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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 1999
I have read all of Susan's romance novels and this is one of my favorites. I have read "A Touch of Sin" twice because I love Pasha. He is gorgeous, he is spoiled, he is sensual and you can't help but love him. Trixi is also far more easy to like than most romance novel heroines and it is great fun to watch the interaction between the two. I will admit that Susan's characters throughout her books do tend to all sound alike. But if you read as much as I do, then it won't bother you to return to an author you can trust every now and then to read about your favorite leading ladies and gentlemen with new names, in a new lusty adventure.
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on 1 April 1999
The intriguing mystery of a naked woman and a bloody corpse is brusquely dismissed in the first two chapters as the author quickly precedes to cut and paste a hodgepodge of lust (not love) scenes and plot devises as inexplicable and leaden as her main characters. The hero is like a faint, pale rubbing of the vividly sensual urbanity of Apollo Kuzan from 'Sweet Love, Survive'. So similar were they, that I kept expecting Pasha to refer to Apollo's family and history as his own. The author's attempt to fuse a mindlessly horny blonde bimbo with a victimized, repressed, and yet devoted English mother, only succeeds in leaving the character of Trixi bafflingly inconsistent and unbelievable. My disorientation was increased when I recognized the harem scene in Greece as a Cleft Note version of the one from 'Love Storm' ! She has written better books. All in all, I would characterize this book as a sort of 'Ken and Barbie do Period Porn': plastic, pointless and painfully embarrassing.
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on 1 April 1999
I purchased this book hoping that it wouldn't read the same as many of Susan Johnson's other books, but it didn't. The plot is the same - gorgeous man finds woman in distress, takes her into his home, has sex with her. Yes, that's what romances are about, but Johnson keeps using the same scenario - if you've read one of the Kuzan line or one of the Dumas line you've read all of them. You could easily exchange the name of Sasha Kuzan for Pasha Dumas and it really wouldn't make much of a difference. Her 'trademarks' are getting old. She needs a new plot twist besides a war and the capturing of the heroine. She needs a plot that doesn't involve first night sex, the philandering hero who feels the same emotions at the same time, the reconciliation that always occurs in the same fashion with the hero and the heroine feeling the same things as every other hero and heroine, and if I have to read one more time that the hero is so distraught over the pain endured by his true love in childbirth ("He turned pale watching her suffer, wincing at each labor pain, deciding, as the ordeal continued for what seemed endless hours that he would see that she never had another child.") I may scream. Every hero says it or thinks it! Every book is the same!!! Sure her books are hot. Sure they're sexy. But its the same sex! I am so disappointed that I won't be picking up another Susan Johnson novel - as I've said - if you've read one, you've read them all.
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on 26 March 1999
I am a big fan of Susan Johnson -- or, should I say, I used to be a big fan. I think BRAZEN and PURE SIN are among the best of all romance novels -- wonderful, fiery love stories. But the last two or three books have really degenerated into emotionless sex-fests and A TOUCH OF SIN is no different.
From the moment our hero meets the heroine -- she's stark naked, of course -- the tale is one of sexual excess. This wouldn't be a problem for me, if in return I got any sense of these characters as people. Unfortunately, hero and heroine aren't developed in any depth and therefore their love (and their sex) means nothing.
And Johnson's getting lazy, too. Fans, check through the books and see how many times a hero says to the heroine, "I'm going to f--k you to death." Sometimes it's more than once each book. Another oft-repeated Johnson theme is the sexual dynamo hero utterly amazed by the way the heroine, despite her lack of sexual experience, enchants him in the sack. While this is standard romance novel territory, Johnson repeats this theme in the exact same language in all of her recent books.
All in all, a disappointing effort from a writer who can do much better and has in the past. Don't waste your money on this one -- try BRAZEN instead.
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on 26 March 1999
"A Touch of Sin" had all of the trademarks of a Susan Johnson novel - the smart, independent heroine, the rich, handsome and well-endowed hero, and plenty of hot sex and adventure. Somehow though, it just didn't add up to one of her best novels. For anyone who's read any of Ms. Johnson's other books, this one pales by comparison. It was a bit contrived. I got the feeling that it was written following a successful formula or something - add a sexual fantasy scene here, insert villain at this point, etc. Some of her other books (e.g., "Sinful", "Taboo") were "gourmet meal" entertainment. This one was less sustaining by comparison.
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on 8 March 1999
Just finished reading A TOUCH OF SIN!!! This is Susan Johnson's most erotic book to date. LOVE STORM and TABOO come close BUT this particular book wins hands down.
The Characters are larger than life and the story is better than a 5 night miniseries.
There is plenty of lust,greed,destruction,sex,love,passion,more sex, and finally a simple happy ending.
However, I should warn the book does contain some rough language and the words used between the hero and the heroine while they make love may not be for the faint of heart.
That said I enjoyed it tremendously!!!
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on 25 January 1999
Susan Johnson, renowned for her erotic historical romances (see OUTLAW and TABOO), adds luster to her deserved fame with her latest torrid tale, A TOUCH OF SIN. The story line is trademark Johnson, filled with heat, more heat, ultra heat, and laser heat in an exotic locale. The lead characters burn the pages, while the support cast adds the authenticity of the period to the plot. Though winter may still be in the air when this book is released, readers will be able to save on heating oil with this rousing romance.

Harriet Klausner
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on 4 March 1999
I have read several of Susan Johnson Novels and this has to be the best one yet. I was furious when it ended. I wanted it to continue. The charactors were so real that I could hear them in my mind. I watched the entire book go through my mind like it was like sitting in a movie and it was wonderful.
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on 24 March 1999
I have been a Susan Johnson fan for several years. Her stories of the Lakota Indian family (I forgot the name, but Blaze is the mother) were wonderful. Her stories are always hot and sexy with real relationships between passionate people who are not afraid to express their love for each other. While this book had her trademarks, it seemed very contrived with her trying too hard to put the hero and heroine into situations that you knew were made up just to be made up.
I love her still, however, and hope she recaptures the spirit of Blaze's family in her future books.
I hate to critique, however, because if I could write I'd be doing it.
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on 1 July 2007
The heroine is a woman with a past. She has been married but has had her lover's child. She and the hero just have rather vulgar sex. Their feelings for each other do not seem very romantic. They also kept leaving each other for reasons I did not understand if they were supposed to be so madly in love. Disappointing after SJ's much better Russian novels.
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