be fun).

The build quality is not great. The cable is very plastic-y and honestly I am a little concerned about its ability to last.

The Ugly:
The microphone is dreadful. really really dreadful. People can understand you, but it has a lot of hiss, it's crackly, quiet and honestly sounds like it belongs in a children's toy.


I got these when they were at £30. For the price, I definitely feel these are good. However, had I paid the full £60, I would not have been as happy and probably would be searching for a different pair. The build quality and microphone are a real let down.
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on 24 April 2015
Great quality sound with a perfect fit on my ears. Perfect for its price.
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