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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 August 2010
I'm old enough to remember the original series and it was typical American gung-ho mass produced tv. This however is an exciting and fun re-visit to the theme and everything 'The Losers' could have been. Liam Neeson seems to be in every film I watch at the moment but as he proved in 'Taken' he is a believable action hero and does a fine job as Hannibal Smith, leader of the A Team. If comparisons have to be drawn then the only letdown for me was Quinton Jackson as BA Baracus but only because Mr T was such an iconic figure as proven by his re-appearance in the Snickers ads, bet you wouldn't recognise the rest of the team so easily. Overall this is 80 minutes or so of enjoyable adventure with lots of fireworks and stunts and just what the doctor ordered for a dull Sunday afternoon, pass the popcorn!
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on 30 July 2010
I tend to respond negatively to remakes and I've only ever watched a few episodes of the original A-Team show, so I went to see this movie without comparing it to the show and I have got to say, I was not disappointed.

The story was well written, especially the origin story of how the A-Team comes together which is told in the first 15 minutes, the action sequences are explosive and the dialogue was witty and engaging, but I was most impressed with the acting as all the cast members seemed to really enjoy playing these iconic characters and this only enhances their performance. The most obvious example was Sharlto Copley, whose protrayal as 'Howling Mad' Murdock was fantastic, easily making him the most likeable character in the whole movie.

My only criticism is the film's villain, who is immediately identifiable from the moment he is introduced, but this is a very minor detraction from what is on the whole, a fun and explosive summer action movie.

If you're looking for something funny with plenty of action and explosions, this is a reliable choice, though die-hard fans of the A-Team show may be disappointed.
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on 22 August 2010
The A-Team is a great film and it doesn't want to take itself too seriously. Unlike most critics who seem to be tearing it apart.

Granted, it's not going to be critically acclaimed, but it entertains the masses in a refreshing way that's full of action, humour and some of the good old A-Team catchphrases. If you want a great movie that's fun then this is one of the best this year.

It's a shame the movie doesn't focus on all 4 characters equally, but that's only a small glitch. They are all portrayed well by their 2010 actors and do the original series justice.

Don't hesitate to get this on DVD!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 August 2010
Having watched the original A-Team t.v series during the 80's every Saturday, just after watching Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks in the British wrestling, i can say that this film update was very good indeed. I was very hesitant when i saw the cast, and some of the movie clips on T.V, but i decided to give them the benefit of the doubt & not compare the characters too much to the old T.V series, although in my defence, Sharlto Copley who plays Murdoch, does look amazingly like Dirk Benedict who played Faceman in the T.V series. But looking beyond all of this the film was well put together.

The first 15-20 minutes introduce the A-Team characters anew & how they know each other this time around, a bit like the recent Star Trek remake, but not as long winded in this case. The action is a bit OTT in places, but that's what you should expect in an A-Team movie, and people do die in this version unlike the T.V series, where for example a helicopter blown out the sky in a flaming wreck(no one could had survived), then the camera pans down to the wreckage and you see the bad guys climbing out of it, lol. The actors on the whole are very good at they'e own representation of the characters & the relationship between them, as in the T.V series(although Faceman who was a bit of a coward in the series seems to be a complete opposite this time around). Jessica Biel is also in this (hubba hubba), she was good as the love interest & had a good chemistry with smelly :) Bradley Cooper (Faceman).

In conclusion, this update of the A-Team is very good. The story is interesting & would do justice to any action film, while the majority of the elements of the original T.V series are kept as true as possible, like making equipment from scrap, although Liam Neeson doesn't dress up in drag like George Peppard used too(would love to see Liam Neeson in thick makeup, dressed as a bag lady). A worthwhile & highly watchable action film, no matter what affiliation you have or not to the old T.V series. Highly recommended.
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Despite an eternity in development and an army of writers, The A-Team never really comes together. Taking more than an hour to get to the point the TV series tossed off in the title sequence is part of the problem (as it is, it's a full 21 minutes before the film's opening credits sequence ends in the extended director's cut version). A bigger part of the problem is that a film this silly really shouldn't leave you time to think, especially since the plot is just an excuse for the action, but so many of the action scenes are so truncated that they seem over before they begin and then it's back to more setup that gives you plenty of time to mull over how little sense it's making. Even the failed op that sees our heroes framed is largely botched by constantly cutting away to Hannibal briefing how things will go down instead of just showing us and letting us enjoy the action (it's hardly so complex that it needs a map and models to explain). It's not until the halfway point that we finally get one all-out uninterrupted action scene that isn't over before it begins with the mid-air tank vs. planes shootout - only to be immediately followed by more explaining of what we're about to see.

The script is a bit of a mess and some scenes - particularly the court martial or the mental hospital scene - are remarkably shoddy and unconvincing even for a dumb fun summer popcorn movie. It's one of those films that feels like it had so many writers that nobody actually ended up writing it, the shooting script pasted together from dozens of discarded drafts, throwing away some good ideas and never giving its well cast quartet quite enough to do to capitalise on the chemistry they manage to display against occasionally overwhelming odds. Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are fine as Hannibal and Face, but it's Quinton `Rampage' Jackson and Sharlto Copley who really nail their roles as B.A. and Howling Mad Murdock, even though the former has been reinvented as Mr Passive Resistance (he'll blow things up but he won't hurt anybody) and the latter becomes increasingly sane as the writers run out of things to do with him. At times it's left to Patrick Wilson's villain to make the biggest impression, his CIA double-dealer and his backroom cohorts coming across like spoilt frat boys with too much money and too many toys to play with. It all ends loudly, though with a bit too much reliance on CGi building blocks rather than old-school stuntwork, though there is a decent but far from original 3D joke along the way.

The main differences in the extended version included only on the Blu-ray are more profanity, a bit more violence and the cameos from Richard Hatch and Dwight Schulz that are thrown away as post-credits Easter eggs on the theatrical version are incorporated properly into the film, but structurally it's just as messy and frustrating as the theatrical version. It doesn't even use the theme tune to give the film a bit of much needed kick. The end result certainly isn't unwatchable, but with a better script and more confidence in letting the action scenes speak for themselves it could have been the kind of enjoyable brain-off dumb summer fun action movie that it clearly desperately aspires to be.

Plenty of extras on the Bluray release - picture-in-picture commentary, deleted scenes, gag reel and a small army of featurettes and trailer - but the emphasis is on promotion rather than information.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the boy's own slapstick that is the reboot of "The A-Team". Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper hamming it up - what's not to love?

Cue tanks falling out of the sky – shifty inside types shafting our grunts on the front line – buddy buddy banter inside helicopters and a fantastically clever cat-and-mouse finale with containers in a shipping yard at night...

But fans should be aware that the 'US' edition on 20th Century Fox is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to play 'all regions' (which few are).

Plumb for one of the 'face' sleeves on the UK versions (being Irish I've supported Liam). They're dirt cheap now - a great looker on the format - and the most fun you can have with a cigar in someone else's mouth...
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on 16 August 2010
Having read the reviews saw this with very, very low expectations and was very happily surprised.

It's the A team. The plans always were ridiculous only now the action is real, the destruction massive and the stunts more than a jeep flipping over and a helicopter crashing and exploding out of sight behind a hill.

The intro, where the team first meet up, feels rushed in one respect but also an unwelcome delay to the main story. Would have almost been better leaving out entirely or making a cohesive part of the plot. That said the rest of the plot canters on nicely. Some of the violence is brutal, although not graphic, and is probably not suitable for younger children. Again this feels a little misjudged

Not sure what extra features the DVD will contain but the children (and myself) came out of the cinema happy. 9/10 from them.
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on 5 August 2016
Action packed film that bends our imagination & throws it out the window, but it is deliberately directed to do so.

The entire cast work well together, and the storyline is enjoyable, although the pace drops a lot in the final scene/s.
This is a great film full of funny action-packed moments. I'd recommend this movie to a friend, just so long as they are willing to let go of reality (& all scence of their understanding of physics) for a while to take the film for what it is - a MOVIE (i.e. motion video of what would/could NEVER happen in reality).

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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2016
By 2010 an A-Team movie had been in development hell for years. For a long time it seemed that no one could possibly bring it to the big screen without completely changing the dynamic of the show. But, to be fair, the show is now rather quaint and inoffensive, with Season 4 being the absolute worst (the Boy George episode is undoubtedly the worst moment in television history, and that includes that North Korean game show where they fire dolphins out of cannons into into bear pits). Though it did pick up again with Season 5.

But then the unthinkable happened, a decent director assembled a good cast and the movie was on. Too bad the script, while making the terrible decision to go serious, forgot to include coherence. There's some mind-bogglingly bad pacing and editing going on here. The opening credits take over 20 MINUTES before the movie properly starts.

The movie starts as the team first assemble before fading to eight years later, just prior "the crime they didn't commit" going awry. The cast have great chemistry, just like the TV show. And Sharlto Copely in particular as Murdock is brilliant (no one beats Dwight Schultz, though). But there are some parts where you'll just be left wondering what on Earth is going on. How did the team escape Germany in a plane but end up on a cargo boat? Who is driving the boat? Just where in the world did the boat set sail from? It ends up docked in Los Angeles, so did the plane cross over into the Pacific at some point? All of this happens with the 48-hour deadline given by Hannibal?

The MacGuffin is a case full of dollar printing plates. Yes, just like Black Rain. The team run across the world fleeing from their pursuers, hiding from CCTV and drone attacks while hunting the real bad guys. Just like the Bourne movies, which have had a seemingly detrimental effect on all action movies since 2002. And their missions are impossible...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Where are the crazy inventions? I'm not talking about ridiculous stuff like a tractor that fires cabbages, like the TV show. But they could have could have given us something to justify our ticket price. Their gadgets were more like MacGyver. It's like making a Knight Rider movie but not having a talking car. The cheerful spirit of the show is not present here, which is what harms the movie the most. The A-Team is supposed to be lighthearted and high-spirited while this movie is angry and furious. I am aware that people actually DID die on the show (contrary to popular belief) so I'm not too concerned about the body count.

And where is the theme tune? Sorry, but the first three notes here and there just don't do it. The A-Team theme is probably the most upbeat, iconic and recognizable theme on the planet. Why is it not used? A brief recital at the end of the credits is not good enough. And on top of that, Alan Silvestri's score is not very good. It's nothing but generic action stuff with no memorable motifs or themes whatsoever. I can't believe Silvestri would churn out something as pedestrian as this. It's because of this movie that he couldn't work on Predators, which ended up being scored by John Debney who was in over his head.

The action is satisfying, as is the banter between the cast, but somewhere along the way they forgot they were making an A-Team movie and muted nearly everything that made the show so good.

Not completely disappointing, but far from what it should have been.

The Blu-ray looks good (if you can stand the ugly cinematography) in 2.35:1 1080p with DTS HD-MA sound and a bunch of okay extras.
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on 16 February 2012
After reading the rather mixed reviews here on amazon and much hesitation, I purchased a used copy this movie at £2.20 (via amazon seller zoverstocks).

I'm rather a harse critic, just see some of my other DVD reviews.

However, I was pleased with this movie. It was throuroughly enjoyable. Though the plot may not have been strong, it was enough to give the movie momentum and keep me entertained all the way through. And I'm even going to watch it a second time, which is a rare thing with me.

All the main characters are likeable and I found myself routing for them, throughout.

Some critics have said that this movie is just "The A-team" by name. While this may or may not be true it shouldn't detract from the viewing experience. It's actually nice that they didn't make it exactly the same as the T.V. series.

This movies features a lot of great stunts that either kept me on the edge of my seat or made me laugh in amazement.

Unlike the T.V. series, where there is a clear boundary between good & evil, in this movie I found that multiple evil elements exist in different guises.

And unlike the T.V. series characters do die in this movie.

Viewers with short attention spans may not like some sequences where there's overlapping chronology. i.e. while Hannibal is talking about a plan, your delivered film sequences of the plan happening and then you're back in the room where Hannibal is finishing talking about the plan and then you see the action sequences of the end of the plan. Two friends I watched this movie with, got a little disorientated by this. I gave them and hot chocolate each to calm them down, and they have made a full recovery.

Overall a good movie, given that I only paid £2.20.
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