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on 17 September 2010
Ai love you is a very amusing read and the book is quite long relative to other mangas. It is about a boy called Hitoshi who is useless at everything but computer programming. He is lonely and creates a computer program called 30 who is a girl he can complain to. He promises that if she was human he would be her boyfiend. A freak storm results in his computer being hit by lightning and 30 becoming real. Everything is going well until (in this book) Hitoshi discovers one of his old programs, a girl named 20. The same thing that happened to 30 happens to 20. It turns out Hitoshi promised to be her boyfriend as well. This book is about their arguments.
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on 31 July 2004
To Alex Churchill complaining about Akamatsu 'recycling old ideas' it may be worth noting that he wrote this series BEFORE love hina. A fact you may had noticed if you read any of the side notes in the book, here was an artist finding his feet.
I admit I have not read any Love Hina but A.I Love you is light hearted and fun given a groovy sci fi twist. If it wasn't from hearing Love Hina was so much beter I'd give this title 4 stars.
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on 12 September 2004
hello, i recently got A.I Love You last week, and it is good but it no Love Hina cos Love Hina is jus plain funny and the character are all witty and I love the way that no matter what the main character does, he's always in the wrong! But don't get me wrong, A.I Love You is always good but i jus wanted to point out that this was written b4 Love Hina so of course Love Hina was better..
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on 21 July 2004
Ken Akamatsu became famous for his massively popular series Love Hina, which I really liked. Unfortunately, it seems the success has gone to his head... or perhaps he didn't have any more original ideas. Either way, the A.I. Love You series is painfully cliched. The main male protagonist is bad at school yet really brainy, socially inept yet sweet and naive - just like we've seen a hundred times before; and the girl is similarly stereotyped: a sweet klutz who's beautiful yet shy and insecure, who only has eyes for the socially inept male main character. And somehow ends up living with him. Goodness me, where have we seen that before?
The plot occurrences are just as bad. She misinterprets a comment of his to mean he doesn't like her! Ah, but at least it all gets sorted out. She's really bad at cooking! But manages to eventually cook something he likes! Yawn. A rival turns up who's busty and ruthless - and has also inexplicably set her sights on the Socially Inept Male Main Character! Shock, horror. Everything from the origins of the girls (stepped out of a computer during an electrical storm) to the embarrassed looks on their faces as the main guy stutteringly proclaims his affection has been done several times before, and usually better. It's a real pity to see Akamatsu recycling old hackneyed elements like this, because Love Hina shows he is capable of so much more.
I give the book two stars because there's a reason why cliches become cliches: it is still passable fun to read the predictable romantic mishaps of the forgettable characters, even though they've been better done elsewhere. But I'd recommend you seek out a more innovative romance manga series unless you're a *really* dedicated Akamatsu collector.
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