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on 10 March 2012
I have had the headphones for a few days now and each time I use them I am blown away with the quality of the sound. Everything is crystal clear and as previous reviewers have said you hear things you would not hear with a normal set of headphones. I find the bass to be improving with each use and as I use them in a home recording studio I have had to take them off to makes sure my monitors were not on. My sax sounds great through them. The bass is punchy without being overbearing and there is no distortion at high levels. I am looking forward to the next few weeks to see how they sound. It would hard to improve on the sound now but once they are run in they will be awesome. The ear pads are very comfortable and cover the ears completely, none of those numb bits on my ears like my previous headphones (that did not quite go over the ear) gave me. The headband is self adjusting to your head and the whole set is very comfortable to wear. I think I got a bargain also as I notice they are £50 more expensive than the price I paid. I highly recommend these, just awesome.AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Reference Class Premium Headphones - Black
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on 27 May 2012
Must agree with just about all the positive reviews here. I bought these on the strength of the tons of positive reviews all over the net. I already own grado sr325is and rs1i but I just had to hear what all the q701 fuss was all about and at £250 delivered I could hold out no more. At first listen I was honestly pleasantly surprised as I expected them to sound horrible before the burn in process but they stayed on my head for some hours. However contrary to some peoples beliefs "burn in" DOES EXIST and as I have three sets of phones and limited spare time letting these burn in on my head wasn't an option so I just left them plugged into my kitchen radio for a week and hey presto!! They have smoothed out just lovely improvements in just about every element of the music and I feel a lovely laid back relaxing presentation (compared to my Grado's anyway). According to many reviews I've read these headphones suffer from a lack in bass and I think this puts people off and nearly me too. But to be fair I think the bass is reminiscent to that of a descent stand mounted speaker just a soft puff of air rather than a floorstanders rumble. These must be the best bang for buck headphones I have ever bought. Amp these well, have a decent source, BURN IN, and enjoy :)
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on 12 January 2014
I originally bought K702's, after reading many on-line discussions, as I had become dissatisfied with the claustrophobic sound of my Sennheiser HD595's and the lack of body of my Beyer Dynamic DT431's. I had the impression that these phones might be a different experience. How right that was! They had the openness of the Beyers but with the body of the Senns. The only criticism was that out of the box the treble was sometimes a little harsh. A fault developed with these after a couple of months of listening (they suddenly became mono, a nice clear mono with good centre stage, but not really what you want!). Amazon returns were faultless, and as they had no K702's left I decided to try the Q701's from the Amazon partner Sunderland Sales. The reason for changing to the Q701's was
1. that they were now a little cheaper than the K702's though supposed to be essentially the same.
2. that, despite this, online discussions suggested that, if anything, they had smoother treble and a little more bass
3. they have a longer cable (in fact 2 cables, one very slightly longer and one much longer) - though only one 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.
Having arranged the return of the 702's and received confirmation of refund on the Sunday afternoon, I had the 701's by the following Wednesday. They are every bit as good as the 702's with excellent soundstage, detail and nuanced sound, and I would not disagree that they may be a little smoother in the treble. I am keeping an open mind about the 'burn-in' controversy. i had run the 702's for 50 hours actual listening with no perceptible difference (I know people say they need hundreds), but I wonder how much better can these things get? I am driving them with a Cambridge Audio Azur 640A ver2 and the source is an Azur 640C CD player. The Q701's seem to be a good match for this equipment. I had been considering upgrading my other equipment (which would have likely required an investment of over £1500 for any real improvement). For £208 I no longer need to .
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on 2 January 2015
Really rate these headphones. They were bought as a replacement for my aging Grado SR225's. They worked straight of the box and the sound detail and comfort levels are simply fantastic. The Grado's are very good headphones but they've never been comfortable to wear for long unlike these from AKG. they leak sound just like the Grado's which is down to the construction of the 'phones. I can't comment on them being difficult to drive as I have mine plugged into a separate headphone amplifier (Rega Ear) which forms part of my HiFi system. I wouldn't want to use them outside the house anyway.

If you've got the kit and are looking for some headphones that sound great and feel really comfortable, I would highly recommend these.
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on 8 September 2011
I've had these for about 18 months now - and paid over £300 for them. Even so, well worth it. As others have said, they do need some running in and, ideally, a decent headphone amp, but treated properly they deliver a fine, high-fidelity result. On my home system I use a Graham Slee Novo (kit-built), which does the business but must be left on permanently for best results.

Recently, I've acquired a Meridian Explorer DAC to handle bit-perfect computer audio output. Partnered with the foobar2000 software and my Q701s, the end result is effectively on a par with my main system! I can even just distinguish (maybe!) between 192kHz and 96kHz flac files in A/B testing. Awesome phones - easily the best I've ever had (although, despite switching from some old Sennheisers, I didn't audition the HD800s...)

In summary, comfortable, wide, flat and accurate - what more could you want? Highly recommended.

Edit (November 2014): First of all, these have not been discontinued, although some suppliers may no longer carry them. In fact, they've just retained their What HiFi 5* rating for the third year running. They are no longer made in Austria but are reputedly the same product. Suffice it to say that I'm SO impressed with these that I've just ordered another pair (the white version was available well under £200!) Once they've arrived and are run-in, I'll review them here.

Initial impressions: the new ones appear identical, but the leather ridges on the headband are softer; this is certainly a plus! After early running-in (50 hours or so) they are starting to 'get there'. Originals are still obviously better (warmer and a more 'natural' ambience with great bass) but they already have 1000s of hours of use on them. The treble harshness is almost gone already, but bass is still a touch constipated. Give it another 250 hours...

Coming along nicely - quite close in sound to the originals now. Slightly 'tighter' but the bass is now basically there and there is only a tiny sharpness to some top notes. I expect these to mellow out by Christmas (when they officially become 'mine'!) so they will effectively be identical to my original pair. Great purchase - again! Impressive to come across such a consistently fabulous product.
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on 15 May 2013
I needed a pair of high end headphones as an alternative to my £5K PMC speakers and spent many hours checking the Amazon UK and .com reviews of this AKG model against those of the Beyer 880's and Sennheiser 650's. Headphone reviews can be very subjective and factors such as associated equipment, particularly amps, music tastes and in some cases headshapes, can influence judgement considerably.

I finally decided on the Q 701's having been won over by highly rated reviews of UK classical music lovers with whom I could readily identify. I won't repeat all the virtues expressed elsewhere, suffice to say that I am extremely happy with these headphones which partner a cute beyond h/phone amp, Quad amplification and Moon cd player.. I have been a keen audiophile for over fifty years, attended hundreds of live classical concerts and even though at 69 my hearing is not what it used to be, I still consider myself a good judge of high quality sound reproduction.

My only adverse critisism concerns the ghastly green leads which came with my phones. Fine if one has the matching headphone colour, but surely AKG could have produced black leads for the black version.
These are of course open backed phones and therefore have no isolation from the tv etc. In that situation I have to turn to my AKG 550's which although good, cannot in my opinion match the sound quality of these phones. If only AKG could produce a closed back version with the same sublime sound quality. I live in hope!
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on 23 October 2012
With a rack in the living room consisting of AV and Stereo Hifi equipment, I decided to buy headphones so I could listen to music whilst my wife watched the TV. Having had Naim equipment for many years, I bought a Naim Headline headphone amplifier and then checked out the headphone reviews.
I decided to opt for 'open' headphones and chose the AKG's because of the positive reviews, their looks and the cost, which was just about as much as I wanted to pay. Compared to other headphones I have owned, they are very detailed and being 'open' they give a real sense of 'space'. I did not think that listening to music through headphones would be so enjoyable. They are also very comfortable to wear.
I do believe that the headphones need to be matched to a reasonably good music source in order to get the best out of them and being 'open' and quite big, they would not be suitable for mobile use.
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on 27 May 2013
The title says it all - these headphones have been reviewed and discussed on many forums - most seem to agree that they are pretty damn good. Some people comment that they are not so comfortable and end up modifying the headband - this I find strange. To me, these are the most comfortable headphones I have used - I am a bald headed ageing gent without any natural padding - and I don't have any issues at all.
On the sonic front these will not turn your mp3 laden iPod into ten grands worth of hi-fi - you'll need to add some more kit to do that. To use with a portable player you will definitely need an amp and use the line-out connector or better still, digital output and DAC if you have one. For seriously listening pleasure these are best suited to a full size hi-fi with a dedicated headphone amp - and you don't have to spend a fortune to make a huge improvement over the standard headphone output on many amps - I have cheap class A tube amp costing less that a hundred quid and it all sounds superb! Would I buy these again? Definitely!
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on 11 October 2014
I purchased these recently as I already own a pair of Seinheisser momentums. They're fantastic headphones, but they hurt my ears after a while as the pad rests on the actual ear. The AKG arrived and I must admit I don't have a keen ear for audio. However, I tried a few FLAC files and can certainly tell the difference.

I haven't even 'broke them in' yet and there's a noticeable difference.

They're a bit clunky for everyday travel use and it would have been nice if they came with a case, but I won't knock it down for that. I'm going to use them for long haul journeys and at home as you're generally restricted to mp3 format on phones/spotify when your'e out and about anyway.

The fact I was able to pick these up for around £200 when they retailed for £500 is a massive bonus so I'd definitely give them 5* for that.
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on 6 March 2014
The only other Stereo headphones I have used are the Bob Marley Exodus headphones which I thought where very good with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I have had Various "Gaming Headphones" such as Turtle beaches and Tritons.

I bought these AKGs for use with my PC with the sound driven by a Sound Blaster Recond 3d PCIe sound card with a dedicated 600ohms Amp. I am not disappointed in the least with the sound quality. I have 16bit high bitrate FLAC files that I have been listening to and the sound is amazing, Chad's vocals in This is how you remind me pop out, 320Kbps MP3s are not bad at all either.

I am going to be buying a Desktop DAC sometime in the future.. but for now the sound card drives these nicely, and the card is around £40 to buy new. I was a little confused to the sound when I 1st pluged these in because my sound settings where not right.. I had THX Trustudio Pro enabled with Surround and Crystalizer on.. which made the sound Horrible... turned them off and I was blown away.

Comfort of these Cans is a whooping 10/10, they are light and don't squeeze around your ears while not feeling like they will fall off.
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