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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
A First Course in General Relativity
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

This is one of the better texts on SR and GR but in places it is quite terse. It relies on you completing the exercises, which are extremely well thought out, as a major aid to uderstanding the text. This is how it should be. *However* don't be fooled by the reviews that say it contains solutions, the second edition does *not*. The solutions are available online but only if you are a lecturer giving a bona fide GR course (I was turned down as an independent student). When the going gets tough there's no help for independent students. It's still a very good text, just much better if you are actually studying at a college.
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on 13 March 2017

1. Concerning prerequisites : they include a good knowledge of what I'll call "classical" physics -- mechanics, Newtonian gravity, waves, electromagnetism, fluid dynamics... -- plus Special Relativity, plus a good maths background up to and including differential geometry !!

2. Schutz's choice of presenting his proofs incompletely, i.e. by skipping steps and referring the reader, and only sometimes so, to exercises -- frequently those that are unsolved in the book's website -- forces the reader to spend a lot time on such digressions, to the point of finally loosing track of the proof altogether... Not a very efficient method and certainly so, if you're in for a self-study !

3. Granted, had Schutz elected to include all steps, plus a few examples instead of that tetraload of exercises , he'd have ended up with a double-sized book. This author's choice is fully respectable even though I happen not to share it, so I'll leave it at that.

Hence, you might think, WHY NOT 1 STAR ?

Well, amazingly, the book really deserves 6 STARS !! Because, if one chooses to concentrate on the concepts -- while taking Schutz's word for it, when it comes to dense proofs -- then, the clarity, the precision and the explanatory power of Schutz's text are those of a masterpiece, where the WHY and the HOW are brilliantly exposed.

This is simply the most illuminating text I've come across, since I got interested in relativity... And it's definitely a MUST.

NB1. Concerning other sources, see my comments in the review of Einstein's original paper "The Principle of Relativity".

NB2. The readers willing to absorb ALL the exercices may refer to Robert B. Scott's book "A First Course in General Relativity".
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on 7 February 2011
While not far into the book, the content seems to be clearly and thoroughly presented. However, I am reading the Kindle edition, and it is clear that most of the "inline" mathematics have been simply scanned in as bitmapped graphics, and frequently contain artifacts stemming from poor cropping (i.e. pixels from the text surrounding the mathematics appearing around the edges).

Maths transcription can make or break a Kindle format, and publishers need to be aware that in books of this nature, the equations are far more important than the surrounding text.
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on 1 February 2012
Dear Sirs
This book is obviously quite rezonable, in the study of general relativity, Professor Doctor Schultz has a rezonable mathematical device, this book is fine for the study of general relativity and its advances, it has an understandable study of this matter, but in my opinion is a little non-compreensive in not approaching the equations of "The theory of the non symmetric field" that is published in Einstein Princeton science library- fundamental-"The meaning of relativity" as this book doesn't even is stated in the bibliography of this Dr Schultz Book, this book -"The meaning of relativity"- "El significado de la relatividad" the portuguese translation-"O significado da relatividade", by "Armenio Amado" publishers of Coimbra- is perhaps the largest bestseller of scientific book in Portugal and perhaps in the lusofonus world, it was donated by me to Professor Doctor Paulo Crawford, that stated in his site that can be reached in, google.pt-"pesquisar" or "search"-"Paulo Crawford", that said a few years bak in his site course "Relativity and cosmology", given in the Lisbon faculty of sciences, that this book was precise, concise and a valuable book for the study of general relativity.
P. Rose/ M. Lapa
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